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Sonoma County CTA Program

Sonoma County Tourism launched the Certified Tourism Ambassador program to train front-line employees and volunteers in the hospitality industry. The goal is to improve visitation by inspiring front-line hospitality employees and volunteers to work together to turn every visitor encounter into a positive experience. Please read this visitor blog post to hear about impressive "SONOMA-STYLE SERVICE".

Invest in your professional development and earn your CTA designation in this compelling, interactive four-hour class followed by a one-hour open book test. This prestigious designation will follow you throughout your career as you renew annually by attending key Sonoma County events and networking with your peers.

CTA Annual Awards Luncheon Nomination Form

The Sonoma County CTA Excellence Awards is presented to the Certified Tourism Ambassador who exemplifies excellence in hospitality and customer service.  This individual consistently exceeds customer expectations, possesses a strong knowledge of the region and attractions, and promotes the ideals of Sonoma County and the Tourism Ambassador Institute.

Please use the link below to nominate your colleagues who are your customer service role models. Winners will be announced at the CTA Awards Luncheon on November 10th at Paradise Ridge Winery.

We look forward to celebrating the spirit of service excellence with you!

Submission Deadline: Monday, October 23, 2015 by 5:00 pm

Nominate your colleagues for the Sonoma County CTA Excellence Award here

Enroll today and bring a friend. Learn more about the program and sign up for a class at www.CTANetwork.com.

Upcoming 2015 Classes:

Sept. 15, 8:30am – 1:00pm, Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn
Sept. 23, 8:30am – 1:00pm, Sonoma County Tourism
Oct. 6, 8:30am – 1:00pm, Worth our Weight Culinary Café
Dec. 1, 8:30am – 1:00pm, Worth our Weight Culinary Café

If you are interested in receiving more information, please email us at mmcelroy@sonomacounty.com.

CTA Renewal Certification

In order to maintain the CTA designation, all CTAs are expected to continue their education and grow their capabilities on an ongoing basis, year-after-year.  This process is called Renewal of Certification. See more info.


Read past CTA E-News here:

October 2015
August 2015


Certified Tourism Ambassadors of the Year

Congratulations! These individuals excel in both their performance and knowledge of Sonoma County and are known by their employers and colleagues to go above and beyond in delivering memorable experiences to Sonoma County's guests.

2014 Winners of Sonoma County's 6 Tourism regions North County:  Lorene Romero with Sharp Tongue Travel Agency West County: Debbie Klein with Sonoma Canopy Tours Russian River:Art Costello with Russian River Getaways Pacific Coast: Natalie Charter with Bodega Bay Lodge Central County: Chris Morano with the FountainGrove Inn Sonoma Valley:  Wendy Peterson with Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau




 Familiarization Trips

To sign up to to www.ctanetwork.com/  login  with your username and password and go to "calendar"/ "access events". Earn Points: Each FAM trip is worth 30 points. (10 points x 3 attraction visits).  Find more info.


CTA Freebies and Discounts  

We have been invited to Osmosis Spa for a great deal on Enzyme baths, Carneros Aviation, Soulstice Spa, and Sonoma Canopy Tours, and Pegasus Theater for a $10 admission. Remember to add an offer from your company too so we can come and visit you. Earn points for taking advantage of these offers. Find more info      

Custom CTA Name Badges Now Available

You may now order your very own Name Badge from our local supplier.

Crown Trophy Petaluma
1350 Industrial Ave #A
Petaluma CA 94952
(707) 766-6820 Fax (707) 766-9482

REF:  SCT/CTA badge
$6.00 per plus 8.25% tax


"Well, it's official — I'm a Certified Tourism Ambassador for Sonoma County! I had to study a lot, complete a number of learning exercises, take a grueling half-day class, and pass a test, and now I have my fancy lapel pin. What does this mean? CTAs are basically people who help you at any step in a visit to the region, providing background information, helpful tips and advice — we make it way more likely that, on your way out of town, you say "wow, that was awesome! Next time, you're coming with me!" to all your friends! I learned a lot while I was studying and already used some of it! My sister is coming to visit with her dog and I found a list of dog-friendly beaches in the Visitor's Guide; and yesterday I surprised a library patron asking about the county seat with the fascinating history of the campaign between Petaluma and (ultimately victorious) Santa Rosa to become the new county seat in 1854 (moving from the city of Sonoma). Thanks, Ken Fischang, for poking me until I actually got around to signing up! It was a super fun and useful class! "Jon Haupt, Sonoma County Wine Library

“I recently attended the classes for the CTA Program and found that the notebook materials are well organized and helpful in understanding the role we have in being ambassadors for the people coming into Sonoma County. My own business handles corporate groups for meetings and incentive programs – often for international visitors. The materials help me to know the amazing resources that are available for producing an elaborate, colorful and accurate proposal. The best part of the CTA Program is Mo McElroy, CIS, the Chief Sonomambassador, who is a delightful teacher in the classroom. Mo is able to highlight the important parts of the materials and include the diverse attendees in the interactive format which makes learning more successful. Her knowledge is extensive and is enlightened as the day continues. It could have been a crash course – but with Mo as the driver we were able to have a smooth approach and get a lot done in one day. The ongoing follow-up outside of class will help us to stay on the path for continuing education. I have several college degrees and a few professional certifications – I have attended seminars and taught seminars in over 20 countries – but I must commend this program since it is succinct and encourages the goal of becoming an ambassador and training people for the task. Thanks for making my job easier and more professional.”  Sincerely, Jim Skiba, CIS, CMP

Volunteer Opportunity!

Sonoma County Tourism is seeking outgoing, personable, friendly volunteers to help interview travelers departing the Charles M. Schulz-Sonoma County Airport as part of an exciting and interesting research project. Get involved in this once-a-month survey today by contacting research@sonomacounty.com or by calling 707-522-5800 (ask for Beth). You will also be eligible to earn CTA points by volunteering! Find more info.

1000th Certified Tourism Ambassador for Sonoma County

Congratulations to Antoinette Allison of Pure Luxury, the 1000th Certified Tourism Ambassador for Sonoma County. The CTA program trains front-line tourism staff to make every visitor experience a positive one. Visitors - look for a CTA around Sonoma County for answers to your questions! Nice work Antoinette!