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Shopping at Healdsburg Vintage

Antique silver sets, costume jewelry, cut crystal, collectible cameras and Frank Sinatra record albums compete for my attention as I stroll through the thousands of treasures for sale at Healdsburg Vintage in Healdsburg.  It’s a skip down the road to long ago as I find myself thinking more than once, “We had one of these when I was growing up,” making me want to scoop up all the items that remind me of my wonderful childhood.

Owner Constance Newton says that Healdsburg Vintage regularly gets repeat customers from all over the country, and that there are local shoppers that make a visit to this blast-to-the-past a regular treat.  The offerings are constantly changing and you never know whether you’ll be tempted by the mid-century modern cocktail cart for $185 or the old Remington typewriter, $95.

“I think we are a cut above and it’s because we have the best vendors,” Constance said, explaining she has 30 vendors and two-dozen consigners who constantly bringing in new items to discover.  There is a rack full of Hawaiian shirts representing the whole gamut of designers from Hilo Hattie to Reyn Spooner to Tommy Bahama.  Or how about wrought iron cookware?  Not just your basic skillets but also a corn bread pan for $55 and an aebleskiver maker, also $55.

“We’re swanky,” Constance says, pointing out a notice in the front window telling shoppers that in May 2013 the Wall Street Journal wrote that Healdsburg Vintage is “swankier.”

  “We hear on a daily basis that our merchandise and layout are great,” she says, “We don’t have visual chaos.  You can shop here for hours, and the vignettes are always changing.”

I’m going to go back and buy my nephew Jeremiah the Indiana Jones framed movie poster I spotted, as he’s a huge Harrison Ford fan and got to work with him on the film “Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull.”  I hope it’s still there.

So here’s a smidgen of advice – if you see something you like be sure to get it right that instant because you’re not likely to find the unique gems offered at Healdsburg Vintage again anytime soon.

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