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Guide to Shopping in Occidental

On the map, Occidental may look like a mere blip on your vacation screen – a place to pass through on your way to other destinations. But in reality those quirky, small town sensibilities create the perfect environment for artists, and art lovers, to thrive by owning shops and galleries. If you poke around the shops that line this historic main street, you’ll find an amazing array of artistry, from baskets woven of redwood shards to museum quality hand blown glass. Come take a virtual tour with our guide to shopping in Occidental:

Limited Edition: Healdsburg's One-of-a-Kind Designer Fashions

At the intersection of art and fashion you’ll find designers whose craftsmanship and creative vision are so rich, innovative and sophisticated that you could be excused for calling their work “wearable art”. Healdsburg’s town square is home to some museum quality examples – including cool and classic looks to those with more eclectic, global vibes. Best of all, you could find yourself actually talking to the designer, gathering the background information on each garment - from the sources of materials to the sewing techniques and the inspiration behind the piece.

Journey to the River's End Restaurant & Inn

When was the last time that you felt you were in the right place… at exactly the right time? River’s End Restaurant and Inn offers you that opportunity, nightly, on the stunning Sonoma County coast.

Begin with a restaurant reservation for a romantic meal while watching a spectacular sunset over the ocean from your table. You’ll find the menu and wine list to be eclectic and global in inspiration, with fresh and locally sourced ingredients.

Foodie Shops with Classes in Sonoma County

Feeling inspired by Sonoma County’s creative and world famous cuisine? Want to duplicate that experience when you return from your visit?

You can, of course, have your favorite foods shipped to your home. OR… you can make them yourself with a little help from some specialty shops that offer everything from tools and recipes to hands-on classes, learning the ropes alongside local experts in the field.

At Home at Case Ranch Inn in Forestville

All snug in western Sonoma County, the Case Ranch Inn bed and breakfast in Forestville offers all the longed-for elements of a wistful “coming home” dream.

From the wraparound front porch and wicker furniture to the cozy bedrooms and bountiful breakfast, everything seems to reflect the sense of security, comfort and warmth that are the stuff of movies: Picture the late Victorian parlor of I Remember Mama or Aunt Em and Uncle Henry’s farm house from the Wizard of Oz.

Chill Out at a Classic Russian River Resort

Nestled between the redwoods is a classic russian river resort in the town of Guerneville known as the Woods Resort, a relaxed and rustic destination for generations of visitors seeking the perfect summer getaway. And its popularity has never waned – the river offers public beaches for sunning and swimming as well as kayaks, boats and canoes that invite fishing and exploration along the meandering waterways.