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Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting 2016 - #SonomaPassion Campaign Launch

Tourism Champions - Stewards of the Coast and Redwood

Sonoma County Supervisor Gorin and CEO Sonoma County Tourism Ken Fischang

Tim Zahner, CMO Sonoma County Tourism

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At its annual meeting on Friday, April 22, Sonoma County Tourism reviewed its accomplishments in 2015, discussed strategies for 2016, announced the recipient of the Sonoma County Tourism Champion award, and unveiled a new marketing campaign.

In 2015, average daily rate for the lodging sector increased by 7 percent and overnight travel to Sonoma County hotels grew by 2 percent, bringing customers to more than 2,000 small, locally owned businesses and providing jobs for 19,350 local residents.

Sonoma County Tourism, mindful that tourism comprises more than one in 10 jobs in Sonoma County and is a major driver of government revenue, worked to promote tourism that sustained local businesses and respected the local community. The tourism economy generated $1.645 billion in spending and brought in $143 million in government revenue in the form of taxes.

Ken Fischang, president and CEO of Sonoma County Tourism, welcomed the 250 attendees to the meeting, remarking, “We are passionate about Sonoma County as a destination that supports thousands of local jobs. We’re a region that celebrates our natural beauty, our amazing food and wine, and our people.”

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