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Sonoma County in the News

More than 7 million visitors — and hundreds of journalists — can't be wrong: Sonoma County is a fantastic place to visit.

Positive travel stories are being published all around the globe, touting Sonoma County's genuine Wine Country experience — more than 400 friendly wineries, farm-to-table restaurants, miles of Pacific coastline, 40 spas, rivers to kayak or float down, redwood forests to explore, boutiques and galleries that entice, and hiking and biking trails that meander over oak-covered hills.

For journalists: You will find resources and assistance for your stories about Sonoma County here: Sonoma County's Media Room.

Selected articles or broadcasts about Sonoma County:

Note: Publications may not host the articles listed below indefinitely, and some links may expire. UMV = unique monthly visitors.

• Check out this great article from the San Francisco Chronicle (UMV: 9,929,703) about the Sonoma County dedication to sustainability and how to enjoy the wineries sustainably. "Sonoma County has a heritage of farm families - many of whom have been practicing sustainable farming techniques and winemaking practices for decades.”

• Please read the great review that the Geyserville Inn received from Dana Rebmann, where "you can relax without busting your budget.” Dana lives in Santa Rosa and it just goes to show that even locals need to enjoy our backyard every so often. Please read the full review here on Hotel Scoop (UMV: 16,348).

• We are thrilled to share a dedicated article on Sonoma County from Silverage Magazine (Circ.: 100,000). We hosted Pierrick Bourgault in December of 2015. Silverage targets French speakers who love good wine, restaurants, and traveling.

• Due to successful pitching, the magazine House & Garden (Circ: 113,055) mentioned Single Thread Farms in an article about the most beautifully designed hotels in the world. 

• See why "It's hard not to be happy in wine country” in this wonderful blog from The Everygirl (UMV: 163,829). They sure have lined up a great weekend here!

• Gastronomique En Vogue (UMV: 33,070) gives the Wine Road’s upcoming 40th anniversary celebrations some well-deserved press. According to their website, "GEV Magazine is a quarterly food and fashion digital magazine catering to upmarket foodies and fashionistas all over the globe.”

• Elsie Mendez posted another wonderful article on one of the most well recognized food and wine blogs in Mexico, Los Sabores de Mexico y el Mundo (Twitter: 86,622; Facebook: 15,587; Instagram: 3,370). This time she writes about Jordan Vineyard & Winery. As a reminder, we hosted Elsie in August of 2015 when she visited on a Visit California Mexico fam Trip. 

• Due to our recent press release, news of the new Allegiant Air flights to Sonoma County has travelled far. FTN News, Turkey's first English edition travel news website, published a dedicated article "Allegiant Air to start flights to Sonoma Wine Country.”

• See what the actress Neve Campbell has to say about the Farmhouse Inn in the May issue of Conde Nast Traveller (Circ: 78,009). 

• Alysia Gray Painter writes about “festooning a 40th anniversary... in all the ways it rightly should be festooned requires some thinking, some planning, and a few great events that make participants feel as something special is afoot. That's just what the Wine Road in Northern Sonoma County is doing throughout 2016, with a host of happenings.” This great news comes from the daily blog Worth the Drive on NBC Los Angeles (UMV: 643,645).

• Kelly Lack’s visit to Guerneville resulted in a great article in the May issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine (Circ.: 3,003,601). Cosmopolitan was created in 1886 to help contemporary women achieve their goals and live fuller lives. Features cover a broad range of topics including beauty, health and fitness, fashion, relationships, and careers. 

• Please check out where 7x7 (UMV: 674,873) published "A Modern Guide to Healdsburg;” a great little primer about some of the hot spots around the themes of shop, eat, drink, play, and stay.

• "The Bay Area might be seeing a whole lot of Annie Leibovitz in the coming months. The famed celebrity photographer and her family recently purchased an old machine shop in downtown Healdsburg with the plan to convert the space into an art gallery and performance venue.” Also reported by 7x7 (UMV: 674,873). Please read the article to get the full scoop.

• In the Japanese version of the popular men’s fashion magazine, GQ (Circ.: 65,000), Kendall-Jackson gets the spotlight. The article “Goes Well With Gingham Check and Short Pants” was published in the April 2016 issue.

• Next we are excited to share a recent Japanese article in the March 2016 issue of Wine Kingdom (Circ.: 70,000), a bimonthly magazine for wine lovers. The article "California Treasure - Zinfandel” introduced 10 wineries in Sonoma, Napa, and Mendocino counties producing Zinfandel. This article was arranged by the California Wine Institute.

• We have a recent article “Second Trip to San Francisco and Wine Country.” Published by Crea (UMV: 590,000), the companion website for the very popular women’s magazine CREA aimed at women in their 30s interested in fashion, lifestyle and travel. The article featured Sonoma, Santa Rosa, Napa Valley Wine Train and Half Moon Bay.

• Also published are two features on Sonoma County bakeries in the newspaper Bakers Times (Circ.: 4,500), a newspaper for the bakery industry in Japan. The first is on the East Wind Bakery and the second is on the Red Bird Bakery.

• Check out the article “Car Guys in Small Town”, a 4-page article on car-loving guys in Sebastopol. Published by Cal (Circ.: 60,000), a bimonthly magazine dedicated to the US West Coast lifestyle for men in their 30s and 40s who have a passion for America. 

 OurAge.jp (UMV: 110,000), the companion website for the women’s magazine Our Age, published a great article “Delightful, Natural Things Found in Bodega Bay and Half Moon Bay.” Our Age is aimed at women in their forties and fifties interested in beauty and health. This was the second article in a series from the Visit California media fam in November 2015.

• Due to successful pitching, two fantastic Sonoma County activities are included in the article “5 (Nonalcoholic) Activities for Groups in Wine Regions.” Published by Matt Alderton for Successful Meetings (UMV: 44,434), which targets meeting planners across all industries and features articles on thought-provoking and timely issues. "If wine tasting is the only thing your group does while it's in wine country, however, it's missing out, as the same fertile soil that produces great grapes also produces amazing group activities that have absolutely nothing to do with wine or winemaking.” Read the rest here to see which Sonoma County partners are showcased.

• The upcoming Sebastopol Apple Blossom Festival receives some coverage from Tamara Palmer from Afar Magazine Online (UMV: 786,979). The article is a great round-up of what to do this week in and around San Francisco this week. Afar was launched in August 2009 and written for those who travel the world and look to connect with its cultures.

• Lisa Mattson of Jordan Winery & Vineyard showcases "Five Winery Patios for Fabulous Food & Wine Pairing” on the most recent entry to the Jordan blog  The Journey of Jordan (UMV: 69,254). "Eating and drinking is always on the agenda in this vine-carpeted corner of Northern California, and visitors’ desires to nosh and swirl with sunshine on their shoulders and grapevines in their sights continue to rise.” Please read the full coverage here.

• “There are miles of scenic trails of the hiking variety, beckoning visitors who want to exercise more than their palates.” Seghesio and Sonoma County hiking get a plug in an article about hiking in Napa Valley from the Times Colonist (UMV: 273,869). Through the magic of syndication, this was also published on The World Online (UMV: 102,573) and the Herald-Standard Online (UMV: 109,500). 

• Alysia Gray Painter from the daily blog Worth the Drive on NBC Los Angeles (UMV: 643,645) writes about the new location for the Sunset Celebration Weekend.  "So much newness awaits at this century-plus publication's springtime jamboree including, for many attendees, a look at the new Sonoma wine country digs,” in Cornerstone.

• Some of Sonoma County’s finest wineries are included in a recent article by Garrick Ramirez for 7x7 (UMV: 674,873). "9 Lovely Wineries You Must See Along Sonoma’s Wine Road” is a great round-up of must-see wineries in Alexander, Dry Creek, and Russian River Valleys.

• "An hour outside San Francisco, tiny Healdsburg is our favorite Sonoma County stopover—and a welcome respite after all those oyster crackers at wine tastings in Russian River, Dry Creek, and Alexander Valleys.” According to CN Traveler (UMV: 1,609,138) Readers’ Choice Awards, Healdsburg is number 12 in the “Best Food Cities in the U.S.” Please see the slideshow of photos for the full coverage.

• As a result of hosting Emma Krasov during the Sonoma County Scramble media tour hosted by the trio in January, the following outlets provided dedicated coverage of Sonoma County: 7 Days (Circ: 100,000; UMV: 3,000) provided coverage online and in the attached print issue; Kstati (UMV: 80,000) provided coverage online; and Aidas (Circ: 40,000) provided coverage in the attached print issue. In addition, Emma posted some photos from Bubbles & Blooms to her blog, Art and Entertain Me (UMV: 10,000).

• Our colleagues at Visit California highlight the "Top 10 Green Wine Events for California's Down to Earth Month this April.” "Down to Earth Month, now in its fifth year, celebrates California’s global leadership in sustainable winegrowing and winemaking.” Prelude to Passport with a a behind-the-scenes tour of a biodynamic farm and Jordan Winery’s Spring Vineyard Hike are included.

• The Sonoma-Index Tribune (UMV: 42,211) reported about the “… glass shattering $3,487,000, all headed toward local nonprofits,” that was raised by Sonoma Wine Country Weekend. Wine Business Insider (UMV: 222,143) also covered the great news. Fantastic job!

• According to Vinesse Today (UMV: 4,971), "Getting to North Coast Wine Country Just Got Easier.” A fantastic review of flying into Sonoma County.

• With assistance, this feature about a culinary itinerary was published on Group Tour Spotlight (UMV: 38,789). "California itinerary: Foodies find bliss in Sonoma County” highlights many our our fantastic culinary partners and is written for the group tour industry. Group Tour Spotlight delivers articles, itineraries, video clips and interviews of interest to group tour planners.

• We wanted to be sure you saw where Smart Meetings (Circ: 44,000) featured Sonoma County in an article titled, “California Dreamin’ and Tastin’” in the March print issue. The piece included a great quote from Tina as well!

• Please check out this great article featuring the town of Sonoma about “...five more ways to play in this wine capital.” The San Jose Mercury News (UMV: 1,679,468) has some good tips!

• We have another wonderful article from Elsie Mendez whom we hosted in August of 2015. As a reminder, she visited on a Visit California Mexico FAM Trip and writes for one of the most well recognized food and wine blogs in Mexico, Los Sabores de Mexico y el Mundo (Twitter: 86,622; Facebook: 15,587; Instagram: 3,370). This mouth-watering feature stars Kendall-Jackson. Attached is a simple translation.

• We work with the author Matthew Poole of Local Getaways and Bodega Bay Lodge & Spa is included in this recent newsletter about spa getaways. "The Bodega Bay Lodge is the North Coast’s top spa retreat, especially after a recent remodel that added a super-deluxe outdoor whirlpool spa overlooking a serene bird estuary and Bodega Bay (very romantic).”

• Next, thanks to Out in the Vineyards, "Sonoma, the gay wine capital of California“ received some press from Daily Xtra Travel from Toronto. Daily Xtra Travel focuses on news and entertainment of interest to the U.S. gay community. Showcased is the upcoming event in June, Gay Wine Weekend.

• We wanted to be sure you saw where San Jose Mercury News (UMV: 1,679,468) posted an article titled “Five glorious Sonoma vineyard hikes,” written by Jackie Burrell and Mary Orlin. Sean Carroll of the Sonoma County Winegrowers assisted with the placement and we provided a photo. 

• Sherrie Perkovich published more great press for Sonoma County on Communities Digital News (UMV: 517,000). Sherrie is a Sonoma resident that we have an ongoing relationship with. This time the subject is "5 must-attend music festivals for wine and beer lovers” and Rodney Strong’s Summer Music Series is showcased.

• Next up we have more recent articles from Elsie Mendez whom we hosted in August of 2015. As a reminder, she visited on a Visit California Mexico FAM Trip and writes for one of the most well recognized food and wine blogs in Mexico, Los Sabores de Mexico y el Mundo (Twitter: 86,622; Facebook: 15,587; Instagram: 3,370). Her next three features showcase Mateo’s Cocina LatinaParadise Ridge, and Benziger Family Winery

• Our blogger, Carey Sweet's newest piece is about the revival of Sonoma County’s roadhouses and is not to be missed. Published by Sonoma Magazine, Carey writes about the resurgence of roadhouses which “...are becoming a Sonoma statement once again, resurrected as destinations that everyone, from hipsters to families, can enjoy just as much as that toothless guy tying one on at 10 a.m.”

• Please see what travel writer Maggie Espinosa is up to in this article from the La Mesa Courier (Circ.: 18,000). We assisted her when she came to Sonoma County. This article mainly highlights her involvement of raising CCI (Canine Companions for Independence) dogs. But, “most recently, Espinosa participated in the 800-mile Mission Walk from San Diego to Sonoma County to visit the 21 missions in California, and is soon giving an “ed-venture tour” (an educational adventure tour) of the San Diego Mission. Espinosa has also published a book detailing this experience, titled “On A Mission.” 

• “You don't have to be a Hollywood A-lister to spend the day at Francis Ford Coppola's pool, soaking in the beauty of California's wine country.” Chicago Tribune (UMV: 13,502,914) has the scoop. Please read the rest of the feature here.

• Please see this recent article from the Houston Chronicle (UMV: 5,702,055) that we assisted with. “Soaking in Sonoma: Where to eat, drink stay and play” is a great primer on the diversity of our vast and varied home.

• As a result of hosting Lenox Magee during Grape Camp 2015, we’re happy to share where Bleu Magazine (Circ: 125,000) published a 4-page feature article titled, “Just Add Water…” in the 40th issue of the publication. Lenox did a great job incorporating sustainability messaging and highlighting many of our partners. Bleu Magazine is written for African-American men and serves as a lifestyle guide of fashion, entertainment, travel, good, culture and more. The magazine produces 6 issues a year. 

• We are excited to share the second feature from Bekah Wright, a freelance journalist from the Los Angeles area. As a reminder, we hosted Bekah last fall and she enjoyed a fabulous visit to the Farmhouse. This is her personal blog, Change Your Life Travels. Please read the gushing review here.

• Katie Foote of Epicure and Culture reveals how to enjoy wine outside of a wine glass, and highlights Wine Country Chocolates in her most recent article. We have an ongoing relationship with Katie and she receives our press releases. Epicure and Culture is an "online magazine dedicated to immersive culinary experiences, cultural encounters, responsible tourism and transformative travel."

• Our latest outreach newsletter to the Japanese market has 2624 subscribers (journalists and trade). Mentioned in this newsletter are Passport to Dry Creek Valley, the gardens at Ferrari-Carano Vineyards and Winery, exhibitions at Sonoma Valley Museum of Art, a pairing lunch at Kendall Jackson Wine Estates, and the Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn.

• As a result of hosting Ann Schulte at the Orange County event on March 15, First to Know (UMV: 158,358) provided coverage of the new Alaska Airlines flight to Charles M. Schulz-Sonoma County Airport. The inaugural Orange County flight into Sonoma County also gathered some wonderful news from AviationPROS (UMV: 186,358), Transport Weekly International (UMV: 6,498), TravelPulse.com (UMV: 143,133), My Informs, and Orange County Breeze Online (UMV: 37,740).

• Sonoma County Insider Carey Sweet shares how Single Thread Farms will grow hard-to-find Japanese varietals on their farm for their upcoming restaurant in Healdsburg. Check out the whole feature on 7x7 (UMV: 674,873) here.

• With assistance, Stone Edge Farm gets a mention in Entree (Circ. 22,000), a bi-monthly magazine edited for upscale travelers and individuals interested in the latest information on luxury dining, high end cruises, top-drawer travel, and the best accommodations. "We came across a superior olive oil while on a recent jaunt to Sonoma.” Please see page 26 for the full review.

• Please see this recent article by Jim Beker about Forestville from Senior Citizen Travel. "Senior visitors are taken aback by its picturesque valleys laden with roaming vineyards. However, the town is more than a gateway to the Russian River, it is a diverse array of businesses, wineries, farming, and recreation.”

 Johnny Jet (UMV:184,598) has shared a dedicated feature on Sonoma Wine Country Weekend, as a result of hosting Nicole Rodriguez-Gasperov at SWCW 2015. Nicole included links to a number of the SWCW specific events and provided details on the 2016 event, including Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa, Francis Ford Coppola Winery, MacMurray Estate Vineyards, and Buena Vista Winery. Johnny Jet is a leading travel blog designed to help point travelers to what the web has to offer.

 Fodors (UMV: 1,278,604) produced an article called “Where to Eat in Healdsburg Now," written by San Francisco-based freelancer Amy Sherman. Mentions include The Taste of Tea, Ralph’s Martini House, and Shed/Shed Café.

• Sixty of Australia’s top travel consultants have won a spot in the 2016 Race Around Northern California with Qantas Holidays. The article “Race Around Northern California” from Travel Monitor (UMV: 16,539) gives us a tease about how some of the participants are enjoying Sonoma County.

• As a result of ongoing outreach, Shermans Travel (UMV: 123,207) included Sonoma County in a round-up of “4 Surprisingly Kid-Friendly Vacation Spots,” highlighting Francis Ford Coppola and Safari West. Shermans Travel provides travelers who share a passion for travel bargains and values with top travel deals and destination advice.

• "Every March, the creme de le creme of California’s cheese-making community descend on Petaluma for the state’s annual Artisan Cheese Festival.” Read on to see where Haute Living (UMV: 696,449) gives the Artisan Cheese Festival some well-deserved press.

• Please check out this recent feature by 7x7 (UMV: 674,873), "The Best Camping Spots on the Northern California Coast." There are some inspiring spots to check out in this list!

• As a result of our ongoing relationship with CBS SF Bay Area (UMV: 582,963) blogger Randy Yagi, three recent articles including Sonoma County were published: "5 Of The Most ‘Egg-straordinary’ Dishes Made With Eggs!” highlighting the Cranberry Soufflé at Farmhouse Inn and Restaurant; "Bay Area’s Most Interesting Churches” highlighting St. Teresa of Avila Church in Bodega Bay; and "5 Things In The Bay Area That Exist Nowhere Else In The U.S.” highlighting the Charles M. Schulz Museum.

• We are pleased to share a wonderful article about Sonoma County was published in SETTE Magazine. The article is by Ilaria Simeone, one of the journalist who was in the group press trip last October. Settle Magazine is the weekly insert of the daily newspaper, Corriere della Sera (Circ.: 458,000; Readership: 2,800,000). She mentions the partners (Buena Vista Winery, Partake by K-J, Jack London Park), including a separate box dedicated to Bodega Bay, mentioning Marco and Carlo Galazzo of The Inn at the Tides!

 Sacramento Bee (UMV: 1,946,664) ran a feature article entitled Sonoma County's Rancho Obi-Wan, home of 'Star Wars' kitsch. The article was written by Sam McManis of the Sacramento Bee and the article has been syndicated to a number of papers include the Chicago Tribune and Orlando Sentinel.

• We are excited to share the first of several articles about Sonoma County from Bekah Wright, a freelance journalist from the Los Angeles area. We hosted Bekah last fall and she enjoyed a fabulous lunch at St. Francis. This is her personal blog, Change Your Life Travels. Please read the gushing review here.

• "Anyone who’s lined up a day of wine tasting has faced a quandary that’s both logistical and metabolic: what to do in between the tastings that doesn’t involve near-incessant picnicking or, heaven forbid, getting behind the wheel of a car?” Ian White, the Wine Director for San Francisco Magazine (UMV: 94,754), asks a good question. And the answer is hiking, of course. We have an ongoing relationship with Ian and provided him with the beautiful photo. Lisa Mattson of Jordan provided him with hiking tips. Please read the rest here.

• Last week’s article from Grape Collective (UMV: 29,917)  which provided dedicated coverage of the sustainability initiative in Sonoma County and was written by Peter Feld, was syndicated to Wine Business Monthly (UMV: 29,917). As a reminder, Peter attended Sonoma Wine County Weekend in 2015 and we continued to provide him with information and to foster our relationship.

• Next, please check out this Visitor’s Guide to Sonoma from The Alcohol Professor (UMV: 8,693). "Planning a visit to wine country is on many a bucket list. There’s really nothing quite like seeing firsthand where the magic happens, and Sonoma County is a great place to experience the magic.”

• We are excited to share an article from Chelle Koster Walton. We hosted Chelle in November of 2015 and this article was first published on U.S. News & World Report (UMV: 18,396,687). Through the magic of syndication, it was also published on Yahoo! News (UMV: 88,367,890). Chelle is a freelance journalist who also contributes to the Miami Herald, USATODAY.com10Best.comFoxNews.com, Los Angeles Times, Tampa Bay Tribune, National Geographic Traveler, Buckettripper.com, US Airways, AOL Travel, Fodor's Healthy Escapes (spa guidebook), and the Fodor's Guides: Florida and Bahamas. Please read the whole article to see why she recommends visiting Sonoma County in 2016.

• The upcoming Sonoma International Film Festival gets some press from Examiner (UMV: 20,460,428). "All films are shown in quaint and intimate venues; all are within walking distance of Sonoma’s historic town square plaza, setting the stage to dedicate support for independent filmmakers from the local region and from throughout the world.”

• Allegiant Air will be flying into Sonoma County. The new flights have started to gather some fantastic press:Travel Pulse (UMV: 143,133); San Francisco Chronicle (UMV: 9,929,703); Sonoma Index-Tribune (UMV: 42,211); Bloomberg News (UMV: 13,162,490); Las Vegas Review-Journal (UMV: 714,899);WKBN-TV Online (UMV: 341,491); GlobeAdvisor.com (UMV: 37,026); Press Democrat (UMV: 778,159); North Bay Business Journal (UMV: 66,326); Flight International (UMV: 228,673)

• As a result of media outreach, Grape Collective (UMV: 29,917) provided dedicated coverage of the sustainability initiative in Sonoma County, written by Peter Feld. Peter attended Sonoma Wine County Weekend in 2015 and we continued to provide him with information and to foster our relationship.

• Bodega Bay Lodge is included as a “recommended happiness outlet” in the recent newsletter for Matthew Poole’s Local Getaways. We have an ongoing relationship with Matthew and he is a fan of Sonoma County.

• Kelly Carter is also a long time friend of Sonoma County and was invited to the Farmhouse. Check out her latest article on Haute Living (UMV: 696,449). 

• Food & Wine (Circ: 941,892) published coverage of the Farmhouse Inn in an article titled, “Wellness in Wine Country,” written by Megan Krigbaum. Coverage ran online and in the March print issue.

• Gay Wine Weekend received some dedicated coverage from KCEV TV (UMV: 254,264) out of Texas. Chateau St. Jean will host the signature event of the weekend, Twilight T-Dance, in June.

• Sonoma County is featured on Skift (UMV: 400,902), thanks to TripAdvisor. This Skift article describes the new consumer content engagement program that Tripadvisor is offering to destinations as part of their media buy options. Sonoma County Tourism has participated in the TripAdvisor pilot for this new program and is featured in this article thanks to SCT’s excellent relationship with TripAdvisor.

• Michelle Marques interviewed Josue Rivera about Sonoma County Restaurant Week on the Good Food Hour on KSRO AM (UMV: 113,854). Only a few meals left!

• We are thrilled to share a recent article from Elsie Mendez. As a reminder, we hosted Elsie in August of 2015. She visited on a Visit California Mexico FAM Trip and writes for one of the most well recognized food and wine blogs in Mexico, Sabores de Mexico y el Mundo (Twitter: 86,622; Facebook: 15,587; Instagram: 3,370). This is her fourth article about Sonoma County and this time has mouth-watering words and descriptions of Jackson’s Bar and Oven. 

• The announcement of two of our famous Sonoma County breweries received some press from Brewbound (UMV: 571,541) and The Community Voice (UMV: 27,401). 

• Check out this article on Examiner (UMV: 15,240,940) written by Steve Ferree on the California Wine Examiner blog. Steve is a wine lover, writer, blogger, marketer, promoter and educator. This time he covers the upcoming Sunset Celebration Weekend which will be held at the new Sunset Test Gardens and Outdoor Kitchen at the new Sunset Sonoma Wine Country location at Cornerstone for the first time in May. "At Celebration Weekend, Cornerstone will be transformed into an interactive showcase for the region’s most exciting lifestyle inspiration and freshest flavors, and Sunset's Test Gardens and Outdoor Kitchen will open to the public for the first time.” 

• Whale watching in Sea Ranch gets recognized by Travel + Leisure as a great weekend getaway! Check out number 5 in the slideshow.

• Congratulations on the awesome coverage from Nancy Brown on 7x7 (UMV: 674,873) in the article "5 Sober Things to Do in Healdsburg.” 

• On the other hand, Thrillst (UMV: 3,047,773) calls Sonoma "Possibly the epicenter of American wine” in an article about places you can drink in public. 

• Just wanted to be sure you saw the awesome coverage and slideshow that Sonoma County wineries receive from Food & Wine (UMV: 3,579,773). "With beautiful tasting rooms, extensive tours and delicious food, these Sonoma County wineries are a must-visit next time you're in the region.” 

• Tim Zahner was interviewed by Melanie Morgan from KSRO about Sonoma County’s involvement in the Super Bowl.

• The latest issue of Haneiro (Circ.: 60,000), a free, bi-monthly magazine for the Tokyo Haneda Airport bound Keikyu line which is distributed at each station and also in some shops on the Keikyu line, featured are San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, Sonoma and Half Moon Bay. As a reminder, we hosted this great group from Visit California Japan last November for the ultimate two day Sonoma experience, including Kendall-Jackson Wine Estate and Gardens.

• The North Bay Business Journal (UMV: 66,326) reported that “two new flights helped lift commercial airline passenger numbers through Charles M. Schulz–Sonoma County Airport north of Santa Rosa last month nearly 30 percent, and a new Southern California route is set to start this month.” 

• Due to press release distribution, the seventh annual Sonoma County Restaurant Week is featured on Noodls, which bills itself as "the first global aggregator of official information in real-time.”

• Sonoma County Insider, Carey Sweet, drops some historical knowledge on 7x7.com (UMV: 674,873). This is a fabulous round-up of the town of Sonoma’s history.

• Guy Fieri mentioned the Jimtown Store in a recent episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives from the Food Network. "This trip, Guy's rolling out for pork every way. In Healdsburg, Calif., a country store/restaurant doing home style chili with smoked, braised pork."

• Another one of our Sonoma County Insiders, James Knight, wrote a great article about the improvement of the local restaurant industry’s selection and storage of wines by the glass for the North Bay Bohemian (UMV: 123,217). James contributes the wine-of-the-week pick to Inside Sonoma and also writes the "Swirl 'n' Spit" column for the North Bay Bohemian, Sonoma, Napa, and Marin County's alternative newsweekly. 

 The Press Democrat (Circ: 53,521; UMV: 778,159) quoted Tim Zahner in an article about Sonoma County’s involvement in the Super Bowl. This was also syndicated to the NFL Business News Blog (UMV: 4,480) and The Sonoma Valley Sun (UMV: 14,523).

• Please check out the dedicated piece about Transcendence Theatre Company from Broadway World (UMV: 1,993,358). Geared towards anyone interested in theatre, BroadwayWorld.comfeatures Broadway news, box office grosses, a photo gallery, interviews, reviews, previews and more.

• Sarah Hawthorne discovers some gems in the recent 7x7.com (UMV: 674,873) article about Cloverdale. "Charming Cloverdale, located in Northern Sonoma County, has all the warm and inviting ambiance you expect from a small town. Spend a weekend in Cloverdale, and embrace the very best of what Wine Country has to offer.” And Sarah would know as she lives in the Bay Area and is a Sonoma County fan!

• Mary Orlin published a fantastic dedicated article about Stone Edge Farm in Sonoma. Mary has her own blog, Wine Fashionista and is also the wine writer for Bay Area News Group. Her articles appear in the weekly section "Eat Drink Play" and on the San Jose Mercury News (UMV: 1,679,468) where this can be found.

• The upcoming Artisan Cheese Festival was covered by KGO-AM. KGO-AM is a commercial station owned by Cumulus Media Inc. The format of the station is news and talk and is out of San Francisco.

• Just wanted to be sure you saw the excellent mention about Wine Road’s Barrel Tasting Weekend written by Emily Hawkins for Marin Magazine (UMV: 70,427). It should be a fantastic weekend out there!

• We are happy to share the blog by Emma Krasov on Real Travel Adventures (UMV: 16,872). Emma attended our Sonoma Scramble Media tour that we hosted with the Vintners and Winegrowers last month. This is her second piece and the intro is just perfect. "Some call it the best county in California, and some are just lucky to live and work here.” 

• Next up please check out Jordan Winery’s blogThe Journey of Jordan (UMV: 69,254). Lisa Mattson posted the lovely article "Three Winery Hikes now offered in Sonoma County’s Mountainous Alexander Valley," not only about hikes being offered at Jordan Winery, but also at Seghesio and Alexander Valley Vineyards. Time to lace up those boots and hit the trail.

• The Wine Road gets some press in an article about "distinct journeys that are worth a visit and the wineries to visit along the way” from Where Los Angeles (UMV: 119,152). "Travel These Legendary Tasting Trails in Wine Country” also gives Barrel Tasting and Sonoma County Restaurant Week a shout out. Please read the rest here.

• Katie Hammel gives Sonoma County wineries some press once again. We hosted Katie in November of 2015. She is a freelance journalist based in San Francisco and also writes for BBC Travel, NY Daily News, San Francisco Chronicle, and the Viator Blog. However this blog is for Brides Magazine (UMV: 4,283,266) and the theme is "Reasons to Have a Wine Tasting Honeymoon in Sonoma.” Read the article to see which wineries made the cut.

• Due to press release distribution, the sustainability award given to Sonoma County and GMR Marketing was featured on e-Global Travel Media (UMV: 50,175). e-Global Travel Media provides travel sellers and other industry professionals with up-to-the-moment reportage on all breaking news and industry developments.

• Since hosting her for a visit in 2014, Kelly Stilwell has become a big Sonoma County fan and we’ve continued fostering that relationship. Kelly writes for the blog Virtually Yours (UMV: 70,517) and just published a wonderful dedicated piece on Sonoma Vineyard hikes. Included are some great ideas on how to get out and about and enjoy some fabulous wine as well.

• This January we hosted a Japanese TV team for a Saturday morning travel show called "Rainbow-color Jean". Their live variety show features a travel segment Jean’s Around-The-World that is an insider's guide to a city aimed at female travelers. The mascot Jean is asking locals about the newest, most popular, most recommended trends. This segment is hosted by ‘Becky’ – one of Japan’s most influential television personalities. Air date: February 13, 2016, Audience: 4 million. Watch it here. Kayaking in Jenner starts at 9:23 and Kendall-Jackson and Kenwood Inn & Spa is featured 12:00 to 13:20.

• We created a holiday package for media outlets and it turned into a great example of how media outreach can directly benefit our partners. One editor liked the holiday package so much that Cookie…take a bite! was included in the region section of the February 2016 issue of the inflight magazine for Alaska Airlines Horizon Edition (Circ. 30,000). The content is geared primarily toward business travelers in the Northwest and includes regional business, travel, and general interest topics.

• As a result of hosting Deborah Frank, Departures (Circ: 1,260,942) published coverage of the Farmhouse Inn in a piece on “Wine Country Spas” in the March/April print issue. Departures is published for American Express card holders and is billed as a lifestyle sourcebook for affluent, well-traveled, interested consumers—a call to action on where to go, how to go, and who and what to know.

• Check out where Healdsburg gets the spotlight in the Westphoria Blog of Sunset Magazine Online (UMV: 849,624). According to the website, "Westphoria explores the innovations and lifestyle trends of the 13 Western states, covering food, drink, design, arts and culture, and the dreamers who live here.”

• Alison Stewart published a fantastic, dedicated article about hiking at Jack London State Historic Park on Traveller (UMV: 193,142). You may remember some of her previous article in the Australian Examiner about trekking in Wine Country. The title of the article just about sums it up perfectly: "Jack London State Historic Park, US: The penultimate destination on Wine Country Trek from San Francisco.”

• Check out Sonoma Magazine’s round-up of beautiful photos and ideas in the online "Locals’ Guide to Sonoma County." There are some great ideas in here for the weekend!

• Next up, Vintners Inn received a fabulous review from Marilynn Jayme Scotland from Urban Bliss Life (UMV: 68,496) out of Portland, OR. "It’s the ideal getaway for a special Sonoma wine country weekend.”

• Just wanted to be sure you saw where Edible San Francisco gives the upcoming California’s Artisan Cheese Festival the spotlight.  Edible San Francisco promotes and celebrates the local foods grown and raised in the San Francisco and the surrounding Bay area. 

• Man’s best furry Wine Country friends get some attention from Frugal Travel Guy in the article "5 Adventurous Vacation Ideas For Pet Lovers.” Specifically, Kunde’s dog hikes share the spotlight!

• You may remember the gorgeous coverage from JoAnne DiBona from 10Best that Healdsburg received last week. One of JoAnne’s photos of Ferrari-Carano was syndicated to USA Today (UMV: 881,063) with the caption "If a trip to Italy isn't in your future, the next best thing is a visit to the Ferrari-Carano Winery, a short drive outside of Healdsburg.” So very true!

• Sonoma County Tourism is participating in the annual Visit USA Australia expo in Sydney. An additional article was published on e-Global Travel Media (UMV: 50,175), this time about "Sonoma County Milestone Celebrations…” including anniversaries for Jack London State Historic Park, Wine Road, the Judgement of Paris, and the Apple Blossom Festival. e-Global Travel Media provides travel sellers and other industry professionals with up-to-the-moment reportage on all breaking news and industry developments.

• Last week's article from the Press Democrat (UMV: 778159), "Sonoma County’s small wineries pleased with Super Bowl exposure” was syndicated to Bloomberg News Online (UMV: 13,162,490).

• Last week's article in the Chicago Tribune, “March:  Big events happening around the world,” highlighting the Artisan Cheese Festival, has syndicated to seven additional outlets:  Los Angeles Times (UMV: 25,599,578); Baltimore Sun (UMV: 3,350,526); Orlando Sentinel (UMV: 1,835,422); Sun-Sentinel (UMV: 1,571,158); Morning Call (UMV: 1,017,929); Daily Press (UMV: 599,614); Hartford Courant (UMV: 1,504,226).

• The recent Press Democrat (UMV: 778159) article is reporting "Sonoma County’s small wineries pleased with Super Bowl exposure.” 

• As a result of press release distribution and media outreach, Culture Map Houston (UMV: 150,335) provided coverage of “Taste of Sonoma: On Tour” in Houston on March 1. 

• Next up, Sonoma County events take over the recent newsletter from LocalGetaways.com. “During the month of March, four of my favorite wine & food events are taking place in Sonoma’s Wine Country, which gives you four great excuses to hop in the car for a romantic road trip to the vineyards.” We have an ongoing relationship with the author and CEO/Publisher of LocalGetaways, Matthew Poole. LocalGetaways’ claim to fame is "the only website on the planet that’s dedicated to helping Californians find quick, easy, and accessible getaway trips in their own backyard by offering a whole new way to find and book local travel adventures.”

• Sonoma County Tourism is participating in the annual Visit USA Australia expo in Sydney. The event was covered on e-Global Travel Media (UMV: 50,175), which provides travel sellers and other industry professionals with up-to-the-moment reportage on all breaking news and industry developments.

• Katie Hammel gives Sonoma County wineries some press again. This time the theme is "Northern Ca: Best Sonoma Wineries for Bachelorette Parties.” Read the article to see which wineries made the cut in the blog of Brides Magazine (UMV: 4,283,266). We hosted Katie in November of 2015. She is a freelance journalist based in San Francisco and also writes for BBC Travel, NY Daily News, San Francisco Chronicle, and the Viator Blog.

• Sonoma County is the perfect place for a retreat, conference, meeting, or convention. We are glad California Meetings + Events Magazine (Circ: 18,000) thinks so too. The Winter issue includes three separate Sonoma County mentions: a clip about Spirit Works’ Sloe Gin Fizz, an article about the age-old beverage of tea featuring The Taste of Tea, and interactive meeting excursions showcasing Getaway Adventures and Safari West.

• Alysia Gray Painter published a great article in the Worth the Trip blog for NBC Bay Area (UMV: 173,600). You will recognize her blog as she covers the Bay Area and loves Sonoma County which we feed with ongoing information. This article showcases the upcoming event Dry Creek Valley on Tour: Los Angeles, hosted by the Winegrowers of Dry Creek Valley.

• Just wanted to be sure you saw the great coverage about Sonoma County breweries from Lauren Sloss on 7x7 (UMV: 674,873). The article "Take a Beer Road Trip to the Russian River Valley” doesn’t need much explanation!

• The January issue of Siliconeer Magazine (Readership 128,000 plus) published a wonderful article about Sonoma Valley. Since February 2000, Siliconeer has offered a comprehensive cultural review of South Asian news globally and locally.

• We hosted Victoria Stewart from Escapism Magazine (Circ: 100,613; AVE: £42,000/$60,824) in October of 2015. And we are excited to share the article “Field Tripping” featuring Sonoma County farms and products. “Sonoma County in California is best known for its wine, but on a recent visit Victoria Stewart discovers the region has a lot more to offer than grapes.”

• As a result of media outreach, Chicago Tribune (UMV: 13,502,914) included the Artisan Cheese Festival in a round-up of events happening in March. We worked directly with Margaret Backenheimer on the inclusion.

• Check out this awesome blog from Tai Kojro-Badziak, who we hosted in January. Tai writes for the blog Walking on Travels, featuring traveling with children. What a fantastic review of the girl & the fig, Buena Vista, and TrainTown.

• We are thrilled to share a recent article from Elsie Mendez. As a reminder, we hosted Elsie in August of 2015. She visited on a Visit California Mexico FAM Trip and writes for one of the most well recognized food and wine blogs in Mexico, Sabores de Mexico y el Mundo (Twitter: 86,622; Facebook: 15,587; Instagram: 3,370). This is her third article about Sonoma County and is a wonderful, dedicated article about Figone’s Olive Oil.

• Hosting Manchan Magan for his visit end of 2014, made a long lasting impression. So much that he uses Sonoma County as an example to be like for a rural area outside Dublin. In this article from the Irish Independent (UMV: 7,846,856), the cities of Longford-Westmeath and Dublin are described as poised to be what Sonoma County is to San Francisco. "These rugged, naturally beautiful areas, known for their ecological commitment, provide the breathing room and recreational space for innovative start-ups and creative entrepreneurs to explore new ventures on the threshold of the chaotic urban melee.”

• Sonoma County gets some gorgeous coverage from JoAnne DiBona from USA TODAY and 10Best (UMV: 881,063). We have an ongoing relationship with JoAnne and this coverage results from a recent press visit hosted by the Healdsburg Visitors Bureau. JoAnne is a contributing writer and photographer based out of San Diego. She wore many hats for the San Diego Tourism Authority and also keeps a beautiful collection of her photos on her website, San Diego Scenic Photos.

• Sonoma County Tourism scored many media touchdowns surrounding our involvement in Super Bowl City last week. Read more about it below:

"Sonoma County Wine Lounge Is In San Francisco For The Big Game” from Sip on this Juice (UMV: 5,820)

"How to Partake in this Year's BIG Game Across the Bay Area!” from Minnesota Girl in the World (UMV: 36057)

"Super Bowl 50 Fever Strikes San Francisco” from Smart Meetings (UMV: 147055)

"Super Bowl 50: A look at San Francisco's plans for fans” from Denver Business Journal (UMV: 150528)

"Super Bowl City To Feature San Francisco Cuisine” from ABC 7 News (UMV: 908557)

"In California, a Super Bowl kickoff with Cabernet” from CBS This Morning (UMV: 9411800)

"What to Eat in Super Bowl City” from Eater SF (UMV: 133504)

"Sonoma County's wine and tourism industries nearly $1 million bet on Super Bowl” from Press Democrat (UMV: 778159) and News Informer

"Officials Put Finishing Touches on Family-Friendly 'Super Bowl City’” from CBS Los Angeles (UMV: 1797703)

"Super Bowl City goes to town with fan-pleasing hype” from San Francisco Chronicle (UMV: 9929703)

"Wine Here! A Football Bud Gets Competition” from The New York Times (Circ: 2,149,012; UMV: 96,473,879)

"Details of Sonoma County’s Super Bowl pledge shrouded” from Press Democrat (UMV: 778159) and Bloomberg News Online (UMV: 13,162,490)

"Super Bowl festivities invade the San Francisco Bay Area” from Lodi News Sentinel (UMV: 115675)

"Sonoma County Tourism in Super Bowl City”, Ken Fischang’s interview about Super Bowl City on KSRO radio show (UMV: 113,854) 

"Former Super Bowl champions kick off wine careers” from San Jose Mercury News (UMV: 1679468)

"Super Bowl 50: Golden and Gay” from San Francisco Bay Times (UMV: 13680)

"Super Bowl 50 Showcases San Francisco” from Smart Meetings (UMV: 147055)

"Your Super Bowl 50 Travel Guide” from Wine Enthusiast (UMV: 217463)

"Thousands get Super Bowl Taste of Sonoma wine in San Francisco” from North Bay Business Journal (UMV: 66326) and Wine Business Monthly (UMV: 222,143)

"Kathleen Hill: Super Bowl super wines” from Sonoma Index-Tribune (UMV: 42211)

"Sonoma County tourism agency sued over Super Bowl contract” from The Press Democrat (Circ: 53,521; UMV: 778,159), Wine Business Monthly (UMV: 222,143), and Sonoma-Index Tribune (UMV: 42,211)

"Sonoma County's Finest Pouring at Super Bowl City” from Drink Me Mag (Circ: 90,000; UMV: 52,008)

"Sonoma County Comes to San Francisco for the Big Game” from Art and Entertain Me (UMV: 11347)

"What to Drink for Super Bowl 50” from Food & Wine (UMV: 3579773)

"Legends Getting Into Fun By Managing Food Operations at Super Bowl City” from Sports Business Daily (UMV: 181959)

"Taste of Sonoma wine and tourism lounge at Super Bowl City” from North Bay Business Journal (UMV: 66326)

"Another Useless Rant On The Media” from Bill Geist’s Zeitgeist (UMV: 7,852)

"20,000 Glasses of Wine Poured at Super Bowl City,” Ken Fischang’s interview about Super Bowl City on KSRO radio show (UMV: 113,854) and syndicated to North Bay Business Journal (UMV: 66326)

"Sonoma County Front and Center During San Francisco Bay Area Super Bowl” from Wine Business Monthly (UMV: 222,143)

• In other news, Asha Yoganandan produced a PDF brochure called Hearth to Heart. Asha created this about her experiences of Sonoma in summer 2014. It is designed from of the write up that appeared on the Daily Meal and included as the feature story of the summer issue of her magazine, NOURISHED, which has circulation in the US and Canada as well as international subscription.

• As result of press release distribution, Lina Broydo included the Fort Ross Winter Celebration in the Events Around the Bay column, issue 2/11 - 2/17, in the Epoch Times newspaper (45,000 readers in the Bay Area). The Epoch Times is available on newsstands for a week. Please see this link for a PDF of the print article.

• Sonoma County is highlighted in an article about "Sampling California’s Culinary Scene” in the February issue of Leisure Group Travel (Circ: 20,000; UMV: 12,781). Leisure Group Travel is published bi-monthly and contains planning advice for those planning travel for groups.

• Sonoma County gets some love from CBS SF Bay Area (UMV: 582,963). As a result of our ongoing relationship with blogger Randy Yagi, Sonoma County is included in an article "Best Valentines Day Travel Destinations Near Bay Area.” 

• Next up, please check out this sneak peek of coverage in the recent blog of City Style and Living Magazine out of Calgary (UMV: 11,389). They posted amazing photos! We assisted with a forthcoming article (print and digital) and can’t wait to see the final outcome.

• Check out the fantastic coverage that Sonoma County’s CTAs and Jackson Family Wines received in an article about volunteering for Super Baskets Of Hope on the North Bay Business Journal (Circ: 6,183).

• According to the Austin American-Statesman (UMV: 6,391,330), "It won’t just be the wine making you feel giddy when you visit California’s Sonoma wine country." We work with the author Becca Hensley and Sonoma County gets some love in an article about romantic getaways.

• Just wanted to be sure you saw this article about Russian River Brewing Company and their plans to expand in the Press Democrat (UMV: 778,159).

• Next we are excited to share the coverage from Alan MacKinlay and Jamie Griffin who visited with the UK media group last October. We have two stories. The first was published on The Daily Mirror (Circ: 811,745; AVE: £11,600/$16,733), Mirror.co.uk (Circ: 3,265,700; AVE: £32,657/$47,119), and Irish Daily Mirror (Circ: 50,548; AVE:  £2,261/$3,262), as they are sister publications. The second was published on The Sun on Sunday (Circ: 1,468,675; AVE: £14,689/$21,193) and Scottish Sun (Circ: 248,419; AVE: £1,160/$1,674).

• We are thrilled to share the fantastic video which came as the result of hosting the group from Visit California India this past December. The main California story aired onIBN/CNN January 26th (4 times) which was a National Holiday (Republic Day) Prime time, and repeated on January 28th and 31st. It also aired in Singapore, Dubai, UK, and US on a channel called TV 18 which targets the Indian diaspora living abroad. Being a holiday on 28th, everything was shut and people were home watching TV, which was fabulous. The video is about 20 minutes long and can be found in the Google Drive link here.

• Last we are excited to share the coverage from Fernando Souza whom we hosted last August. Fernando writes for Viagem & Turismo (Ad Value: $ 878,000; Circ: 106,516), the most important Brazilian travel magazine and was in California for a press trip organized by Visit California Brazil. The article was published in the February edition of the magazine and is an extensive and inspiring article with 32 pages plus cover. It is a great educational piece and the journalist addresses that California is a place for dreamers and a state of mind. He says a lot about Sonoma County, which is more rural with beautiful landscapes. The article explains the differences between Sonoma and Napa and why these are worthwhile places to visit. Here is a link to download the issue.

• The Super Bowl 50 Host Committee has made a commitment to deliver Super Bowl as a Net Positive event – socially, environmentally and economically – and to use Super Bowl as a platform to do good for the benefit of the entire Bay Area. An important part of this, the Host Committee set out to inspire everyone involved in Super Bowl 50 to play their part to help make Super Bowl 50 the most sustainable and giving Super Bowl ever.” And we are thrilled to announce that Sonoma County Tourism and GMR Marketing won the Best Use of Local Resources award for best use materials, food and staff sourced within 60 miles of Super Bowl City. We were interviewed by the sustainability team on Saturday and discussed how we used local and reusable items as much as possible, and detailed how our staff and volunteers are using public transit to get to SBC. We also talked about the Winegrowers sustainability pledge and detailed their work. See more detail here. Our own Mark Crabb was interviewed about this and SCT in general on KCBS-AM.

• After distributing a press release regarding the award of Best Use of Local Resources we received, freelance writer Fran Miller posted it on the Examiner (UMV: 20,460,428).

• Attached is a photo of the CBS affiliate in Phoenix enjoying the Taste of Sonoma Lounge. We are so fortunate to be able to enjoy the place where everyone wishes they could be!

• Barbara Cox was interviewed on a local Oakland blog, Oakland Focus. "Sonoma County Vintners have set up a nice pop-up establishment at Super Bowl City San Francisco.”

• As a result of press release distribution, Fun Travels (UMV: 11,408) provided coverage of Sonoma County events in celebration of the “Big Game” this weekend. 

• Due to pitching efforts, the Taste of Sonoma Lounge received dedicated coverage on Drink Me Mag (Circ: 90,000; UMV: 52,008). Drink Me serves as a lifestyle guide for the alcohol enthusiast and features the art, culture and society of the world of alcohol, covering beer, wine and spirits. This could not be more true: "It’s the event you don’t want to miss—so many quality wineries in one concentrated area!”

• The Press Democrat (Circ: 53,521; UMV: 778,159) quoted Ken Fischang in an article about Sonoma County’s involvement in the Super Bowl.

• This week’s resignation of Carolyn Stark as the director of the Sonoma County Vintners was reported by The Press Democrat (Circ: 53,521; UMV: 778,159). This was also syndicated to Bloomberg News Online (UMV: 13,162,490). 

• According to the North Bay Business Journal (UMV: 66,326), “thousands of visitors to the Super Bowl-themed fan village in downtown San Francisco this week leading up to the “big game” are getting a taste of Sonoma County wine and tourism.” Great job, everyone! Read the rest here.

• Thanks to our UK connection, Yahoo Lifestyle (Circulation: 6,000,000; Estimated AVE: $91,875) features Getaway Adventures Sip n Cycle Tour in an article about solo adventure to enjoy for Valentines Day, advising to "go against the romantic grain and set off on a solo adventure.” Please see photo 9 of 12.

• Please don’t miss Monique Soltani’s latest episode of The Good Life on Wine Oh.tv (UMV: 59,593) starring Duskie Estes and John Stewart from Zazu Kitchen + Farm. Fantastic video!

• Next, check out the awesome review of the Flamingo from Tai Kojro-Badziak, who stayed with us in January. Tai writes for the blog Walking on Travels, featuring traveling with children. This is the first post from her trip, so stay tuned!

• We are thrilled to share the recent article "20 Romantic Things To Do In Wine Country This Valentine’s Day” in Haute Living Magazine (UMV: 696,449).

• Sonoma County Insider, Jennifer Miner, published a fantastic article "Eco-Friendly California Wineries” on the blog The Vacation Gals. A fabulous dedicated article on sustainable wineries! Maybe sustainability is not thought of as just a trend anymore.

• Happy to share where USA Today (UMV: 15,160,121) included the Taste of Sonoma lounge in a round-up of “Signature food and drinks at 2016's major sporting events,” written by Terri Peterson Smith. The article was also tweeted from the USA Todayeats account.

• We are happy to share the personal blog of Emma Krasov, Art and Entertain Me (UMV: 11,347). Emma attended our Media tour Sonoma Scramble last Sunday which we hosted together with the Vintners and Winegrowers and captures the day beautifully in her latest blog post.

• This is some great coverage from International Business Times (UMV: 1,609,613) about Super Bowl City. This quote is just perfect: "It wouldn’t be California without a fine glass of wine from Sonoma.” Cheers!

• Check out this video from the French FAM group that visited earlier this week. They had a videographer with them and the resulting Day 1 video has been posted to the website of Tour Mag, a travel trade magazine. 

• Next, please check out this piece about Safari West from ZipperTravel. The photos are awesome and it truly captures the passion of everyone at Safari West!

• As a result of press release distribution, Travel Market Report (UMV: 14,485; Media Value: $100) included Sonoma County in a round-up of “Last-Minute Ideas for Valentine’s Day Weekend.”

• Check out the attached screenshot from the Travel and Leisure newsletter: The American Writer's Guide to the World. Very nice quote and image!

• We are excited to share that we hosted Dana Rebmann on this past weekend’s Sonoma Scramble, a media tour from Super Bowl City. One result is from Travel Age West (UMV: 24,660) which provided dedicated coverage of Sonoma County in an article titled, “Kid-Friendly Things to Do in Sonoma.” TravelAge West is intended for travel agents working throughout the Western states. Highlights include travel developments in the Western market and reports of consumer trends.

• Darley Newman posted this video about the top things to see and do in California Wine Country. Darley Newman is the host, writer and producer of Equitrekking, the Emmy-Award winning PBS TV series. She also hosts and produces Travels with Darley on the AOL On Network (UMV: 362,2710), Budget Travel (UMV: 15,201) and MSN Travel (UMV: 120,781,6480) where this video was posted. You may remember we assisted her and she posted a few videos last year.

• We are thrilled to share that River’s End has been named one of the “100 Most Romantic Restaurants in America” by OpenTable. Coverage appeared live on the site’s blog (UMV: 97,979 Media Value: $653) and has since been picked up by CBS San Francisco (UMV:9,303,480 Media Value: $62,023) and also by Los Angeles Times (Circ: 650,718; UMV: 25,599,578). Congrats, Bert and team!

• Sonoma County gets the spotlight in the recent Visit CA newsletter. This is their US customer newsletter with a circulation of 350k. And this is an audience who is interested in California, so a great target group! The newsletter mention directs to this fabulous article.

• Russian River Brewing Company is currently in the running for Favorite Brewery, to be chosen by chosen by readers of USA TODAY and 10Best (UMV: 881,063). Don’t forget to vote!

• Wanted to pass along some exciting news – Olea Hotel in Glen Ellen and Honor Mansion, A Wine Country Resort in Healdsburg, have been included in the “Top 10 Most Romantic Hotels in the U.S.,” as rated by TripAdvisor. This news has been picked up by Today.com (UMV: 13,908,180)!

• The Taste of Sonoma Lounge and Robert Young Estate Winery received some great press from Smart Meetings Magazine (UMV: 147,055), which is published for corporate and association meeting and business professionals. The article was published online and also linked to in their email newsletter that has a subscription of 60,000.

• We assisted Shelley Seale with the article “A Weekend in Sonoma Wine Country” for Lake Austin Lifestyle magazine (Circ. 13,000). She visited on a media fam, organized by Healdsburg CVB. Her travel partner was Joana DiBona with whom we have worked with before, who writes for 10Best.com. "Think of California wine country and it’s likely that Napa Valley comes to mind first. But if you’re planning a visit, the wine valleys of Sonoma County provide a less crowded, more relaxed experience.”

• As a result of press release distribution, Canoe.com (UMV: 1,983,380; Media Value: $13,222) included The Alexander Inn in a round-up of “Top Valentine’s Day Travel Deals.” The Alexander Inn answered our request for deals and received this return on investment for his time. This was then syndicated to many Canadian outlets: Toronto Sun (Circ: 186,904; UMV: 1,188,978), Calgary Sun (Circ: 49,258; UMV: 338,717), Edmonton Sun (Circ: 51,547; UMV: 400,608), Ottawa Sun (Circ: 49,984; UMV: 320,850), Camrose Canadian (Circ: 14,500; UMV: 26,695), Winnipeg Sun (Circ: 43,442; UMV: 156,418), and The Barrie Examiner (Circ: 7,217; UMV: 88,776). That’s some amazing syndication!

• Our own Ken Fischang was interviewed on KSRO (UMV: 113,854), talking about the Taste of Sonoma Lounge and daily trips to Sonoma County. Then the Taste of Sonoma Lounge received more press from KSRO in the article "Super Bowl City and All the Happenings Around Town.” KSRO is known as “The Voice of Sonoma County” and can be found online or on 1350 AM. Great job!

• Ken was interviewed once again for two articles on The Press Democrat (Circ: 53,521; UMV: 778,159) about Sonoma County’s involvement in the Super Bowl. “The whole idea is to make sure that Sonoma County is foremost in everybody’s mind.” The first article, "Details of Sonoma County’s Super Bowl pledge shrouded,” describes SCT's involvement. This was syndicated to Bloomberg News Online (UMV: 13,162,490). The second article, "Sonoma County's wine and tourism industries make nearly $1 million bet on the Super Bowl”, also quotes Mark Crabb and Karissa Kruse and was syndicated to News Informer. Mark has also been very busy and was interviewed on KFRC-FM.

• Next, we are thrilled to share that we worked with the writer Ken Belson from The New York Times (Circ. 2,149,012; UMV: 96,473,879) on the article "Wine Here! A Football Bud Gets Competition” for quite a long time. The result is an interview with Clay Mauritson and a mention of Sonoma County's association with the Super Bowl. Great job!

• As a result of our press release distribution, NBC Bay Area (UMV: 1,379,478; Media Value: $9,197) posted a dedicated feature about Wine Country Walking Tours titled, “A Taste of Romance in Healdsburg.” What a great reminder that responding to the Publicity Alerts can be a valuable way to spend time.

• Please see why “wine pairs with everything,” from our own Tim Zahner on CBS San Francisco (UMV: 9,303,480).

• We are thrilled to share a segment that just aired on CBS This Morning, which focuses on former NFL great Charles Woodson's tasting room in Napa Valley but mentions Sonoma and also the Taste of Sonoma Lounge. The segment totaled with a broadcast viewership of 3,800,000, online reach of 5,611,800, and a total media value of $261,192.

• Check out this coverage from Wine Spectator (UMV: 319,265; Circ. 386,833) by Robert Taylor highlighting Sonoma County wines “...priced at $22 or less, enough for every man on the gridiron, perfect for stocking any get-together.”

• The San Francisco edition of Haute Living Magazine (Circ. 35,000) has a dedicated featured on the Super Bowl Festivities in the January/February edition. We have a good relationship with the author, Kelly Carter. She receives all our press releases and we pitch her constantly. And she included the Taste of Sonoma Lounge, of course! Also included in the same edition is a clip about the Farmhouse Inn in the Top 5 "Hautest Valentine’s Getaways."

• Just wanted to be sure you saw Carey Sweet’s coverage on 7x7.com (UMV: 674,873; Circ. 38,801). We work with Carey as our dedicated Sonoma County blogger. This article features some of the new wineries and restaurants we are lucky to enjoy!

• Three Sonoma County towns are included in an article "30 Great Small Towns for Food Lovers” on Top Value Reviews. Not a bad ratio! As a requirement, the towns had to have fewer than 100,000 residents and at least one notable attraction. To determine the rankings, the towns were awarded points according to the following criteria: notable restaurants, variety of restaurants, well-known or accomplished chefs or restauranteurs, awards or Michelin Stars, and food-related festivals or events. To see which towns fit the bill, read the article here.

• The winners of Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best Awards were released last July and the Farmhouse Inn placed #8 in the round-up of “World’s Best Hotels.” The high score of 96/100 also placed the Inn at #2 in the category of “World’s Best Hotels – Continental U.S., Inns & Small Lodges.” As a reminder, this is the 20th year of the poll, in which the outlet asks readers to cast their votes on their favorite destinations, hotels and companies that define the very best in travel. Readers ranked hotels on location, service, rooms, among others. Now we just found out that the Farmhouse Inn has now been voted "The Best Hotel in California" as part of Travel + Leisure’s ‘Best Hotel in Every State’ list!

• Last week's coverage about trekking in Wine Country, coordinated by Visit California and our partners from Gate 7 Down Under, was first published on The Examiner (Circulation/Audience: 22,703; Weekend Circulation/Audience: 26,822), then on The Sydney Morning Herald (116,838), and most recently syndicated to The Traveller. That’s a lot of kilometers!

• Happy to share that as a result of dedicated outreach, the women’s lifestyle blog Passport and Pinot (UMV:1000) has picked up our pitch on wine pairings with traditional game day grub. The site was just launched this month by Leah Swofford, who previously managed the site Jetset Extra (which is now closed).

• Mary Orlin, the wine writer for BANG, included Iron Horse and Jordan in the blog for the San Jose Mercury News (UMV: 1,679,468) about which wines to enjoy for SB50!!

• As a result of media outreach, About.com (UMV: 28,505,498; Media Value: $190,036) included the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn in a round-up of “2016 Valentine’s Day Packages.” Please read the whole article here.

 Food Reference (UMV: 97,587) included Sonoma Valley’s Olive Season and Winter Wineland in the January calendar of food events not to miss. A little background: Food Reference is written for people with an interest in food and travel. Includes articles, features, facts, trivia and quotes about food and cooking. Offers interviews with chefs, authors and food personalities. Provides press releases and new product news. Features historic restaurants and hotels. Sections include CookBook Reviews, MarketPlace, Cooking Schools, Gourmet Tours, Festivals & Shows, Cooking Tips, Food History and Food Fun.

• Pliny the Younger gets some love in an article on Craft Beer about the "6 of the Biggest Beer Releases of 2016.” The author lovingly writes, “...you can’t leave out a beer that requires a two-week release party!” Very true. Check out the rest of the competition here too.

• The Napa to Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon gets some press in the article "America’s 25 Greatest Half Marathons” on Competitor Pacific West. Which race mascot would you choose: covered bridges, sockeye salmon, or wine?

• Did you read the recent article in the Press Democrat (Circ. 53,521; UMV: 778,159) about the rise in Sonoma County hotel revenue? Great job, team! This article was then syndicated in brief to Bloomberg News Online (UMV: 13,162,490). 

• We are thrilled to share two recent article from Elsie Mendez. As a reminder, we hosted Elsie in August of 2015. She visited on a Visit California Mexico FAM Trip and writes for one of the most well recognized food and wine blogs in Mexico, Sabores de Mexico y el Mundo. (Twitter: 86,622; Facebook: 15,587; Instagram: 3,370). The first article is more of a general blog about Sonoma County. The second is a wonderful, dedicated description of the girl and the fig! 

• Check out this article on Examiner (UMV: 15,240,940) written by Steve Ferree on the California Wine Examiner blog. Steve is a wine lover, writer, blogger, marketer, promoter and educator. And he has a reason to be excited about the Taste of Sonoma Lounge!

• Did you read the recent article in the Press Democrat (Circ. 53,521; UMV: 778,159) about SB50 and the Taste of Sonoma Lounge? The excitement is coming. This was syndicated to Bloomberg News Online (UMV: 13,162,490).

• We are excited to share that the Rate Beer Festival is included in a round-up on from the latest and greatest from the Golden State on See California (UMV: 31,431). 

• Check out this awesome coverage from Gabe Sasso for The Daily Meal (UMV: 519,902). The article “10 Delicious Wines That Will Get You Out of Your Winter Slump” spotlights many Sonoma County wines. Gabe Sasso writes a weekly Wine & Spirits column for The Daily Meal and also founded Drink Dry Creek, a blog aiming to cover the best from the 16 by 2 mile wide valley. Great coverage from a Sonoma County fan!

• Here is some great coverage about trekking in Wine Country, coordinated by Visit California and our partners from Gate 7 Down Under. The article "Hiking San Francisco's San Andreas Fault” is from Alison Stewart for Australia’s third-oldest newspaper in Australia, The Examiner (Circulation/Audience: 22,703; Weekend Circulation/Audience: 26,822). This will be syndicated to The Sydney Morning Herald (116,838) also.

• We are thrilled to share the efforts of HARO pitching in EVA Magazine, the business aviation's premium publication and highest quarterly distributed publication. Executive & VIP Aviation International is a Glossy Print quarterly journal in the UK aimed at private aircraft owners and operators and the industries that support them. The experienced team at EVA International Media has been launching and running aviation magazines and events with great success since the late 1980s. They were looking for an ultra high net worth CEO or celeb who flies privately and John Jordan fir the bill! Please see this link for the online Winter issue.

• Please tune in to see our very own Ken Fischang divulging his secrets about Sonoma County Tourism’s success. The 707 Show is playing all this week on Comcast Channel 30 and ATT UVerse Channel 99, Santa Rosa at 8pm. Or you can also view the show in its entirety without commercials on YouTube. Great job, Ken!

• We’re happy to share as a result of hosting Eugene Smith at Sonoma County Grape Camp 2015, DC Life Magazine (Each Clip: UMV: 87,338; Media Value: $1,747) provided dedicated coverage of Grape Camp in two separate online features:

  • A feature article titled “Grape Camp in Sonoma County” provided an overview of his experience at camp.
  • An image gallery provided a look inside Sonoma County during harvest.

Eugene let us know that the publication is currently overhauling the site and the print version but that additional Grape Camp and Sonoma County coverage is planned throughout 2016.

• We assisted Ian White of San Francisco Magazine (UMV: 80,597) for the article the “Best Wineries You’ve Never Heard of in Geyserville.” Being that Sonoma County is almost 2,000 square miles, he took the Sonoma Vintners’ lead and broke it down into four accessible tourist areas: Dry Creek/Healdsburg (9/16), Sonoma Valley (12/8),  Russian River (12/23), and now Alexander Valley and Geyserville.

• Passing along coverage on Thrillist (UMV: 4,028,666) that included Spirit Works Distillery in a round-up of “America’s 17 Best Craft Distilleries.”

• Please lend an ear to our very own Tim Zahner who gets interviewed on KSRO (UMV: 113,854), which is a commercial station owned Sonoma Media Group. The format of the station is news and talk. KSRO-AM broadcasts to the San Francisco area at 1350 AM. KSRO-AM's tagline is "Newstalk 1350" and their slogan is "The Voice Of Sonoma County.” Very fitting for an interview describing the SB50 Taste of Sonoma Lounge, Pliny the Elder release, Sonoma County Restaurant week, and Petaluma’s Artisan Cheese Festival.

• This next blog is from The Style Box (UMV:11,799). It is worth a read because we are excited that Emma Baines is moving to Sonoma County for the UK. Please give her a Sonommariffic welcome.

• We are thrilled to share some coverage from Michael McCarthy, the Canadian travel writer based out of Vancouver. We hosted Michael in November of 2015. His articles are published weekly in major Canadian newspapers and he publishes up to 100 stories a year, with up to 300,000 readers per story, so may be the most published travel writer in Canada. This first result was published in The Province (UMV: 1,398,316) and The Star Phoenix (UMV: 217,794).

• Phil Marty plugged Sonoma County and the big game in the News to Use column for the Chicago Tribune Travel section (Weekend Circulation/Audience: 769,215).

• Just wanted to be sure you saw Carey Sweet’s coverage in the San Francisco Chronicle (Circ.: 211,779). We work with Carey as our dedicated Sonoma County blogger. This article was part of the destination Healdsburg section of the San Francisco Chronicle and featured downtown Healdsburg tasting rooms. Another great article in the same section featured a dedicated article about the Healdsburg Running Company.

• Ongoing relationships take nurturing and this love gets returned. Check out this great example of an ongoing relationship from the editor at Haute Living Magazine, Kelly Carter. She assigns stories for the magazine and what a beauty this one is! "9 Reasons Why You NEED to Visit Sonoma’s Dry Creek Valley” was written by Laura Schreffler. Haute Living Magazine (UMV: 696,449) is written for affluent residents in San Francisco and covers luxury lifestyle topics.

• We are excited to share that also due to an ongoing relationship and the pitching efforts of Safari West, the article "10 of the Best: Wildlife Adventures” was published in the January/February issue of Family Traveller (Circ.: 43,733) and also online. Family Traveller is a bi-monthly magazine covering family traveling and covers holiday destinations in the UK and abroad.

• Check out this cool video on the blog Amateur Traveler, written by Chris Christensen. He shared his blog post to Twitter, and boasts 26.7 K followers. Not too shabby and fun to watch!

• With assistance, Bodega Bay is included in an article "10 Best Places to Kiss in Northern California,” just in time for Valentine’s Day. Written by Maria Perez, the article was posted on Family Vacations US. Maria writes her own blog and frequently posts as a guest on Family Vacations. "Bodega Bay will help you rediscover love.” Awesome!

• Please check out this wonderful article on the Dallas Morning News from Robin Soslow. The article appeared in the Sunday, January 10 print (Circulation/Audience: 273,053; Weekend Circulation/Audience: 364,425) and online (UMV: 3,551,182) editions. "Sonoma’s charms go beyond wine” is a very appropriate title for the travel article about Sonoma County and Healdsburg.

• As a result of our ongoing relationship with CBS SF Bay Area (UMV: 582,963) blogger Randy Yagi, Vella Cheese Company is included in a round-up of the "Best Artisan Cheese Shops In The Bay Area.” 

• Next up, Sonoma County is included in the blog of Virgin Atlantic in an article written by Lindsay Wright. Lindsay is a freelance public relations, communications, marketing, and writing consultant. We provided information and hosted her in December. She visited some of our favorite places and had a fabulous weekend. Please see the entire blog here, “The Best Sonoma County Wineries and Restaurants.”

• Please check out this great press from Eunice Fried. She mentions some wonderful Sonoma County wineries in an article about Sonoma County Wines on Global Traveler (UMV: 47,110). Global Traveler is written for executive business travelers and focuses on the business and lifestyle interests of that exclusive and difficult-to-reach demographic.

• Travel and Tour World (TTW) (UMV: 204,457) published a dedicated article featuring the Farmhouse last week. TTW covers the worldwide travel market for business-to-business and business-to-consumer. Discusses destinations, travel tips, visa issues, international health insurance, hotel news, resorts, airways and cruises.

• Next, we wanted to share where the Gaige House received a wonderful review on Jetsetter (UMV: 2,954,038). Jetsetter serves as a private online community and booking site for travelers. It provides information on travel deals and vacations and allows members to book travel deals online.

• We are thrilled to share that with media outreach, Sonoma on a Bike’s Epic Tour of Sonoma County is feature in an article in the media section of Visit California’s Website. The article, "California's Top Ten Bike Routes,” is a wonderful round-up of some of the Golden State’s best rides. 

• We often collaborate with Kristine Dworkin and are pleased to share her first blog of 2016 on Trekaroo (UMV: 202,934). Trekaroo covers family travel, kids activities and family fun. Editorial content includes the latest news, reviews, and recommendations for travel tips, destination reviews, travel deals, and kid friendly vacation attractions. This article shows how kid-friendly Sonoma Wine Country can be.

• Start planning your meals. Sonoma County’s Restaurant Week gets some press due to media outreach on See California (UMV: 25,442). 

• Next, we are thrilled to share the "illuminating quote” from our own Ken Fischang in the article "16 Best Quotes From U.S. Tourism Bureau CEOs in 2015” on Skift (UMV: 400,902). Skift is a travel intelligence company that offers news, information, data, and services to professionals in the travel industry and professional travelers. It covers travel industry investments and start-ups, as well as information on destinations, lodging, transportation, cruises, and more. This was then syndicated to an article on My Informs. Great!

• Wanted to be sure you saw that due to an ongoing relationship with Christine Delsol, the Wine Road and Winter Wineland gets some great press in the article "Chase away winter blahs at Wineland in Sonoma” on SF Gate (UMV: 9,622,927). Check out the great news here.

• The Sunday December 27 edition (print, digital, and online) of the Roanoke Times featured a main travel story about Sonoma County and Healdsburg attractions. The Roanoke Times is a daily newspaper serving Roanoke and 19 surrounding counties in Southwest Virginia with a circulation/audience of 62,619, weekend circulation/audience of 80,253, and UMV of 941,107. Please read the wonderful review of our home in the article "Majestic redwoods pair well with Zinfandel in Sonoma wine country” here.

• We are thrilled to share that Bohemian Creamery received some wonderful press from Gothamist (UMV: 458,416). We have an ongoing relationship with the publication and are happy to share the great news! This blog focuses on personalities, arts, sports, food and general lifestyle in New York City. Covers restaurants, gossip, travel, previews and reviews of games, shows, CD's and up-and-coming local artists.

• Just wanted to be sure you saw this piece from Jane Reynolds on Oyster.com (UMV: 756,347). We hosted her in October 2015. "10 Things You Don't Know About Sonoma County“ is a nice wrap-up of some of the things we are lucky to enjoy in our dear county. 

• The Chicago Tribune (Circ: 769,215; Media Value: $45,034) article “How to enjoy Sonoma County Beyond the Vines,” written by Alan Solomon, continued to syndicate to many national outlets. The latest is to The Freeman Online(UMV: 64,215). As a reminder, we secured a deskside meeting for Tim and Sean with Solomon during Sonoma in the City: Chicago in March and later coordinated a visit to Sonoma County from May 4 through May 10. 

• This is a fantastic article about the Charles M. Schulz Museum. Written by Christopher Beanland, a freelance writer based in London, the article was posted on The Guardian. The Guardian (Daily Circ.: 166,977) is a national newspaper providing the latest UK and international news, sport, business, technology, fashion, comment, analysis, and reviews. "Charlie Brown and Snoopy live on in the new Peanuts movie. And the spirit of the comic strip’s creator, Charles Schulz, survives in a museum in Santa Rosa – exactly the sort of town you’d expect to find these all-American heroes.”

• The Chicago Tribune (Circ: 769,215; Media Value: $45,034) article, written by Alan Solomon, continued to syndicate to many national outlets, including Boston Herald (UMV: 1,801,765; Media Value: $12,012); Palm Beach Post (UMV: 824,995; Media Value: $5,500); Austin American Statesman (UMV: 5,570,381; Media Value: $37,136).

• Blogger Carey Sweet included Vintners Inn in a round-up of “Chic New Wine Country Hotels” on 7x7.com. We work with Carey as a dedicated Sonoma County blogger.

• As a result of our ongoing relationship with CBS SF Bay Area blogger Randy Yagi, Madrona Manor’s Barrel Aged Eggnog was featured in a round-up of “Best Eggnog Cocktails in the Bay Area.”

• Buzzfeed (UMV: 22,260,261) included Sonoma County in a round-up of “27 Life-Changing Trip You Need to Take in Your 20s” and links to Katie Hammel’s article from June “Napa vs. Sonoma: Which Wine Country Is Right for You?”. Katie just visited again and we can be curious what she will say next time.

• The Daily Meal (UMV: 611,730) ranked Santa Rosa #2 in a round-up of “The Booziest Cities in America.” The rankings were based on data released by Match.com.  See article here.

• The Miami Herald (UMV:16,676,444 Media Value: $111,176) has shared a feature article entitled “10 bottles to break out for Christmas” and three Sonoma County wines made the list, including: 2013 Gary Farrell Vineyards & Winery Chardonnay, 2013 La Crema Chardonnay, and 2012 Arrowood Cabernet Sauvignon. Please find a link to the full roster here.

• Alysia Gray Painter shares her passion for Sonoma County by contributing to NBC Bay Area ongoing “Worth the Trip” column, spotlighting several events like First-Day-HikeWINElandArtisan Cheese FestivalSafari West or Chowder Day in Bodega Bay.

• Following is the link to TV Travel Show Kilimangiaro broadcasted November 8 on RAI 3 about Napa and Sonoma. Please take a few moments and watch the Sonoma County Coverage starting at 4:54. This is what a travel show should be - Beautiful images and profound information that are inspiring and instigating to travel! Many partners have been featured like Buena Vista Winery, Applewood, The Inn and the Tides, as well as many regions. Viewers have been 789,000 with 4.79%, a bit less than expected due to many important sports events broadcasted at the same time. However, it is a good share and the reportage may be on air again during 2016. AVE per 15 seconds is EUR 9,000. Total AVE for 11 minutes reportage is EUR 396,000 (USD 439,560).

• The following is the media of the Italian press trip end of October already published:

Il Messaggero - daily newspaper of the city of Rome -  date of publication: 10th December. “Snoopy was walking with four paws: The story of the Penauts on the spotlight” by Marco Berchi (Circulation:180,696; Readership:1,229,000, AVE per page: USD 18,000).

Same article has been published on Il Mattino - daily newspaper of the city of Naples -  date of publication: 10thDecember (Circulation: 70,833, Readership: 728,000, Ave per page: USD 15,000).

L’Agenzia di Viaggi print “Art, culture and Wine in California” article published on the number one travel trade Italian publication (printed and on line), written by Cristina Melis. Article featuring the itinerary of recent press trip including Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa. (Circulation: 10,000, Readership: 75,000, Ave per page: USD 3,500).

L’Agenzia di Viaggi online (Monthly Unique Visitors: 52,500; Ave: USD 3,000).

Media outlet is Il Tempo, the newspaper of Rome (Circulation: 52,000; Readership: 200,000; AVE: 25,000 per page).

Jack London Park by Maria Egizia Fiaschetti, following recent press trip published on “Il Corriere della Sera” on the 6th of November (Circulation: 409,226; Readership: 2,531,000; Ave per page: USD 120,000).

Same article has been published on another print newspaper “ Il Foglio”, circulation 15,000 readership 50,000.

"Sognando la California" by Massimo Ciccognani – Media Outlet: Il Tempo. Included are mentioning’s of  the following attractions: Buena Vista Winery, Jack London Historic State Park, Charles Schulz Museum, Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve, Bodega Bay , The Inn at The Tides.

"Una fattoria perfetta. Il sogno di Jack London è diventato un parco" by Maria Egizia Fiaschetti – Media Outlet: Corriere della Sera – it is the second Italian daily newspaper (Circulation: 409.000; Readership: 2.53100.000; AVE: 10.798 per page).

• We are excited to share the article by Michael Fagin on Foodista. Foodista has a a reach of approximately 2.3M visitors a month, 539K Twitter followers, 161,000 Facebook followers, and 4,700 Instagram followers. We hosted Michael in October a he had a fabulous visit. Michael Fagin is a freelance travel writer who has traveled across Canada and visited all the major Canadian wine regions. He is currently touring the Pacific Northwest enjoying the wine country, dining, and hiking the region. While he is not writing, Mr. Fagin is a weather forecaster for West Coast Weather, LLC forecasting weather for the West Coast of the US as well as on an international basis.

• Sonoma County is number 25 in a Buzzfeed (UMV: 22,260,261) round-up of “27 Life-Changing Trip You Need to Take in Your 20s.” It links back to a Katie Hammel article from June. We also just hosted her this month, and have an ongoing relationship with her. 

• We assisted Ian White of San Francisco Magazine (UMV: 80,597) for the article the “Best Wineries You’ve Never Heard of in Sonoma Valley.” And Frostwatch, B Wise, Bartholomew Park, and Deerfield Ranch are included! Being that Sonoma County is almost 2,000 square miles, he took the Sonoma Vintners’ lead and broke it down into four accessible tourist areas: Dry Creek/Healdsburg (9/16), Sonoma Valley (12/8),  Russian River + Alexander Valley (coming soon). 

• We’re happy to share syndicated coverage of the article, “How to enjoy Sonoma County Beyond the Vines,” written by Alan Solomon. As a reminder, we secured a deskside meeting for Tim and Sean with Solomon during Sonoma in the City: Chicago in March and later coordinated a visit to Sonoma County from May 4 through May 10. The first results were reported last week and here are the additional results: 

Miami Herald (UMV: 16,676,444; Media Value: $111,176)

Idaho Statesman (UMV: 725,994; Media Value: $4,840)

The Modesto Bee (UMV: 273,215; Media Value: $1,821)

The Tribune (UMV: 504,143; Media Value: $3,361)

Sacramento Bee (UMV: 1,819,992; Media Value: $12,133)

Charlotte Observer (UMV: 1,926,496; Media Value: $12,843)

The Wichita Eagle (UMV: 1,247,085; Media Value: $8,314)

Myrtle Beach (UMV: 165,911; Media Value: $1,106)

Island Packet (UMV: 275,356; Media Value: $1,836)

The Olympian (UMV: 183,150; Media Value: $1,221)

The News Tribune (UMV: 1,182,520; Media Value: $7,883)

Kansas City Star (UMV: 927,705; Media Value: $6,185)

• Please see the attached PDF of the Winter Wine Festivals story (with cover) in this month's WestJet Magazine available on all WestJet aircraft today. This magazine is written for WestJet passengers, provides travel information and reports on travel destinations within North America, and has a circulation of 26,500. What a great result of media outreach and direct pitching.

• Just wanted to be sure that you saw Pliny the Younger and Lagunitas Sucks are included in a round-up of “33 American Beers to Drink Before You Die” from Thrillist (UMV: 4,028,666).

• We are excited to share two recent articles that comes as the result of hosting the Italian journalists on their recent press trip. Here is a short summary of the attached article "Sognando la California" by Massimo Ciccognani - Media Outlet: Il TempoCalifornia is the land of wines.  One hour north from San Francisco there is Sonoma. The county hosts thousands of wineries; the oldest is the Buena Vista Winery. Californian best wines are Cabernet while the most famous are Chardonnay. Unmissable if visiting Sonoma the Jack London Historic State Park, a park in memory of Jack London,  writer among the many of White Fang and The Call of The Wild. The county town of  Santa Rosa is worldwide famous for the Charles Shulz Museum dedicated to Charles Shulz, creator of the Peanuts . Another must is the Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve which offers an  amazing view on sequoias trees. Coming back to San Francisco a stop in Bodega Bay is recommended, set of the famous movie "The Birds" by Alfred Hitchcock.

• And a short summary of the attached article, "Una fattoria perfetta. Il sogno di Jack London è diventato un parco" by Maria Egizia Fiaschetti - Media Outlet: Corriere della Sera - second Italian daily - of November 6th. (Circ.: 409.000): Jack London cultivated the dream of creating a modern and eco-friendly farm in Sonoma County. His 1.400 acres became in 1959 the Jack London State Historic Park. The article tells the story of this farm from its construction realized by Chinese and Italian migrants to the perfected organization of the property. Innovative for the time the pig palace designed for hosting 200 pigs. Also mentioned the cottage where Jack and his second wife used to reside when in Sonoma. Here Jack London dead on the 22 of November 1916 at the age of 44.

• We are excited to share a few recent articles from Randi Yagi. Randi included 6th Street Playhouse in a round-up of “Fall Theater Preview In The North Bay;” McDonald Avenue, Santa Rosa in the article "Best Halloween Decorations To See Near Bay Area;” Bear Republic’s Big Black Bear Stout, Lagunitas’ Hairy Eyeball, and Russian River’s Pliny the Elder in a round-up of “Best Fall Craft Beers In The North Bay;” and Winter WineLand in a round-up of “Must-Go To North Bay Winter Festivals." We hosted Randi in May, we are thrilled to share more results of the Sonoma County fan. His work can also be found on Examiner.com. But this great news is from SanFrancisco.cbslocal.com (UMV: 582,963). 

• We have coverage from Leila Cobo which appears in the December 2015 edition of NEXOS, an American Airlines inflight magazine. Nexus has a circulation of 212,008 and an advertising equivalency of $188,800. We hosted Leila’s stay and she had a wonderful trip.

• The Chicago Tribune (UMV: 13,652,488; Media Value: $91,016) posted a dedicated article on Sonoma County titled “How to enjoy Sonoma County beyond the vines,” written by Alan Solomon. We hosted Alan in May and he had a fantastic trip, judging by the variety of aspects that he was able to highlight. There is a photo gallery with additional photos accessible by clicking on the icon in the opening image. The article is also expected to run in print mid-December and has been syndicated to seven additional outlets, listed here:

Los Angeles Times (UMV: 23,779,049; Media Value: $158,527)

Baltimore Sun (UMV: 3,606,063; Media Value: $24,040)

Orlando Sentinel (UMV: 2,039,073; Media Value: $13,594)

Sun-Sentinel (UMV: 1,584,173; Media Value: $10,561)

Morning Call (UMV: 972,687; Media Value: $6,484)

Daily Press (UMV: 724,779; Media Value: $4,832)

Hartford Courant (UMV: 1,312,171; Media Value: $8,748)

• Just wanted to be sure you saw this fabulous article, "Meet the Team of Women Distillers Making Whiskey in Sonoma” on 7x7 (UMV: 645,406; Circ. 38,801).

• Buena Vista and Peanuts are included in the latest Visit California Japan newsletter which went out yesterday to approximately 3800 trade & media in Japan. Buena Vista Winery was highlighted for the blending experience tour as the “dream big” idea and they are very excited for the upcoming release of the Peanuts film! Check it out here.

• Due to hosting Robert Michael Poole, this wonderful article featuring the Farmhouse, MacRostie Winery, Bohemian Creamery, and the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art, titled "5 Essentials for a Sonoma Weekend Getaway,” was published on Blouin Art Info (UMV: 901,298). Robert is the Global Chief Editor of Culture+Travel (www.cultureandtravel.com) and also part of Blouin Art Info / Louise Blouin Media, based in New York, which is dedicated to an audience of art collectors and high end travellers.

• Due to hosting Joe Lieberman, a wonderful article about Peanuts, Hana Japanese Restaurant, and Safari West was published in the Asahi Weekly, the Japanese national weekly magazine. Asahi is published in English and Japanese. It is released on Sundays and on sale the entire week at newsstands and by subscription. The circulation is 250,000, with frequent travelers and 97% Japanese readers.

• Rebounderz of Rohnert Park and Tilted Shed Cider are included in a recent blog "Dishing on secret spots in Napa and Sonoma counties” on eTravelTrips from Expedia. The blog was also promoted on their twitter account, link here.

• We are excited to share coverage of Sonoma County which came as a result of media outreach. TravelAge West (UMV: 26,202; Media Value: $175) included some Sonoma County favorites in an article about hot Napa restaurants! TravelAge West was established in 1969 to serve travel agencies, corporate travel agencies, tour operators, and home-based independents in the Western United States. Highlights include travel developments in the Western market and reports of consumer trends. Regular issue features include general industry news, destination features important to Western agents, niche travel topics and cruise news. 

• Due to media outreach, Jezebel Magazine (Circ: 75,000; UMV: 36,293; Media Value: $14,897) published a dedicated article on Sonoma County titled, “Uncorked Luxury.” Jezebel Magazine is written as a guide to the urban style and culture of the South. Contents focus on fashion, personalities and entertainment, covering the scenes both locally and nationally. Editorial includes celebrity interviews, the latest fashions for men and women, and film and music news, as well as highlighting the social circuit in the Southern United States. It is published by Dickey Publishing.

• Just wanted to be sure you saw this great blog on The State Journal Register (UMV: 37,171) about a fan’s recent trip to Sonoma County. The State Journal-Register is a daily newspaper for residents of Springfield, IL and the central part of the state. The publication covers local and national news, sports, business and arts & entertainment. This quote is fantastic. "They choose Sonoma because it has been able to preserve the tradition of agriculture matched with the art of winemaking as seen in the scores of tiny wineries.”

• Next we would like to share some recent press for Sonoma County wines. The articles come from a Sonoma resident, Sherrie Perkovich, that we have an ongoing relationship with. The first article is from Communities Digital News (UMV: 517,000). The second article is from Petaluma Wine. Both have the common theme of pairing fantastic wines for Thanksgiving.

• We are excited to share a fantastic article about the craft beer scene in California. We hosted Joe Baur hosted this fall and Visit California helped organize his trip. And, according to the article on Craftbeer (UMV: 1,215,251), Joe had a fabulous trip. "Santa Rosa. For many in the region, this is the town truly synonymous with craft beer in wine country.”

• Mike Dunne has some wonderful things to say about some of our finest Sonoma County wines in the article "Mike Dunne: Gold medals back up Sonoma’s image“ on the Sacramento Bee(UMV: 1,819,992). Check out his reviews here.

• Next, please read where Sebastiani and Pride are include in a round-up of "Top 5 of the best Napa and Sonoma Winery Tours” by David Mitroff on Examiner (UMV: 15,240,940).

• Check out this fantastic blog about Cloverdale from Sarah Hawthorne from 7x7 (UMV: 645,406; Circ. 38,801). "Discover Cloverdale, the Hidden Secret of Sonoma Wine Country” is a great review!

• The California Wine Institute press release that our team provided information for has garnered some great attention. Jeanne Sullivan, PR consultant for the Wine Institute, wrote in her email, “Just wanted to make sure you got a copy of Wine Institute's final press release for their wine region of the month series. We really appreciated Birgitt and Tina's input and I made sure to link to Sonoma County Tourism as much as possible. I also used content from the road trips release we did this past spring. We sent it this morning on PR Newswire to California outlets. So far the release was found on 179 websites, with a potential total audience of 10,643,924 unique visitors per day.” The press release first travelled to the San Diego Union Tribune (UMV: 1,828,975), ExaminerFood & Food Equipment News (UMV: 7,047), and The Culinary Scoop (UMV: 43,247).

• Next the Wine Institute press release found its way into the Travel 2016 round up on Tours.com’s latest edition of Travel-Intel. “Sonoma County is in full bloom with a variety of wine trails, tours, parks and places to be explored, especially for those who love their Pinot. Sonoma is the largest producer of Pinot Noir in The Golden State.” Tours.com's Travel-Intel is a weekly publication sent to 103,000 travel agents and is posted on Tours.com. This was then distributed by Reuters online (Circulation/Audience: 19,035,535), Digital Journal (Circulation/Audience: 1,828,217) and Bloomberg News (Circulation/Audience: 17,579,349).

• Next, we are pleased to share Alysia Gray Painter featured “Cozy Wine Times: Holiday in Carneros” in the Worth the trip blog for NBC Bay Area (UMV: 173,600). Another fantastic example of an ongoing relationship!

• Check out this great blogThis is my Happiness, by Jenna Francisco, a California-based freelance writer who covers slow travel, art/culture, & wine from Northern California and provides inspiration for families who love to travel with their kids. She also writes about wine and luxury travel for Luxe Beat Mag, family travel for G Adventures, and Brazil for About.com and obviously loves Sonoma County.

• We are happy to share that we assisted with this great little article on The Economic Times, India edition, about "Mendocino & Sonoma county: Get on the wine road this winter with friends or family.” The Economic Times is India's Leading business newspaper offering Business News, Financial news, Stock/Share Market News, Economy News, Loans & Banking News, Live Stock Quotes and News & Investment.

• After hosting Katie Chang in September, her article on Food Republic (UMV: 2,293,069 Media Value: $15,287) is live. “8 Places to Eat Really Well in Sonoma County, California” is an awesome review of some of our fabulous restaurants, including Healdsburg SHED. The article is currently the lead story on the Food Republic homepage and can also be found here. A little background: Food Republic is a blog that covers food, drink and men's lifestyle topics. The blog explores the new culture of food through stories, interviews, global conversations, and experiences.

• Check out this great coverage on Where Traveler (UMV: 5,326) from Matt Villano, a travel freelancer and blogger that we work with. This latest piece is about "8 History-Making Northern California Wineries to Visit” and includes Buena Vista and Gundlach Bundschu, of course.

• Next just wanted to be sure you saw the great coverage from Conde Nast Traveler (UMV: 2,844,987) which included Sonoma County in a round-up entitled, “Where Grown Women Should Have a Bachelorette Party.” Ideas include a bike ride and rental from Sonoma County Bike Tours, a cooking class at Williams-Sonoma, and dessert at the girl and the fig.

• We hosted Jane Reynolds and she wrote a pretty nice review of Vintners Inn on Oyster.com (UMV: 756,347). According to their website, "Oyster's expert hotel investigators visit every property in-person and take every photo, and our expert written reviews are always objective. In contrast, sites such as Hotels.com, Expedia, Orbitz, and Travelocity rely heavily on hotels' marketing materials for both the text and images that appear on their sites.”

• An article featuring Charles Schulz was published in Cal (bi-monthly circ. 60,000). Cal is a magazine dedicated to the US West Coast lifestyle. Generations of Japanese have grown up longing for the American lifestyle, for its music, fashion, accessories and for all things vintage. The pages of Cal paint a picture of the America that everyone, young and old, dreams of. Cal is for men in their 30s and 40s who have a passion for America. With a focus on stunning photos, It aims to share with their readers all aspects of the California lifestyle -- fashion, food, home, work, autos and more.

• Thanks to Huffington Post and the Viator Travel team for being in Love with California Wine Country. Huffington Post (UMV: 41,026,511) included Sonoma County in a round-up of “8 Amazing Things to Do and Places to Go”  surrounding Thanksgiving Travel. The article was then syndicated by Viator Travel. Double Win!

• Freelance journalist Kate Donnelly produced an article for FWx (UMV: 4,389,460) entitled “Checking In:12 cozy Inns to visit this Fall Into Winter.” Of her 12, Kate included the Farmhouse Inn! FWx is a sub-site of Food and Wine Magazine that targets the millennial audience. 

• Lynette of the blog Life’s Better in Yoga Pants received the press release from Destination races from Sonoma County and wrote this neat blog entry. According to the release, "Destination Races, based in Sonoma, California, is the pioneer producer of the Wine Country Half Marathon Series. Founded in 2004, the Wine Country Half Marathon Series consists of seven races across prestigious wine regions in North America.”

• Check out this awesome article about Papapietro Perry on Food & Wine (Circ. 952,788); well-deserved fantastic press.

• Due to continued pitching to the writer, Gemma Price, Landmark Vineyards Guest Cottage and Kenwood Inn & Spa are included in an article in Architectural Digest (UMV: 823,693). "Now is the Time To Visit California Wine Country” is a wonderful round-up of luxury accommodations in Napa and Sonoma counties.

• As a result of the Sonoma County Winegrowers hosting Kaitlin Menza during Grape Camp 2015, Marie Claire (UMV: 1,399,632; Media Value: $9,330) provided dedicated coverage of Sonoma County Grape Camp in an article, “12 Things You Learn at Wine Camp.”

• Due to hosting a group of Italian journalists with Visit California a few weeks ago, a great article about Jack London State Historic Park by Maria Egizia Fiaschetti was published on Il Corriere della Sera (Circ. 409,226). The same article was also published in another print newspaper Il Foglio (Circ. 5,000).

• We are thrilled to share the results of hosting Alessio Guerrini, the managing director of FISH-EYE Digital Video Creation. We hosted Alessio and his cameraman, Sergio Puglia, in early October. Their video was broadcasted last Sunday during the TV Travel Show Kilimangiaro on RAI 3 in Italy. Viewers were reported at 789,000 and the segment may air again during 2016. To view the segment, after the Nutella advertising, click on the “California” highlights on the right at minute 2:34.

• Check out this really amazing review of Sonoma Cider on Paste Magazine (UMV: 436,749). Paste is an online arts and lifestyle brand, covering music, movies, TV, games, comedy, books, design, tech, food, drink, travel, style, comics and soccer. Covers a broad range of music with a focus on AAA/Adult Rock, Americana, Indie Rock, World and Blues. Features up-to-date content including breaking news stories, reviews, videos, blogs, podcasts, music streams, downloads and more.

• Cornerstone Gardens was named the number 12 of "The Most Beautiful Public Gardens on the West Coast” by Sunset. The article was posted on Travel + Leisure (UMV: 12.5 million).

• Darley Newman posted this video about the top scenery in California Wine Country. Darley is the host, writer and producer of Equitrekking, the Emmy-Award winning PBS TV series. She also hosts and produces Travels wtih Darley on the AOL On Network (UMV:362,2710), MSN Travel (UMV: 120,781,6480) and Budget Travel (UMV: 15,201) where this video was posted. You may remember we assisted her and she also posted a video last September.

• Just wanted to be sure you saw this great article about the six wineries that Melissa Corbin visited last spring, including Wilson and Soda Rock. The article was published in The Tennessean (UMV: 95,771) out of Nashville. "At the six wineries I visited, the wines I tasted awakened my senses and made my palate forever curious.”

• We are thrilled to share that MacRostie, Dutton-Goldfield, Amy’s Drive Thru, Valette, Joseph Jewell, Three Sticks, Pascaline, The Barlow, Pangloss Cellars, Bird & the Bottle, Gloria Ferrer and Barndiva’s Gallery Bar are included in an article by Kristine Hansen on Fodors.com (UMV: 1,278,604). We have an ongoing relationship with Kristine and reached out to her for the inclusion. This piece is all about new, delicious experiences in Sonoma County. 

• Check out the beautiful blog by Julie Falconer, A Lady in London. We hosted Julie and what a fantastic trip she had. Please don’t miss her amazing photos and the great cross-section of our dear Sonoma County that she was able to cover.

• Our Sonoma County insider, Carey Sweet, included Three Sticks, Pangloss Cellars, Corner 103, Madrone Vineyards Estate, and Gloria Ferrer in an article "Sonoma tasting rooms offer new experiences“ on SF Gate (UMV: 9,505,527) and in print in the San Francisco Chronicle (Circ. 211,779). The article is a fantastic review of new tasting rooms experiences in Sonoma County. "The new Sonoma County tasting rooms epitomize the adventure, with extra elegance to boot.”

• The secret is out, thanks to Lonely Planet (UMV: 6,089,097) and continued outreach. "San Francisco is also tantalizingly close to Napa and Sonoma, where wine country getaways have midwinter bargains, especially midweek.” Check the rest of the article "San Francisco in winter: six reasons to ditch the cold for some California sun".

• Next up, just wanted to be sure you saw this awesome blog from Isaac James Baker on Reading, Writing, Wine that includes MacMurray Ranch and J Vineyards. "If you like food, wine, Sonoma and memories, you must visit.” 

• We are thrilled to share that due to assisting Garrick Ramirez of 7x7.com (UMV: 645,406; Circ. 38,801), A Wine and Food Affair, Lighting of the Sonoma Plaza, and the Holiday Marketplace at VML Winery were included in an awesome round-up "Holiday Guide to Wine Country: Shopping, Tastings, Glamping + a Hanukkah Hootenanny.” 

• We are excited to share that due to assistance, Osmosis, Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa, and the Kenwood Inn & Spa are included in an article in the magazine for Southwest Airlines. The winter travel guide is a "Bucket List 2.0” and suggests that “rather than hibernate when temps start to drop, get busy planning your dream vacation.” A little background: Southwest: The Magazine, the official inflight magazine of Southwest Airlines, reaches nearly 3.5 million travelers every issue. "Through impassioned storytelling and an emphasis on the people and places that make this country special, our mission with each issue is to remain true to Southwest's brand and values.” You can view the entire issue online.

• The PR company for Vintners Inn and SRCVB reached out to freelance travel writer Julie Kessler to see if she was interested in staying at Vintners Inn and visiting Ferrari-Carano for a travel feature. The result was this awesome feature on The Honolulu Star Advertiser (UMV: 793,000; Circ. 273,000), the most widely circulated newspaper in Hawaii.

• We are pleased to share that because of continued outreach, Alysia Gray Painter featured A Wine & Food Affair in a dedicated article on the Worth the trip blog for NBC Bay Area (UMV: 173,600).

• Next, we are so thrilled about the Sonoma County Section in SFGate which published this past Sunday. Below are a few of the included articles: First is this awesome round-up of "10 reasons to visit Sonoma County now” by Sophia Markoulakis on SF Gate (UMV: 9,505,527). There is a great cross-section of Sonoma County in here; from A Wine & Food Affair to ugly dog sweaters; and from mountain top tasting to the Feast of the Olive!

• Plow Brewing, Taps, Beercraft, and Cooperage Brewing were included in an article "Sonoma County’s new craft brew trail“ on SF Gate (UMV: 9,505,527). The article begins mentioning the wine rivalry between Sonoma and Napa and starts with this quote: "More distressful, I have to admit, is watching Sonoma County kick Napa’s butt in the beer realm.”

• The Farmhouse and Applewood Inn, Restaurant and Spa were included in a fantastic review by Michael Bauer, the famous San Francisco Chronicle restaurant critic on SF Gate (UMV: 9,505,527). Nice!

• Red Car, Littorai, Joseph Phelps, and Cobb were included in an article "Backwoods towns make some of Sonoma’s most exciting Pinot Noirs“ on SF Gate (UMV: 9,505,527). The article is a fantastic review of the wonderful wines coming out of the Freestone-Occidental are of the Sonoma Coast AVA.

• Glen Ellen gets its own whole feature on the SF Gate (UMV: 9,505,527) in the recent Sonoma County section. The title of the article, "Sleepy Glen Ellen becoming a Wine Country destination“ sums it up perfectly. 

• Continuing on, last week’s article from Martha Ross on the San Jose Mercury News was syndicated to the Daily Democrat (UMV: 47,164). Double win! Also the Wine Road gets more love from the San Jose Mercury News (UMV: 1,579,337, Circ. 581,532) in an article "Northern California wine events.” This is also written by Martha Ross, whom we have a great relationship with. Fantastic!

• We are excited to share some more press for A Wine and Food Affair and the Heart of Sonoma Valley’s Holiday Open House. This is another hit from Sherrie Perkovich, who lives in Sonoma that we have an ongoing relationship with. This time the article is on Communities Digital News (UMV: 517,000).

• This is another great example of a wonderful ongoing relationship and media outreach. Hitched Mag (UMV: 117,775) published this awesome interview and review of Patz and Hall in the article "A Neighborly Experience Awaits at the New Patz & Hall Winery.” 

• Please check out this great article about the holidays in Sonoma Valley on The Daily Meal (UMV: 611,730); "Sonoma Valley Presents Wine Country Winter Wonderland With 100,000 Twinkling Lights."

• Due to media outreach, Momtastic (UMV: 181,781) included Sonoma County and Hilton Sonoma Wine Country in an article about the 30 most romantic weekend getaways for parents! 

•  We are excited to share a sneak peek of coverage from Simon Parker. Simon is a great freelance videographer and journalist, who drove to California from Portland, Oregon. He was on a quest for the best craft breweries for the Telegraph.co.uk (UMV: 21,905,000) in September. Please check out the attached PDF for a peek of his social media coverage from his trip.

• Check out this awesome round-up of "10 reasons to visit Sonoma County now” by Sophia Markoulakis on SF Gate (UMV: 9,505,527). There is a great cross-section of Sonoma County in here; from A Wine & Food Affair to ugly dog sweaters; and from mountain top tasting to the Feast of the Olive!

• Check out the awesome coverage from Forbes.com from Jeanne O'Brien Coffey. What an incredible interview with Gary Farrell’s winemaker, Theresa Heredia, in the article "Winemaker Dishes on the 2015 Sonoma Harvest.”

• We are thrilled to share a recent article from the San Jose Mercury News (UMV: 1,579,337, Circ. 581,532). We have an ongoing relationship with Martha Ross and hosted her during her last trip to Sonoma County. And what a wonderful review of Vintners Inn she published!

• The New York Times (UMV: 60,047,125) highlighted the new Table for Twelve monthly dinners at Gary Farrell Vineyards and Winery in an article "Tour and Food News: Sonoma Dinners, Texas by Trailer."

•Then more good news from JustLuxe (UMV: 876,894) promoting the upcoming holiday events in Sonoma Valley. "Sonoma Valley Presents Wine Country Winter Wonderland With 100,000 Twinkling Lights.” 

• Due to pitching, the Monte Rio Theater was included in an article about the "Majestic movie palaces across the USA” on USAToday.com (UMV:14,202,325, Media Value: $94,682). We worked with the writer Susan Barnes on the inclusion and are excited to share this news!

• Alysia Gray Painter published two fantastic articles in the Worth the trip blog for NBC Bay Area (UMV: 173,600). You will recognize her blog because we have an ongoing relationship with her. The first is an article about Safari West. The tagline is perfect. "Venture to Santa Rosa for an adventure and vino, too.” The second is an article about the Heart of Sonoma Valley’s upcoming open house, titled "Holiday Open House: Sonoma-Style Soiree."

• Next up is another journalist that we have an ongoing relationship with, Sherrie Perkovich, who lives in Sonoma. A Wine and Food Affair was included in an article "Three Must-Attend Fall Wine Events in Sonoma County” on PetalumaWine.com

• Sonoma County insider, Carey Sweet, included the Glen Ellen Star, Whole Spice, and Yeti Restaurant in an article about “where to taste Wine Country's spiciest dishes” on 7x7.com (UMV: 645,406).

• More coverage about A Wine and Food Affair from the editors of 7x7.com (UMV: 645,406).

• Check out this fabulous coverage for the German speaking market from Geo Magazine (Circ. 245,413). We hosted Karl in May, and it looks like he had a fabulous trip around the entire state. Here is a link to view the magazine online and a PDF with translation is attached. Geo is a coffee table magazine and the biggest German monthly travel mag. 

• Our own Paula Johnson is quoted in an article on Meetings Focus (UMV: 127,600). "California’s resort destinations blossom with group options.” 

• As a result of hosting Sandra Ramani in February 2015, Bridal Guide (Circ: 136,492; Media Value: $35,903) included Sonoma County in an article titled “Favorite Escapes,” highlighting the world’s most romantic and classic honeymoon destinations in the November/December print issue.

• John Compisi, "Sonoma County Food & Wine Examiner”, published a wonderful article "A tale of three Sonoma wineries: historic, vintage and youthful.” John lives in Sonoma County and writes for Examiner.com (UMV: 15,240,940).

• As a result of HARO pitching, Organic Authority (UMV: 927,762; Media Value: $6,185) included the Sonoma Harvest Fair in a round-up of “5 Fall Wine Harvest Weekends Perfect for Wine Lovers.” The article also mentioned Sonoma Wine Country Weekend and included a quote from Mastro Scheidt Family Cellars in Healdsburg.

• As result of media outreach, Redbook Magazine (UMV: 1,393,896; Media Value: $9,292) included Sonoma County in a round-up of “Romantic Fall Getaways You Should Add to Your Travel List,” written by Samantha Lefave. Keep scrolling in the article to see mentions of Timber Cove Inn, Osmosis, and the Petaluma Pumpkin Patch.

• Due to hosting and an ongoing relationship with Kevin Nelson, this wonderful article was published on Examiner.com about the new Peanuts movie and the Charles M. Schulz Museum. We hosted Kevin this summer and he lives in Napa Valley. He continues to write about Sonoma county on his website and also posted on his personal blog about Charles Schulz on Wine Travel Adventure.

• Kevin Nelson also published this great article on his personal blog Wine Travel Adventure about Francis Ford Coppola’s winery. Check it out!

• Don’t miss this guide to "Autumn in Sebastopol: Your Guide to Apple Picking, Craft Cider, Pie + More” on 7x7.com (UMV: 645,406). What a fantastic round-up!

• As a result of hosting Natalie Compagno at Sonoma Wine Country Weekend, she included the Farmhouse in her round-up for "Luxe Lavs: Farm Stays That Let You Get Back to Nature in Style” on Peter Greenberg (UMV: 107,982). 

• Warning! Do not read this next article "The Big Eat Wine Country: 50 Things to Devour in Napa and Sonoma Counties Before You Die” on an empty stomach.” 7x7.com (UMV: 645,406) does it again! Our secrets are out. Also don’t read this recent article on 7x7.com (UMV: 645,406) if you are thirsty! "5 Sonoma County Ciders to Sip This Fall”. YUM.

• Sonoma County is mentioned in an article on the Viator Travel Blog (UMV: 18,427) titled "Thanksgiving Travel: 8 Amazing Things to Do and Places to Go.” The article captures relaxing in Sonoma Wine Country with this quote pretty well: "sometimes a glass of wine is nicer accompanied by a little serenity."

• Jennifer Boden of Dine and Travel featured one of our Sonoma County Insider articles on her blog and Facebook page. Boden is a California wine and travel journalist who features premiere wineries, restaurants, hotels, travel experiences, and seasonal events. In addition to contributing to top web and print publications, she has built a huge following on California Wine and Travel. This fan page reaches more than hundreds of thousands of travel lovers. Another example of a great ongoing relationship!

• The editor Maiko Yano visited in May to update her Globetrotter Travel Guidebook (Circ. 100,000) from Japan.

• We hosted Mr. Shintaro Makino, the chief –editor, and Mr. Yoshio Kobayashi, the photographer, of Cal Mag in August. Cal Mag is a bi-monthly men's magazine for Cal Lifestyle. We received the most coverage and next issue will include Peanuts!

• Due to media outreach, check out the latest and greatest from the Golden State on See California (UMV: 31,431). Included in the article are Sonoma County Distilling Company, the museum at Bartholomew Park Winery, and Victor Hill Wines’ new tasting room.

• Next, we are excited to share some news from Kristine Hansen who is a regular visitor that we keep in contact with. This latest piece on Group Tour (UMV: 34,652) is all about The Birds.

• Due to an ongoing relationship and regular contact, Sharon McDonnell included the Sonoma County Harvest Fair in a round-up of food festivals in the United States on World.DailySecret.com. This is Volume 1 in the series of the year in Food Festivals.

• Due to hosting Adam Waxman earlier this year, we are excited to share the dedicated article on Sonoma County in Dine Magazine (Circ. 30,000). Adam had a wonderful visit and really captured the eclectic nature of our dear county.

• As a result of dedicated pitching and ongoing media relations, Shermans Travel (UMV: 133,102; Media Value: $887) provided coverage of the Charles M. Schulz Museum in an article, “5 Places to Hang with Snoopy and Get Ready for The Peanuts Movie.” The article was written by Teresa Bitler who visited the destination as part of Grape Camp in 2013. 

• As a result of media outreach, The Weather Channel (UMV: 25,427,548; Media Value: $169,516) included Sonoma County in an article, “Unique Ways to Experience Fall Color,” highlighting Wine Country Trail Rides. Check out the full article here.

• Check out this coverage from Fathom (UMV: 398,539) highlighting Sonoma County. The content was written by Fathom founder Pavia Rosati who visited Sonoma and Napa last year through a coordinated trip by the Relais & Châteaux hotel group. A three-part series; it kicks off with an article, The Road to Happiness Begins in Sonoma.

• Additional coverage was also posted by Editorial Assistant Daniel Schwartz on Fathom, entitled My Respects to the Godfather's Grape Patch. While he was hosted by Francis Ford Coppola, through the power of social media we learned of Schwartz’ visit and were able to connect and provide him with a Sonoma County welcome bag and overall materials on the destination.

• Due to assistance, Kelley Ferro is back in Sonoma County for video production. According to her website www.kelleyferro.com, "Kelley is a seasoned host, travel journalist and foodie. She's hosted hundreds of shows from all ends of the globe. Her experience in travel & jetsetter style has made her a leading travel expert in the US.” Kelley films for TripFilms which then gets posted to Budgettravel.com Check out the attached screenshots from her Twitter and Instagram for a sneak peek of the coverage.

• Due to assisting Lyn Mettler, Sonoma on a Bike was included in three different article in the past week. The first blog is about leaf peeping in Sonoma County on her own blog, Go To Travel Gal. The second article is on the NY Times (Circ. 2,149,012) and the third article is on The Chicago Tribune (Circ. 439,731), both of which are about Sonoma on a Bike’s new hard-core tour of Wine Country.

• Due to hosting Bruce Cox in April 2015, Bruce wrote a great piece about the "The Good Life Across the Golden Gate” for Four Shires Magazine (Circ. 10,000), a wonderful regional glossy lifestyle magazine from the UK. In addition to this coverage, he also divided the feature into its component parts and submitted those to Trip Advisor and the MustSee app. He posted individual reviews on Trip Advisor for the Bodega Bay Lodge and the Duck Club restaurant; the Farmhouse Inn (separately on hotel &the restaurant); and Zazu Kitchen and Farm. He has just heard from Trip Advisor that the Bodega Bay and Farmhouse Inn reviews (hotel and restaurant combined) got over 500 views each during the first seven days! He also covered a number of what MustSee call 'experiences' and 'highlights' within my California Trips guide for that app, each with five or six photographs. These covered a Sonoma County overview, an account of the drive from SFO to Bodega Bay on Highway 1, items on the Bodega Bay Lodge, items on the Farmhouse Inn, and items on the Marin French Cheese Company, McEvoy Olive Oil and Black Pig Meat Company.

• As a result of ongoing outreach, Postcards Magazine (Circ: 125,000) published dedicated coverage of Sonoma County in a three-page article titled, “36 hours in Sonoma.” The feature was written by Paul Rubio, who visited Sonoma County in 2011.

• Due to assistance, Ethan Fixell featured three Sonoma County breweries during his visit to Santa Rosa in an article titled, "6 Breweries To Hit On Your Northern California Beer Tour” on Food Republic (Circ. 390,784; UMV: 1,492,289). Food Republic "explores the culture of food through stories, interviews, global conversations, and experiences. This is the site for people who want to eat and drink well, and to live smart.”

• Rebekah Bell published a wonderful dedicated piece on Flowers Winery on the Robb Report (Circ: 101,465; UMV: 726,509). A little background: Robb Report covers the luxury market and content highlights exotic automobiles, boats, aircrafts, upscale travel, technology, watches, fashion, sports, investments, business, real estate and other lifestyle topics geared toward the affluent market.

• We hope you enjoy watching this video. What a fun group! As you will remember, we arranged this with Jenn and Jack through Visit California.

• Due to ongoing Fall Foliage pitching efforts, we are happy to share this article on Bella New York (UMV: 144,759). The story, titled “Laid Back Luxury Finds in California,” includes detailed opportunities for fall foliage viewing in Sonoma County, Paso Robles, Napa Valley and Downtown Los Angeles, along with a full image gallery. A little background: BellaNYC.com is the online version of the bi-monthly lifestyle magazine, Bella New York. The magazine covers beauty, fashion, celebrities, heath, arts and culture, travel, home design and luxury lifestyle.

• This is a great guys article on The Drive.

• This is a really fun blog to read from a Kiwi.

• These articles were supported by Francis Ford Coppola Winery; the original on Yahoo! Travel and a good example of syndication on The Daily Meal.

• As result of direct pitching, USA Today (UMV: 15,160,121) included Amy’s Drive-Thru in a round-up article highlighting the trend of healthy “fast casual” restaurants popping up in California. We worked with the writer Gemma Price on the piece – originally pitching her the restaurant and then following up with images and additional information. 

•Osmosis received a great mention in Passport’s spa issue. This is due to our ongoing relationship and recent hosting of Rich Rubin. Passport provides travel and tourism information exclusively to the gay and lesbian community. It has a circulation of 164,000 and is published nine times a year.

• Ilona Thompson published this wonderful review of Sonoma Wine Country Weekend on her blog Palate Exposure (601,533 page views). Ilona was part of WCW media and really captured the magic of the event with this quote: The ultimate experience, however, didn’t come from a luxurious plate of food or an impressive sip of wine. It came from watching people feel genuinely moved.

• We wanted to be sure you saw another piece hit from Jim Byers’ recent visit. Previously the article was on the North Bay Nugget from Ontario, Canada (UMV: 70,892) and then syndicated to the Toronto Sun (UMV: 1,183,439) and the National Post (circ. 177,782). The latest syndication is to the Montreal Gazette.

• As a result of hosting Sharon McDonnell during Sonoma Wine Country Weekend 2014 and ongoing outreach, Daily Secret (UMV: 100,890; Media Value: $673) included the Sonoma County Harvest Fair in a round-up of Fall harvest festivals in the U.S.

• The Bay Area Reporter published a "Quick guide to Guerneville” with many great ideas of what to do, where to eat, and where to sleep. Check out the awesome coverage. The Bay Area Reporter is published weekly with a circulation of 28,942 and has 57,723 unique visitors per month.

• Darley Newman posted this awesome video about the top things to do in Wine Country. Darley Newman is the host, writer and producer of Equitrekking, the Emmy-Award winning PBS TV series. She also hosts and produces Travels wtih Darley on the AOL On Network (UMV:362,2710), MSN Travel (UMV: 120,781,6480) and Budget Travel (UMV: 15,201) where this video was posted.

• Carey Sweet’s latest on 7x7 (UMV: 645,406) is "Raise a Glass at These Tiny, Boutique Wineries”, including two Sonoma County wineries not to miss. 

• We are thrilled to share that A. Rafanelli Winery, Ridge Vineyards, J Vineyards & Winery, Windsor Golf Club, and Northwoods Golf were included in an article on Golf.com. Due to an ongoing relationship with the author Josh Sens, Sonoma County is number three in a round-up "The 11 Absolute Best Spots for Golf and Wine-Tasting.” Golf is published by Time Inc. and has a circulation of 1,410,217.

• Canadians just can’t get enough of the USA month after month. Record numbers of visitors are flying (and driving) south across the border with 22.7 million visitors to the USA. Our latest Canadian piece is from Jim Byers. We have a longtime relationship with Mr. Byers. He was travel editor for five years at the Toronto Star, which has the largest travel section in North America, and he had his own travel blog for years. He currently writes destination stories for several publications, including Zoomer magazine, The Australian newspaper, and for Air Canada rouge. He also writes two blogs a month for Expedia.ca. We hosted Jim last week and his first coverage is out on the North Bay Nugget from Ontario, Canada (UMV: 70,892). It’s now on Postmedia and Sun Media paper websites across Canada. The total for all sites is 17 million readers a day! This piece was then syndicated to the Toronto Sun here and the National Post here.

• We wanted to pass along where American Spa (Circ: 28,151; UMV: 17,422) published a dedicated article on Farmhouse Inn in Sonoma County, written by Julie Keller Callaghan. The piece is in the September 2015 print issue and also online.

• Next is a wonderful review of the Taste of Sonoma on Travel, Wine and Dine who blogs about Sonoma County regularly.

• Check out Carey Sweet’s latest from the inside. This week she shares the freshest spots to “Eat, Drink, and Be Merry in Wine Country” on 7x7 (UMV: 607,940). Great coverage!

• Sonoma County Insider, Carey Sweet also wrote a piece on Jenner’s new Russia House #1 for the Inside Scoop blog of SF Gate (UMV: 9,622,927). 

• We are happy to share a recent article on Examiner (UMV: 15,240,940) and some really wonderful B&Bs. "Where Luxury Costs Less: 3 B&B with Spas Where Guests Say Ahh” includes our own Applewood Inn.

• Bill Zacharkiw wrote a really wonderful review of our home, called Savouring Sonoma for the Ottawa Citizen (circ. 112,536). 

• Due to an ongoing relationship, an amazing image from Gustafson was shared last Friday in Metro Newspapers in Canada. The piece ran in Canadian markets, including Metro Vancouver, Metro Edmonton, Metro Toronto, Metro Ottawa, Metro Halifax, Metro London and Metro Montréal. Combined the newspapers reach around 1.7 million readers. The paper includes local, national and international news, politics, business, sports, arts & entertainment and pop culture.

• Check out this article on Yahoo! Travel (UMV: 5,898,994 and Page View per Month: 21,697,267) from Kristi Marcelle that we hosted and continue working with. "Family Day Trips from San Francisco“ features Francis Ford Coppola’s winery and Safari West. Yahoo! Travel covers travel destinations as well as news about airlines, hotels, cruises and vacation adventures.

• Next, due to an ongoing relationship, Ian White of San Francisco Magazine (monthly circ. 104,292) published an awesome insider’s guide to Dry Creek Valley. Here is the inside look at the best spots to wine, dine and recline.

• Next, check out this awesome article about the Cheese Trail from Nadine Kam on the Honolulu Pulse. Included are Marin French Cheese and Bohemian Creamery.

• Here is some great news. The "Tourism Ambassador Institute Certifies 15,000th Ambassador”, who is for Sonoma County, and our own Ken Fischang is quoted! Check out the news on Incentive Mag.

• Linda Compasoi, who lives in Sonoma County, wrote a fantastic review of Sonoma Wine Country Weekend on Examiner (UMV: 15,240,940).

• After Chris Jenner met Ben the Bachelor and Cait Jenner called Wine Country home for a few days, now the Wrestling Divas enjoying Wine Country. You will have to read the article from the Sonoma Sun to get the scoop.

• We are excited to share that due to media pitching and an ongoing relationship, Deerfield Ranch, Loxton Cellars, and Paradise Ridge are included in an article in the LA Times (Circ: 650,718; UMV: 25,729,286). The article "5 California wine festivals perfect for getting your crush on” is a great round-up of festivals not to miss during harvest and California Wine Month and features the Sonoma Valley Crush Festival.

• As a result of media outreach, New York Times (Circ: 2,502,123; UMV: 70,574,252; Media Value: $1,660,197) included Sonoma County in an article, “In California, Olive Oil Tourism Is on the Rise” in print and online. This originated from our agritourism pitch earlier this year. The piece written by Shivani Vora highlighted olive oil tours available at McEvoy Ranch and Trattore Farms. Shivani responded with interest and we connected her with the farms directly for interviews and further details. This piece was then syndicated to the Malay Mail (circ. 20,816), the Des Moines Register (circ. 86,982) and the Register-Guard (circ. 53,891) out of Eugene, OR.

• Passing along online coverage from Travel + Leisure (UMV: 12.5 million) written by San Francisco correspondent Jenna Scatena. Jenna is the Editor-at-Large at San Francisco magazine and also freelances for numerous sources. This article is titled “Harvest Hack: The Best Way to Experience Fall in Sonoma” and includes the Wine Road, West Wines, and Merriam Vineyards!

• Kimberly at the Daring Gourmet was hosted by us in August. Check out her recent blog about her trip to Sonoma County. Her article is a great spin on the family-friendly activities and lodging we have to offer. 

Haute Living (Circ: 35,000; Media Value: $6,900) published an article highlighting harvest events in Wine Country and included Sonoma Harvest Wine Auction and Sonoma Grape Camp. We provided Kelly Carter with information on numerous events taking place this fall earlier in the year. We more recently provided imagery and fact-checking assistance. She also recently attended some of the SWCW festivities.

• Also recently published by Kelly Carter on Haute Living was this fantastic review "Inside The Sonoma Harvest Wine Auction That Raised A Record-Shattering $4.5 Million."

• Due to an ongoing relationship with Sherri Perkowich, "Five must attend September California Wine Country events" was published on Communities Digital News (UMV: 543,810). Check it out here.

• Our very own Ariane Hiltebrand gets a shout out on For Immediate Release! Ariane submitted our Sonoma Arrivalguide and we are now one of the key destinations. "ArrivalGuides, the world’s largest distributor of up-to-date destination information, supplies its distribution network of over 330 major global brands with content supplied directly from over 550 tourism bureaus and destination experts. These major global brands, including AAA, Aer Lingus, SAS and rentalcars.com, will now use the official content of ArrivalGuides destination partners in a variety of ways to influence their customers to explore and book their holidays to these destinations.”

• Check out this article where our own Ken Fischang explains the road to the Superbowl 50 partnership to Greg Oates of Skift (UMV: 469,258). Skift is a travel intelligence company that offers news, information, data and services to professionals in the travel industry and professional travelers. It covers travel industry investments and start-ups, as well as information on destinations, lodging, transportation, cruises and more. The article made the top headline article of the DMAI’s newsletter! 

• As a result of media outreach, Stars and Stripes (UMV: 1,309,150; Media Value: $8,727) included the Kendall-Jackson Heirloom Tomato Festival in an article on fall foodie festivals, written by Myscha Theriault. Stars and Stripes is written for the for the U.S. military community. It maintains an independent editorial and provides commercially available U.S. and world news and objective staff-produced stories relevant to the military community.

• We provided information to Sery Kim and she includes the Sonoma County Harvest Festival in a round-up of “Best Fall Food Festivals Around-the-World” on her blog, Adventures in Sery (UMV: 5,000).

• The Bay Area Reporter (UMV: 26,610; Circ: 28,942; Media Value: $2,967) published a dedicated article highlighting gay entrepreneurs in Sonoma County in the ‘Business Briefs’ column. The piece was written by Matthew Bajko. Due to assistance, he interviewed and included Mercury Wine, Sonoma Orchid Inn, Iron Horse Vineyards, and the  Crushers of Comedy.

• This coverage from Yahoo which included the Sonoma County Harvest Fair in a round-up of “American Food Festivals That Are Worth a Trip This Fall.”

• Check out this amazing coverage of some our finest wineries on Private Clubs. It is published every other month, with a circulation of 184,386. Private Clubs is a member-only publication, distributed to member households of Club Corp owned, operated and affiliated private country clubs, business clubs, and resorts.

• We are excited to share the latest article from Sonoma County Insider, Carey Sweet. Check out her round-up of "five of the best settings to stake out” on 7x7 (UMV: 607,940).

• Due to hosting the journalist, Safari West gets some love on Trip Atlas (Circulation/Audience: 10,890) in the article "Wine Country with Kids (Seriously!)”. A perfect headline for wonderful coverage. TripAtlas.com is one of the world's largest online travel resources. In addition to a wide range of tools and helpful information, it provides travel ideas, destination reviews and activities coverage. TripAtlas can also help readers find everything from travel agents and travel articles to travel deals and reader blogs.

• Next, please check out this adorable blog Pickles & Honey. Simply amazing photography!

• We worked with Betsy to publish this great article on About.com. Keep scrolling for mentions of Healdsburg, Occidental, Russian River, and Sonoma Valley. Fantastic coverage!

• Due to media outreach, Alysia Gray Painter published this great dedicated article on Sonoma Wine Country Weekend on NBC Bay Area (UMV: 173,600) in its ‘Worth the Trip’ column. The channel is the NBC affiliate based out of San Jose, California.

• We worked with the writer Alesandra (Alice) Dubin on this article on Bravo TV's The Daily Dish. Quoted are Lisa Mattson from Jordan Winery and Vineyard and Rachel Vorhees from Rodney Strong. Also mentioned is Healdsburg Tours. Check out her article about the Do’s and Don’ts of Wine Tasting.

• As a result of media outreach, Rebecca Shinners included the Sonoma County Harvest Fair in two recent articles about upcoming fall festivals. The first article, "19 of The Best Fall Food Festivals You Need To Experience”, was published on Delish (UMV: 46,326). The second article, "18 of The Best Fall Festivals to Celebrate the Season”, was published on Country Living (UMV: 1,035,332). 

• Christine Sarkis from Smarter Travel (UMV: 618,540) is joining the Taste of Sonoma this weekend. We hosted her this past September on a group press trip. Check out her excitement here.

• As a result of media outreach, Haute Living (UMV: 557,025; Media Value: $3,714) posted a dedicated article on Sonoma Wine Country Weekend, written by Kelly Carter. She will also be attending this weekend. Check out the great coverage.

• Due to hosting Manchán Magan, this awesome 9-page article on Napa, Sonoma, and Mendocino counties was published in Cara Magazine (circ. 47,000). It is currently in every Aer Lingus aircraft and she will also be featuring Northern California and San Fransisco on various episodes of her weekly radio travel slot in a few months time. 

• Sonoma County Insider, Jennifer Miner, included Sonoma Wine Country Weekend in an article "California Wine Month Celebrations” on the blog The Vacation Gals.

• John Compisi, "Sonoma County Food & Wine Examiner”, published a wonderful article "Two fabulous wine country weekend events on the North Coast", including Sonoma Wine Country Weekend, of course. John lives in Sonoma County and writes for Examiner.com (UMV: 15,240,940).

• Due to media outreach, Minnesota Girl in the World (UMV: 39,785; Media Value: $265) included Sonoma Wine Country Weekend in a round-up of "California Wine Month: Events NOT to miss!” Check it out here.

• Kimberly at the Daring Gourmet was hosted by us in August. Check out her recent blog about her trip to Safari West. Beautiful photos and fantastic coverage!! 

• Food Reference (UMV: 97,587) included Sonoma Wine Country Weekend and the 20th Annual Sebastopol Cajun-Zydeco Festival in the September calendar of food events not to miss. A little background: Food Reference is written for people with an interest in food and travel. Includes articles, features, facts, trivia and quotes about food and cooking. Offers interviews with chefs, authors and food personalities. Provides press releases and new product news. Features historic restaurants and hotels. Sections include CookBook Reviews, MarketPlace, Cooking Schools, Gourmet Tours, Festivals & Shows, Cooking Tips, Food History and Food Fun.

The Monterey Herald (circ. 22,524; UMV: 563,325) included quite a few Sonoma County events in an article “Northern California Wine Events”. Due to media outreach, Matanzas Creek’s Yoga & Wine, Sonoma Wine Country Weekend, Martinelli Winery & Vineyards’ Barbecue and wine, and St. Francis Winery & Vineyards' Sonoma Tastemakers series were included.

• Due to an ongoing relationship, Sonoma Wine Country Weekend is included in the Events section of RV Life. A little background: RV Life is published for RV owners and enthusiasts of the Pacific Northwest and Southwest, with a particular focus on British Columbia, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah. It covers travel, lifestyles and entertainment with technical articles, product reviews and letters from readers, and has a monthly circulation of 55,000.

• Due to media outreach, Sonoma Wine Country Weekend is mentioned in a round-up of September Wine Festivals in California on See California (UMV: 28,587). See California covers travel in California. Offers information on destinations, local events, travel tips and advice, maps, dining suggestions and other related topics. 

• As a result of pitching, The Richest (UMV: 570,911 Media Value: $3,806) included Sonoma County in a round-up of “10 Great Places to go to After a Divorce.” The Richest is a Canadian publication covering wealth, business, luxury goods and travel, and sports. Offers content with a financial and money angle.

• Check out this news about Sonoma Wine Country Weekend from NBC Bay Area.

• As a result of hosting Laura Janelle Downey during Sonoma Wine Country Weekend 2014, Forbes (UMV: 23,110,692; Media Value: $1,047,684) provided coverage of Sonoma Wine Country Weekend in an article, “3 Reasons Why You Should Attend The Taste of Sonoma.” 

• A wonderful article about Forestville was published with our assistance on SF Gate (UMV: 9,622,927). Read the "‘Good life’ of Wine Country with small-town charm in Forestville” here.

•  Check out this article on the Suffield Times. "10 days of fun in Sonoma County” is a pretty good round-up.

• Here is another great article from our favorite Sonoma County Insider, Carey Sweet. The Kendall-Jackson Heirloom Tomato Festival and Windsor Farmers Market are included in a round-up of tomato festivals on 7x7.com (UMV: 607,940). 

• Rich Rubin wrote a fantastic piece about Sonoma County in the September issue of Passport Magazine. Passport provides travel and tourism information exclusively to the gay and lesbian community. It has a circulation of 164,000 and is published nine times a year. We hosted Rich Rubin earlier this year. Read the many reasons why Rich doesn’t "want to leave Sonoma County. Ever.”

• Due to assistance, Sonoma Wine Country Weekend is included in a round-up of California wine events not to miss on 10best.com (UMV: 899,651). "Napa Valley may be California's most-famous wine region, but don't tell the grapes.” Read the rest here.

• Did you read the news about "packed planes boosting tourism spending" in the Press Democrat (circ. 53,52; UMV: 859,222)? Well done team!

• Due to media outreach, Sonoma Wine Country Weekend and California Wine Month gets a plug on the San Diego Union Tribune (UMV: 1,942,825). Check it out here.

• Our pal Randi Yagi included Helico Sonoma in a round-up of “Best Helicopter Tours in the Bay Area”. We hosted Randi in May, and we are thrilled to share more results of the Sonoma County fan. His work can also be found on Examiner.com. But this great news is from Sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com (UMV: 582,963). 

• Check out this dedicated article on Sonoma Wine Country Weekend on About.com. The parent website gets 34,516,186 UMV!

• Please read this wonderful Napa Valley Sonoma County Travel Guide on Gayot.com (UMV: 367,980). Gayot provides the latest up-to-date information on food, wine and travel. Offers top dining selections, the latest restaurant news and a searchable restaurant database with ratings, reviews and top ten lists. 

• Due to media outreach, Sonoma Wine Country Weekend gets some more love on SF Gate (UMV: 9,622,927). It is time to “Celebrate the Grape”.

• Double win! The article was then syndicated to the Houston Chronicle which has a circulation of 370,961 and UMV: 6,644,226!

• Please check out this neat blog with beautiful vintage looking photos, Yesterday Girl. It is worth a peek!

• Due to media outreach, quite a few of our partners were included in this wonderful article about a trip to Sonoma County by Jan Walsh. Published on Birmingham Restaurants (UMV: 53,3970, which covers restaurant reviews and recipes for residents in and around the Birmingham, AL area. Editorial content includes the latest news, reviews and recommendations for restaurants including chef profiles, menus, recipes, video restaurant tours and events and specials for food and drinks.

• See why Sonoma County "still ranks among top 20 places to live in US based on climate, scenery” according to a recent article in the Press Democrat (circ. 53,52; UMV: 859,222) about a study from 1999 that has resurfaced.

• As a result of working with freelancer Anna Maltby, Vogue.com (UMV: 13,127,351 Media Value: $87,516) included Grape Camp in a round-up of adult summer camps. She attended Grape Camp last year and was hosted by the Sonoma County Winegrowers. Fantastic article!

• See why Enda Cullen goes out of her way to include a mention of Sonoma County in a blog about visiting San Francisco on the Irish News (UMV: 107,265). The Irish News is a regional daily newspaper covering regional news, sports, business and lifestyle for Northern Ireland. "Sonoma, like its neighbour Napa, is famed for its wines. However, it is much less gentrified and retains its charm.”

• This article is one that you don’t want to miss about "The 11 American Wineries with Breathtaking Views” on Vinepair (UMV:326,418). 

•  Due to an ongoing relationship with Ian White, San Francisco Magazine (monthly circ. 104,292) included Buena Vista, Hamel Family Wines, Schug, Gundlach Bundschu, and Kunde in a round-up of the "best spots to hide from the sun and sip the day away.” Check out the opening photo of Buena Vista- awesome!

• Please read this amazingly beautiful blog about our home. A perfect example of why we work with bloggers!

• It is great to have the Sonoma Coast included in the article "Ten of the best California Road Trips” on Spencer Spellman’s blog Whiskey Tango Globetrot. California is truly a magnificent state! We worked with Spencer for this fantastic blog.

• In this article, Mary Orlin is talking "bigger, brighter digs" about Gloria Ferrer's new tasting room and patio on the San Jose Mercury News (circ. 581,532; UMV: 1,570,192).

• Due to media outreach, we are thrilled to share more posts about California Wine Month and the upcoming Sonoma Wine Country Weekend on Examiner.com (UMV: 15,240,940). Examiner provides hyperlocalized content and serves as a daily news and entertainment hub comprised of several regional editions. And provides an inside source for content powered by Examiners, a diverse group of contributors and columnists from around the country. Read more here

• As a result of media outreach, Los Angeles Times (UMV: 25,729,286; Media Value: $171,528) posted coverage of Sonoma County and Jack London State Historic Park in an article, “Peek into the life of author Jack London on a historic tour at his California home,” written by Mary Forgione.

• Here is some Barlow love in the recent article "Where to Eat and Shop at the Barlow in Sebastopol” published by the New York Times (Circ: 2,019,693 UMV: 70,574,252). We hosted Elaine Glusac in 2014. It is great to see more results from helping one of the top freelancers in the industry. Check out the fantastic review of the Barlow and partners here.

•  Check out this beautiful blog by The Teacher Diva about a weekend in Sonoma. Her photos are absolutely amazing!

• This is a great blog on Viator by Dana Rebmann who lives in Santa Rosa. "Wine Country Ice Cream” sounds just about lovely right now.

• Due to hosting André Proulx a few weeks ago, an article about wines from California and Ontario, Canada was published on the Torontoist (UMV: 321,569). "What California's extreme weather means for its wines, and how Ontario matches up.”

 Visit California hi-lighted the Google Street View of our favorite California wineries on their Facebook page. Check out the screenshot below and their Facebook page to see the beautiful images.

•  Check out this great article about “10 of America’s best roadside diners” on MPN Now.

• Sonoma County Insider, Carey Sweet wrote a fantastic article about the upcoming second location of Dick Blomster’s Korean Diner in Santa Rosa on the Inside Scoop blog of SF Gate (UMV: 9,622,927). 

• Please read the excerpt of DMAI’s e-book The Evolving Role of DMOs in a Shifting Marketplace, titled "How Sonoma County Changed Destination Marketing”. “We created a unique partnership unlike anywhere else in the world,” says Fischang. Read the rest here.

• Did you catch the Perseid Meteor Shower? Our own Carey Sweet of 7x7 (UMV: 607,940) did! Check out where she says the best viewing is in Wine Country.

• Due to an ongoing relationship, Kevin Nelson featured Sonoma Canopy Tours in an article "Ziplining through the Sonoma redwoods with the greatest of ease” on Examiner.com (UMV: 15,240,940). What great coverage! Check it out here.

• Sonoma was featured in a recent article, "101 Most Comfortable Cities in the U.S.", on Expedia's Viewfinder. Over 600,000 guest reviews on hotel accommodations were analyzed to determine the top cities for comfort across the U.S. Check it out: 101 Most Comfortable Cities.

• As a result of release distribution, Luxury Travel Magazine (UMV: 63,705; Media Value: $425) posted dedicated coverage of Sonoma County’s events throughout September’s California Wine Month

• Check out this cool video teaser of the new series on YouTube. The idea is to reach the younger generation with their favorite stars of YouTube videos, known as YouTubers. We hosted the whole crew and made the arrangement with Sonoma Canopy Tours. This article goes into more detail and hosts the video teaser at the bottom.

• As a result of hosting Sharon McDonnell during Sonoma Wine Country Weekend 2014, Daily Secret (UMV: 83,310; Media Value: $556) included Sonoma County in an article, “Following the Wine Route.” Also included are The Barlow, Sonoma Wine Country Weekend, Francis Ford Coppola Winery, Gloria Ferrer Winery, and Buena Vista Winery.

• Check out this awesome story on KTVU Channel 2 News (UMV: 451,867) from last week, airing before the Gravenstein Apple Fair. Sonoma County is front and center in the story, along with mentions of tourism-friendly places like the Petaluma Tap Room, Community Market in Sebastopol, and of course--the glorious Gravenstein Apple!

• As a result of hosting Caitlin Martin, the fourth article in a series about Sonoma County was published on Johnny Jet (UMV: 238,156; Media Value: $1,588). The article “Where to Stay: Sonoma County, CA” includes the Farmhouse Inn and Spa, Flamingo Conference Resort & Spa, and Sonoma Wine Country Weekend.

• Due to an ongoing relationship with Christine Delsol, Guerneville is included in a round-up of "Best California cities beyond San Francisco for LGBT travelers” in an article on SF Gate (UMV: 9,622,927). Check out the great news here.

• André Proulx, a journalist from Toronto who has his own blog and also contributes to Torontoist (UMV: 321,569) and Metro Toronto (UMV: 266,476)posted two images to his Twitter account when we hosted him in early August as a sneak peek of coverage.

• An article was published in the Børsen print weekend edition (circ. 148,000) and on Borsen.dk (UMV: 443,723) due to hosting Ole Troelsø of the Danish "Financial Times”. 

• Due to an ongoing relationship with Jennifer Boden, quite a few articles were published on California Wine and Travel. According to her Linked In page, Jennifer “… is a California health, food, wine and travel journalist who has become the go-to source for all things wine country. In addition to contributing to top web and print publications, Boden has built a huge following on her social media fan page, California Wine and Travel. The site reaches more than 40,000 people and covers the best California has to offer, including wine tastings, concerts, new restaurants and luxurious lodgings.” Check out her four recent articles: Sonoma wineries with picnicsRemodel of Valley of the Moon Winery and Madrone Vineyards EstateA Petaluma round-upBodega Bay Adventures

• The recent article on the Wall Street Journal highlights our wonderful breweries in Sonoma County. "Though it’s still best known for its wines, northern California’s Sonoma County has a burgeoning craft-beer scene that’s drawing a crowd”.

• As a result of hosting Sandra Ramani in January, Organic Spa Magazine (UMV: 75,817; Circ: 125,000) features the Farmhouse Inn (and mentions Sonoma County of course!) in a story for the current issue on herbal body treatments that range “from bush medicine to Balinese herbs, our hot list of new and notable herbal body treatments”.

• Due to an ongoing relationship with Sherri Perkowich, the "Outside Lands 2015: Essential Wine and Music pairing guide" was published on Communities Digital News (UMV: 543,810). "For you foodies, winos and craft brew lovers, this is your dream event.”

• Another result of hosting Sandra Ramani is the inclusion of Sonoma County’s wineries and restaurants in an article in Local Houston Magazine (Circ: 72,965; UMV: 86,894; Media Value: $9,179). A pdf of the article “Get Pairing In Napa and Sonoma” is attached and a link to the August issue is here, on pages 70 and 71.

• Becasue of press release distribution, Adventures in Sery (UMV: 5,000) provided dedicated coverage of Sonoma County and many of our partners. Sery attended our SITC:DC event and we’ve since extended the Grape Camp 2015 invitation. In addition to her personal blog, she is an-air contributor to ABC WJLA’s morning show “Let’s Talk Live,” (Reach: 1,000,000) and is also a regular contributor on broadcast shows on CBS (Reach: 800,000), NBC and WUSA-TV. She is also a contributor to FWx – the newly launched millennial focused blog from Food & Wine magazine.

• In addition, Adventures in Sery (UMV: 5,000) provided dedicated coverage of the Vintners Inn renovations.

• We are thrilled to share the news from Sonoma County Insider, Carey Sweet. Carey wrote a fantastic article about the remodel at Hana Japanese Restaurant on the Inside Scoop blog of SF Gate (UMV: 9,622,927). According to their website, "SFGate is the Hearst-owned website sister-site of the San Francisco Chronicle and the go-to online source for all news and entertainment related to the Bay Area.”

• Due to hosting Nick Vindin, check out this article about what to do in San Francisco on Smooth FM. Nick includes a detour to Sonoma Wine Country, of course! 

• Here is more proof from the San Jose Mercury News (UMV: 1,570,192; circ. 581,532) that Sonoma County is known for wine and the outdoors

• Because of an ongoing relationship, we are happy to hare this fun article on offMetro (UMV: 56,078) about Unique Dining Experiences in the Bay Area that includes Safari West. offMetro's San Francisco edition provides travel ideas and advice on the best car-less getaways for city dwellers in San Francisco.

• The blog entry, Mrs. O Around the World - A Lux Weekend around Napa Valley, California" was published. We assisted Mrs. O when she came to Sonoma County.

• Another result of hosting Torild Moland in April 2013, is the article “Good Wine Taste” in Se go Hør, the largest illustrated weekly in Denmark. Se go Hør has a circulation of 113,000.

• Healdsburg was ranked #23 in a round-up of “Best Small City in America” by Conde Nast Traveler’s Reader’s Choice Awards. To be considered a “small city,” a location must have a population under 100,000. Nearly 77,000 readers participated in the 2014 survey and participants voted on a set of criteria based on a standard five-point scale: excellent, very good, good, fair, and poor. The responses were averaged together to create the list of top 30 cities. The rankings were syndicated to the Huffington Post (UMV: 33,647,468).

• Imagery Estate Winery and Hood Mountain Regional Park were included in a recent blog on Weekend Sherpa (UMV: 128,795). It just goes to show how well Sonoma County is known for wine and the outdoors in the Bay Area!

• Due to an ongoing relationship, two recent articles featuring Sonoma County were published in the August issue of Sunset Magazine (circ. 1,262,543). Fort Ross Vineyard & Tasting Room gets the spotlight in the Savoring the coast section. And a wonderfully written narrative about Monte Rio features the Rio Theater.

• As a result of media outreach, Travel + Leisure (UMV: 9,963,908; Media Value: $66,426) included Sonoma County in a round-up of “Wine Destinations to Add to Your Bucket List,” written by Ted Loos. Mentioned partners include: Joseph Phelps Freestone Vineyard, Flowers Vineyards & Winery, and Littorai Winery.

• Savor Healdsburg Food Tours received some great coverage on the San Jose Mercury News (UMV: 1,570,192; circ. 581,532).

• Healdsburg has received more great coverage in an article also on the San Jose Mercury News (UMV: 1,570,192; circ. 581,532). The tagline “Sip, nosh, repeat” just about sums it up.

• Due to media outreach, an article on the North Bay Business Journal (UMV: 60,644; circ. 6,183) was published about the surge of hotel construction. “New lodging development shows confidence in the market. They will complement our existing hotels in offering travelers a wide range of lodging choices” - Ken Fischang.

• Awesome coverage of the Sonoma Marin Cheese trail map, Cowgirl Creamery, and Marin French Cheese was featured on Condé Nast Traveler (UMV: 2,844,987).

• Due to inviting Kelly Carter to the Patron dinner at Buena Vista Winery, Kelly wrote a fantastic recap on Haute Living (UMV: 557,025).

• Sonoma County insider Carey Sweet of 7x7 reviewed the new Amy's drive-thru (UMV:607,940, circ: 38,801).

• The Visit CA newsletter featured Guerneville featured in an article about LGBT escapes.

• Sunset Magazine featured spoonbar in an article about a road trip down south to Sunset Savor the Central Coast. I am sure you are wondering what spoonbar has to do with the central coast. They recommend an afternoon in Sonoma Wine Country first, of course!

• As a result of media outreach, Yahoo! (UMV: 109,892,550; Media Value: $732,617) included Sonoma County in a round-up of “Coolest Outdoor Spa Experiences,” highlighting Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary.

• As a result of release distribution, Food & Beverage Magazine (UMV: 21,529; Media Value: $144) provided dedicated coverage of Sonoma County and many of our partners.

• Due to ongoing media outreach, Sonoma Wine Country Weekend received coverage on Go World Travel (UMV: 97,427). "This September, the Golden State celebrates its love affair with grapes during the eighth consecutive California Wine Month.”

• Due to hosting, Leon (http://www.leon.jp/), the men’s fashion and lifestyle magazine in Japan (circ. 50,000) featured Francis Ford Coppola's Winery in a story about San Francisco and Wine Country.

• Due to ongoing media outreach, Griffo Distillery was featured in an article on Taste California Travel.

 Visit CA has tagged Sonoma County in this post and the article they are linking to is from 2012 and says Sonoma Valley, but the content is all about Sonoma County.

• The Spa Gourmet received from coverage from our Sonoma County Insider, Carey Sweet on 7x7.com (UMV:607,940, circ: 38,801).

• Due to an ongoing relationship with Massimo Terracina, the Petaluma Gap Wind to Wine Festival was featured on TravelQuotidiano.com

 7x7.com (UMV:607,940, circ: 38,801) included Bear Republic’s Café Racer 15 in an article titled "8 Summer Beers Coming Soon to a Pint Glass Near You“.

• Check out this coverage from Thrillist, which named Russian River Brewing as the best brewery in California in a round-up spotlighting “The Best Craft Brewery in Every State.” 

• Sonoma Wine Country Weekend received some great coverage on the San Jose Mercury News (UMV: 1,570,192; circ. 581,532).

• Diavola received a fantastic review on a blog titled Hedonist Shedonist, whose tagline is "Sharing the best Food, Travel and Events from around the world.”

• Due to hosting Randy Yagi of CBS San Francisco in May, we are thrilled to share more results of the Sonoma County fan. His work can be found on Examiner.com. The article “Best Places to View Wildlife Near San Francisco” includes the San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge on Sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com (UMV: 582,963).

• Here is a sneak peek of coverage on this blog entry from the Hip & Urban Girl’s Guide. We can’t wait to see what adventures she finds! 

• Huffington Post (UMV: 47,669,118) posted a great article "7 Places You Can Legally Drink on the Street in the U.S.” New Orleans and Las Vegas are featured alongside the Sonoma Plaza. "It makes sense that one of America’s top wine towns would look the other way when it comes to enjoying a nice glass of wine in the park.”

• Have a listen to this coverage from KRCB, North Bay’s Public Media. John Ryan has recorded a great 2 minute piece about the first four regional parks that the Russian River passes through on its journey to the Pacific.

• Due to pitching, Tilted Shed Ciderworks was featured in an article about the 10 best eco-friendly breweries on Epicure and Culture. "From organic brewing practices to sustainable infrastructure, these eco-breweries are the perfect mix of green and amber.”

• Due to ongoing contact with the author Dana Rebmann, check out this great blog “Outdoor Adventures in Sonoma” about some fantastic outdoor adventures in our backyard.

• Due to hosting Robert Annis in early June, the article “5 Reasons to Bike Through Sonoma County” was published on PasteMagazine.com (UMV: 456,819). As you can guess, it is a wonderful article about cycling in Sonoma County featuring Getaway Adventures.

• Due to ongoing relationship, the article "7 Haute Picnic Spots Along Wine Road in No. Sonoma County” was published on HauteLiving.com (UMV: 557,025). The article is a great round-up of some of the most fantastic picnic spots in Northern Sonoma County. "If you’re looking for an escape from San Francisco’s dreary summer days, head to the Wine Road of Northern Sonoma County, where beautiful scenery, spectacular wines and warm weather make for the perfect place to picnic on a summer afternoon.”

• This article was written by Corinna Lothar, a DC-based freelancer, for the Washington Times (UMV: 3,727,984) It’s a great feature that highlighted many of the annual events and numerous partners. 

• Due to hosting the Robb Report in May, Sonoma County received a dedicate feature in the June Issue of “The Travel Issue” of the magazine. The article “Classy California on the Road” is a wonderful round-up of some of our state’s most beautiful spots, including Sonoma County, of course. There will be more features in coming months, so stay tuned. 

• Please check out this fantastic rebuttal to a Press Democrat editorial on North Bay Business Journal (UMV: 60,644) by Sonoma County Vintners', Carolyn Stark.

• Due to hosting Mai Pham in May, check out this amazing round-up of what to see and do, “Spending Two Perfect Days In Sonoma County” on Forbes Travel Guide (UMV: 136,396).

• As a result of hosting Caitlin Martin at the end of May, Johnny Jet (UMV: 238,156; Media Value: $1,588) posted an article, “What to Explore: Sonoma County, CA.” This is the fourth piece in the outlet’s series on Sonoma County. “Petaluma Creamery is not only integral to farming in Sonoma County, but it also supplies all of the delicious cheese at Chipotle (every Chipotle on the western hemisphere to be exact).” Other mentioned partners include Achadinha Cheese Company, Petaluma Creamery, Rose & Thorn, Russian River Adventures, and Sonoma Canopy Tours. 

• Due to assistance, Savor Healdsburg received this dedicated feature on GroupTour.com. "In Healdsburg, there’s a lot to taste and much to learn…” 

• Sonoma County Insider, Carey Sweet, included Stark’s, Healdsburger, and Tony’s of North Beach in a round-up of “5 Beautiful Wine Country Burgers” on 7x7.com (UMV:607,940).

• Sonoma County Insider, Carey Sweet, 7x7.com wrote this article about “New Happy Hours and Tasting Rooms in Wine Country” on 7x7.com (UMV:607,940).

• Due to an ongoing relationship, “Warm, Welcoming Sonoma County” was published in the national Summer/Fall 2015 print and digital edition of Touring & Tasting, which is published twice a year and has a circulation of 66,000. This article is all about dogs and wine tasting.

• Due to hosting Eric Weiss last year, Safari West is featured in the luxury travel section of About.com (UMV: 68,860,923; Page Views Per Month: 331,929,710). About.com is one of the world's top 15 websites in overall traffic.

• Farmhouse Inn placed #8 in the round-up of “World’s Best Hotels” in Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best Awards. The high score of 96/100 also placed the Inn at #2 in the category of “World’s Best Hotels – Continental U.S., Inns & Small Lodges.” This is the 20th year of the poll, in which the outlet asks readers to cast their votes on their favorite destinations, hotels and companies that define the very best in travel. Readers ranked hotels on location, service, rooms, among others.

• Robb Report (Circ: 101,465; UMV: 726,509) included Farmhouse Inn in the “Health Portfolio Summer 2015.” It is a wonderful review of their newly renovated spa.

• Due to an ongoing relationship with Sherri Perkowich, Paradise Ridge is featured on Communities Digital News in an awesome article about the Transcendence Theatre Company taking their “Broadway Under the Stars” show on the road this year and their "stop in Paradise.” 

• Sonoma County Insider, Carey Sweet, included the local farmers markets in a great article "5 Great Lunch Options at Wine Country Farmers Markets” on 7x7.com (UMV:607,940). 

• Due to assistance, recent coverage of Sonoma County was published in Travel Digest Magazine, New Zealand's leading travel industry publication. Each month Travel Digest Magazine reaches 6000 readers and New Zealand Travel Agents use the magazine for references and referrals. A longer version of the Sonoma article was also published on www.travelwith.com.au

• Due to ongoing contact with Robert Kaufman, The Farmhouse gets some great coverage in a beautiful three page dedicated piece in the July / August issue of Napa Valley Life Magazine. Napa Valley Life is published 6 times a year and has a Circulation/Audience of 35,000.

• As a result of hosting Caitlin Martin, Johnny Jet (UMV: 228,119; Media Value: $1,520) posted a dedicated article on, “What to Drink: Sonoma County, CA.” Mentioned partners include Jordan, DaVero, Kenwood Vineyards, Sheldon Wines, Farmhouse Restaurant, St. Francis Winery, St. Florian’s Brewery, Russian River Brewing Company, and Woodfour Brewing Company.

• Due to hosting Kelsy Chauvin, Condé Nast Traveler (UMV: 2,844,987) published an awesome round-up of Guerneville’s goodness in an article titled “The LGBT Destination You Must Visit in Sonoma”, featuring Johnson’s Beach, Dick Blomster’s, Boon Hotel + Spa, and the new Guerneville Bank Club.

• Check out this great coverage from the Buffalo News (UMV: 657,862). “We wished we’d come right back to Sonoma after our tour…” 

• Betty Spaghetti and Russian River Getaways are featured in a recent article in the Sing Tao Daily (circ. 10,000). We supported Jaslin Yu during her visits and she writes regularly about Sonoma County! She also includes everything in the Chinese version of Facebook: www.weibo.com/jaslinyu

• Ken Fischang: "It's no longer same-sex marriage. It's just marriage.” Read more from the Sonoma Index Tribune (circ. 8,500 and UMV:56,599).

• Due to assistance, Sonoma Wine Country Weekend was recently featured in the 2015 “Food & Wine” issue of PRIME Living, the luxury lifestyle magazine of Texas. PRIME Living is available at Barnes & Noble newsstands throughout Texas. The writer Robin Barr Sussman is a web editor for Edible Houston Magazine, contributing food editor for Houston Modern Luxury Magazine, and a full-time wine, food, and travel writer.

• This article in the Press Democrat featured Gay Wine Weekend hosted by Mac Arthur Place. Our very own Tim Zahner was quoted in the article “Sonoma County taps into LGBT tourism market with Annual Gay Wine Weekend”.

• Check out this round-up of five places to visit in California on the Otaga Daily Times, which is New Zealand's oldest surviving daily newspaper. It serves the South Island with a circulation of around 43,000 and an estimated readership of 110,000.

• Due to hosting Nancy this spring, this great blog entry was published on SpiffyKerms.com about Buena Vista Winery, Monti’s Rotisserie, Bliss Organic Day Spa, the Barlow, Zazu, and the Flamingo.

• This guide to “adult summer camps” and was written by Meaghan Agnew, who attended Grape Camp 2013 and more recently, the SITC Boston luncheon last week on Time Out New York (UMV: 1,596,786).

• Due to hosting Eric Weiss last year, this awesome article on About.com in the luxury travel section "Another Reason to Visit Sonoma: Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary, Northern California’s Most Zen Spa” was published.

• Check out this great blog entry on OliveOilAndLemons.com about a road trip down the Oregon and California coast.

• Due to an ongoing relationship with Napa Sonoma Magazine, some of Sonoma County’s best underground caves are featured in an article “Underground Sips”. "Take a trip through Sonoma Valley’s spectacular working wine caves, which offer cool adventures during the warmer months.”

• As a result of hosting Caitlin Martin at the end of May, Johnny Jet (UMV: 228,119; Each Clip: $1,520; Total Media Value: $3,040) posted two dedicated features on Sonoma County. The introductory article, “Sonoma County, CA: More than just great wine” includes the Farmhouse and the Sonoma Cheese Trail. Sonoma County’s dining scene is featured in the second article, “Where & what to eat: Sonoma County, CA”, with Willi’s Wine Bar, Bravas de Tapas, Backyard, the girl and the fig, the Farmhouse, and Rocker Oysterfellers.

• Due to an ongoing relationship, Taste California Travel published a fantastic article about the inaugural Wind to Wine Festival hosted by the Petaluma Gap Winegrowers Alliance in August.

• As a result of ongoing outreach, Minnesota Girl in the World (UMV: 39,785; Media Value: $265) provided coverage on some of the wonderful wine-related events in Sonoma County in an article, “Wine Events NOT to Miss This Summer.” 

• Steve Garfield wrote a blog post and also tweeted numerous times throughout the Sonoma in the City Boston event. Check out his coverage to his 39,000 followers and his blog.

• As a result of hosting Chris Durso at the Sonoma in the City DC event, PMCA Convene (UMV: 111,298; Media Value: $742) posted a dedicated article on the luncheon. Convene is the leading meetings industry publication for educational content and professional development. The outlet features solutions of practical and logical problems concerning business travel, the hospitality/hotel industry and related event planning topics.

• We worked directly with Travel Editor Alexis Korman on an article in Wine Enthusiast Magazine (UMV: 241,129) where three of Sonoma County’s wineries were featured in  a round-up of “The 10 Coolest Winery Concerts.” The editor was a media guest at Grape Camp 2014.

• Due to hosting Randy Yagi of CBS San Francisco last month, he included Cloverleaf Ranch and Horse N Around Trail Rides in “Best Places for Horseback Riding in the North Bay” on Sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com (UMV: 582,963).

• Sonoma County Insider, Carey Sweet, included Stark’s, Healdsburger, and Tony’s of North Beach in a round-up of “5 Beautiful Wine Country Burgers” on 7x7.com (UMV:607,940).

• As a result of hosting Laurie Wallace-Lynch at Sonoma Wine Country Weekend 2014, Good Life Magazine (Circ: 51,018; UMV: 2,520) published dedicated coverage on Sonoma Wine Country Weekend and area wineries. Mentioned partners include Francis Ford Coppola Winery, MacMurray Estate Vineyards, Chateau St. Jean Winery, Rodney Strong Vineyards, Gloria Ferrer Winery, and Buena Vista Winery. Goodlife Magazine is a Canadian lifestyle magazine published six times a year.

 Travel + Leisure compiled a round-up of “Ten of America’s Best Outdoor Dining Spots, According to OpenTable,” and Corks at Russian River Vineyards in Forestville and Rustic, Francis’s Favorites in Geyserville made the list. The data was compiled from OpenTable, which pulled together data from more than 5 million user reviews of 20,000 restaurants around the country to come up with the 100 most impressive al fresco dining spots in America.

• Sonoma County Insider, Carey Sweet, included the Savannah Grill from Safari West and the Timber Cove Inn in a round-up of “Kinda Weird (But Really Good) Restaurants to Try in Wine Country” on 7x7.com (UMV:607,940).

• Due to assistance, Francis Ford Coppola, Rams Gate, and Madrona Manor were included in an article on the Tennessean (daily circulation 95,771). The article "Hit the Road: Travel along the California coast”, is a wonderful review of our beautiful Pacific coastline from Encinitas to Eureka. Scroll down to the Bodega Bay - Sonoma Section.

• Due to assisting Ema Kisel, the Senior Editor of Vacation Idea (circ. 280,495), the Farmhouse and the Kenwood Inn and Spa were included in a wonderful round-up of "15 Romantic Napa & Sonoma Wine Country Vacations”.

• As a result of press release distribution, We Blog the World (UMV: 197,628; Media Value: $1,317) featured Sonoma County in an article, “Best of Summer Music, Food & Cultural Events in California’s Sonoma County”, featuring many local events.

• As a result of ongoing outreach, Minnesota Girl in the World (UMV: 39,785; Media Value: $265) provided dedicated coverage on Sonoma County in an article, “50 Ways to Enjoy Sonoma County This Summer.” 

• Due to syndication, Travel Pulse (UMV: 192,804; Media Value: $1,285) included Sonoma County’s Art at the Source in a round-up of cultural events in June.

• Due to hosting Bill Semion last year, Sonoma Wine Country received dedicated coverage in the June issue of RV Life Magazine (monthly circ. 55,000).

• As a result of hosting Asha Yoganandan in July 2014, the third part of the series, titled “72 Hours in Sonoma” on The Daily Meal (UMV: 613,489; Media Value: $4,089) provided dedicated coverage of Sonoma County, spotlighting the beauty of the land.

• Due to hosting Kristin Kent, Sonoma County’s sustainability movement received some great coverage on the Toronto Star (circ. 361,323).

•  Due to a long term relationship with an Italian journalist, Massimo Terracina, our press release was picked up about the upcoming Peanuts movie. The Charles Schulz Museum was included in an article on TravelQuotidiano.com

• As a result of hosting Asha Yoganandan in July 2014, The Daily Meal (UMV: 613,489; Media Value: $4,089) provided dedicated coverage of Sonoma County in an article, “72 Hours in Sonoma: Day 1”, featuring the girl and the fig, Sunflower Caffe, Carneros Brewing, 101 North Brewing, Petaluma Hills Brewing, and Willi’s Wine Bar. Also published on the Daily Meal, was “72 Hours in Sonoma: Day 2” of Sonoma County coverage including Lynmar Estate, Mounts Family Winery, Preston of Dry Creek, The Barlow, and Zazu Kitchen and Farm. 

• We are thrilled to share that due to assistance and an ongoing relationship with the journalist, Ian White of San Francisco Magazine (monthly circ. 104,292) included Rodney Strong, Gundlach Bundschu, and B.R. Cohn in a round-up of his favorite Bay Area wineries with musical events and summer concerts.

• The First-ever Sunset Travel Awards were held with 30 award recipients. And the following Sonoma County businesses are among the winners: Safari West wins “Best Family Fun” destination, Farmhouse Inn wins “Best Wine Country Hotel”, also among the finalists were Hotel Healdsburg, Jordan Winery among the “Best vineyard experience”, Kendall-Jackson Wine Estate and Gardens as well as Three Sticks Wine in Sonoma as finalists for “Best Tasting Room”. The 30 winners of the 2015 Sunset Travel Awards are currently featured in the June issue of Sunset Magazine (monthly circ. 1,264,308) and on Sunset.com, reaching six million consumers per month. A full list of winners from the 2015 Sunset Travel Awards can be found online.

• Due to assistance, Tom Klein of the Fairmont Hotels was quoted in a story on CNBC (UMV: 83,394,000) about the drought and tourism in California. The good news is "Worries about the drought don't seem to be keeping travelers from heading to the Golden State.”

• SCT assisted with an article in the Press Democrat (UMV: 727,198 and daily circ. 53,521) about the “Boom Time for Restaurants in Sonoma County”. 

• The team at 7x7.com (UMV:607,940) “has been quietly obsessed” with Rocker Oysterfellas for a while. This article was written by Lauren Sloss, a Bay area native.

• As a result of hosting Kelsy Chauvin in February 2014 and ongoing relations, Gothamist (UMV: 4,000,000) published a dedicated feature on Sonoma County wineries in an article titled, “Beyond the Bottle: Sonoma Wine Country.” Mentioned partners include Francis Ford Coppola Winery, Paradise Ridge Winery, Beltane Ranch, and Kendall-Jackson Winery. 

• The recent article on 7x7.com (UMV: 67,761) by Sonoma County Tourism’s own insider Carey Sweet, is a round-up of all things new and exciting in Sonoma and Napa counties, featuring Corner 103 in Sonoma and Madrone Vineyards Estate in the Valley of the Moon. 

• As a result of media outreach, Chicago Tribune (UMV: 18,040,484; Media Value: $120,270) included Sonoma County in a calendar of June events, spotlighting Art at the Source. The article was then syndicated to The Los Angeles Times (UMV: 24,373,80; Media Value: $162,492), The Morning Call (UMV: 1,012,690; Media Value: $6,751), Daily Press (UMV: 678,209; Media Value: $4,521), Hartford Courant (UMV: 1,339,106; Media Value: $8,927), Orlando Sentinel (UMV: 2,298,322; Media Value: $15,322), Sun Sentinel (UMV: 1,693,341; Media Value: $11,288), Carroll County Times (UMV: 135,068; Media Value: $900), Baltimore Sun (UMV: 4,103,852; Media Value: $27,359), and Capital Gazette (UMV: 533,986; Media Value: $3,560) with a total reach of 54,208,687.

• Due to hosting Randy Yagi of CBS San Francisco and because of ongoing relations, the article “Best Breweries In The San Francisco Bay Area” was published on sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com (UMV: 582,963). Randy is a freelance writer covering all things San Francisco. In 2012, he was awarded a Media Fellowship from Stanford University. His work can be found on Examiner.com.

• North Bay Business Journal (UMV: 46,694 and weekly circulation: 7,200) published an article about the continued surge of tourism in Sonoma County.

• Due to media outreach, The Russian River Rose Company was hi-lighted in a nice piece “Rose Tours in Sonoma County Wine Country” on Examiner.com (UMV: 12,768,276). Examiner provides hyperlocalized content and serves as a daily news and entertainment hub comprised of several regional editions. Provides an inside source for content powered by Examiners, a diverse group of contributors and columnists from around the country.

• Lee Abbamonte, who is most known for being the youngest American to visit every country. Now, he is a multimedia travel personality and expert, as well as a writer who shares his experiences via his website’s blog. Lee also is a regular guest on the Travel Channel, NBC, CNN, BCC and many other outlets. Lee visited last week in partnership with Preferred Hotels & Resorts and Farmhouse Inn. Lee’s following and potential exposure: Blog readership: 200,000, Twitter: 29,000, Instagram: 7,000, Facebook: 93,331.

• Due to media pitching, coverage from 10Best.com (UMV: 811,672 Media Value: $5,411) looks at unique hotel concierges, including the wine concierge from Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa. 10Best.com is produced through USA Today and provides users with original, unbiased, and experiential travel content of top attractions, things to see and do, and restaurants for top destinations in the U.S. and around the world.

• SCT contacted SRCVB with news that Australian Radio and TV Personality Nick Vindin would be in town. Nick has posted an audio clip and a gallery of photos from his trip to Santa Rosa to the popular television and radio network's website. Sbs.com.au receives over 1.9 million unique visitors to its website each month.

• Due to assisting South Korean journalist Dara Kim, the May edition of the May e-Newsletter in the Korea section of VisitCA.com features Sonoma under the Inside Scoop section. This section is where journalists share beloved places that they have travelled. The e-Newletter is distributed to approximately 9,000 consumer/media/travel agents based in South Korea.

• As a result of pitching, Divine Caroline (UMV: 453,044; Media Value: $3,020) included Sonoma County in a round-up of, “Gorgeous Locations for a Beach Wedding.” Check out slide #15 to see the mentions of Copain Winery, St. Francis Winery, Bodega Bay Lodge, and Sea Ranch Lodge.

• Due to assistance, the Press Democrat (UMV: 727,198 and daily circulation: 53,521) wrote this article about the surge of tourism in Sonoma County.

• Due to assistance, the blog “The Local’s Weekend: A Healdsburg Guide” was published by Jessica Wright of BonTraveler.com and Sarah Gerber of Twenty Twenty Studios; a nice review of the farm-to-table lifestyle that is so prevalent in Sonoma County.

• The Farmhouse hosted Jo Piazza of Yahoo! Travel (UMV:261,962) and as a result the inn was featured in an article as the most romantic hotel in Wine Country.

• Because of media outreach, Sonoma County was featured in an article titled, “Why You Should Drink Gin in California Wine Country” in Conde Nast Traveler (UMV: 2,844,987), highlighting Spirit Works and Griffo Distillery. 

• Due to hosting Randy Yagi of CBS San Francisco (UMV: 582,963) last December, a couple more stories featuring Sonoma County destinations and businesses were published. "Best Bay Area Distilleries" features Sonoma Co Distilling Co in Rohnert Park and Spirit Works Distillery in Sebastopol. "5 Classic Movies Filmed in the Bay Area”  features Bodega Bay and Potter School.

• We are thrilled to share the result of hosting Belgian journalist Leentje De Leeuw. The feature will be published in this weekend's travel section of Belgium's leading newspaper, Het Laatste Nieuws. 1.2 million people will read it, so be prepared for a lot of Belgians coming our way.

• As a result of hosting freelancer Sharon McDonnell at the 2014 Sonoma Wine Country Weekend, The Costco Connection (Circ: 8,694,124, UMV: 150,000 Media Value $99,534) produced a round-up of “Grape Escapes” in wine countries across the country. A sidebar is also included of top wine events across the country worth attending, including Sonoma Wine Country Weekend. A link to the event’s website is also included here:

• We hosted Megan Singleton in December and she was our guest speaker for our Media Seminar. Here is her latest entry in her blog Blogger At Large, about Wine Country Walking Tours!

• Due to media assistance with information about our wedding places and services, Sonoma County is showcased in a recent article in the publication Northbay Biz which has a circulation of 15,000.

• Due to hosting Nicoletta Fontana last year, she wrote this wonderful article about her trip to Sonoma County in the Italian publication Quotidiano di Sicilia.

• Check out the great coverage of Sonoma County from Sean Timberlake who lives in the Bay Area. The article “Bay Area Getaways” is a complete round-up of some favorite local haunts in west county on edgenewtork.com (UMV: 27,536).

• Sonoma Carey insider, Carey Sweet, wrote a fantastic review of the new Zina Lounge at the Ledson Hotel on the Inside Scoop, the restaurant/ dining blog of the San Francisco Chronicle (UMV: 67,761).

• Due to media outreach, Teresa Bitler wrote a great blog on “How to: Cycle through Wine Country” on Sherman’s Travel, a leading publisher of top travel deals and vacation destination advice.

• Bella Villa Messina in Healdsburg is featured in a recent blog due to media outreach on Nancy Brown's blog What a Trip on nancydbrown.com.

• Due to hosting Susanna Scott, she wrote a great blog about her time in Sonoma County. A Modern Mother, according to Cision, ranks in the Top 10 in the UK for Family Travel.

• As a result of hosting Christine Sarkis on the September group press trip, Smarter Travel (UMV: 618,540) included Sonoma in a round-up of “Destinations Making Sure Your Future Grandkids Can Visit.”

• Due to assistance, recent coverage in The Korea Times Newspaper Leisure and Weekend section includes photos along with mentions in the text of our partners Fort Ross, Charles Schulz Museum, Healdsburg, Rodney Strong, and Korbel.

• The Charles Schulz Museum also recently received press in the LA Times (circ. 673,171).

• Due to outreach from Deleyse Langdale and our Australian representation Gate 7, the Sonoma Mission Inn was a included in a recent article about where to travel in autumn in North America. TTW is a travel trade media and an information platform, an all-inclusive and far-reaching B2B travel magazine with a readership of more than 2,500,000 worldwide. It endorses more than 90 trade shows where the magazine is distributed free to the decision makers of the global travel industry

• A recent Chron article by Christine DelSol features wineries with lodging. We hosted and work with Christine regularly.  Featured in this clip is Soda Rock Winery. The Houston Chronicle is a daily publication with a circulation of 370,961.

• North Bay Business Journal (UMV: 46,694) featured Karissa Kruse who was selected for the Marshall Memorial Fellowship out of over 700 other nominations!

• This article on 7x7.com (UMV:607,940) was written by Nancy Brown who lives in Bay area and works for Diablo magazine; a round-up of sober things to do in Healdsburg.

• Due to hosting Eric Weiss last year, a recent article was published on About.com in the luxury travel section. The first page is an awesome review of why Sonoma is "Northern California’s Most Seductive Wine Region”. But don’t miss out on the following pages however, where you will find reviews of some of the finest wineries in the county!

• As a result of dedicated pitching, Brazen Woman (UMV: 60,649) included Sonoma County in a round-up of the most relaxing spa treatments from around the world, spotlighting Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary.

• Maridel Reyes visited Sonoma County during Grape Camp 2014, and as a result, The Knot (Circ: 138,605) included Sonoma County in an article entitled, “50 Hottest Honeymoons,” highlighting Farmhouse Inn.
• As a result of pitching efforts, Forbes (UMV: 23,268,921) included Sonoma County in a round-up of Tax Day Deals and Specials, highlighting Rodney Strong Vineyards and Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary.
• Due to assistance, Sonoma County was included in a recent article "California wine guide: the best vineyards and tours in the travel section of the publication Telegraph from London, UK (circ. 1,600,000).
• Condé Nast Traveler (UMV: 2,844,987) readers named Healdsburg as one of “America’s Best Food Cities” as a result of 2014 survey support. The Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Survey worked with Equation Research to tabulate over 76,000 responses to name its award winners. Individual candidates are judged on a set of criteria relevant to their category, based on a standard five-point scale: excellent, very good, good, fair, and poor. The mean average of these ratings determines the final score published.
• Due to hosting Randy Yagi of CBS San Francisco (UMV: 582,963) last December, here are a couple more stories featuring Sonoma County destinations and business. The first story features Bodega Bay as one of the top fishing spots in the Bay Area. The second story mentions Sonoma's Vella Cheese Company in the Hog Island clip.
• Sonoma County's Insider, Carey Sweet's latest piece on 7x7.com (UMV: 607,940) is titled "5 Relaxing Places to Eat & Drink in Wine Country”. 
• We assisted Tamara Gruber on this piece that highlights some wonderful family experiences that Wine Country offers, including the Cheese Factory, Bump Cellars, Train Town, Safari West, the Charles Schulz Museum, Sonoma Canopy Tours, Candy and Kites, Sonoma Valley Bike Tours, Horse N Around Trail Rides, the Children’s Museum, the Kefiry, and Bravas on we3travel.com.
• This coverage in LAX Mag is a result of the Cheese festival hosting Lucy Spaziano last year. LAX Magazine is written for visitors and residents of Los Angeles and features news and information on anything LA. It covers celebrities, music, movies, shopping, heath and wellness, travel, food, calendar of events, cars, sports, fashion, business, hospitality and culture. It boasts a circulation of 80,000 and UMV of 15,225.
• We worked with the Sonoma County Winegrowers on the recent article "Sonoma wineries seeking sustainability certs” on USAToday.com (UMV: 18,487,953).

• Check out this fantastic piece on MSN.com (UMV: 154,811,271) about our friends at Paradise Ridge Winery.

• In this article, Safari West gets the spotlight on Tripatlas (UMV: 63,203).

• Due to media assistance, Sonoma County was included in a recent blog “Wine Country for the Eco Conscious” on TravelMindset.com. The website aims to inspire your next great travel experience. The site is organized by travel themes rather than destinations. This blog is filed under the culinary theme and features our partners Benziger, Osmosis, and Safari West. Also mentioned are Porter Creek and Quivira Wineries.

• We3Travel was recently named one of the Top 20 Family Travel Blogs in 2015 by Holiday Lettings, a TripAdvisor Company. We assisted Tamara Gruber on this piece and love her authentic style. In this second blog, she reviews the Flamingo where she stayed in Sonoma County at the end of March.

• Due to hosting Elaine Glusac last September, The 1.2-mile East Slope Sonoma Mountain Ridge Trail was featured today on the blog In Transit hosted on NYTimes.com (UMV: 32,988).

• Due to pitching, Safari West is featured in this Fodor’s (UMV 2,671,550) round-up of “10 Best Safaris in the U.S.” The article was written by Christina Valhouli. Benziger Family Winery is also mentioned as a great place nearby to visit.

• Also due to pitching, River’s End was included in a round-up of the “Best Vacations for a Digital Detox” on TheActiveTimes.com. The Active Times serves as a resource for individuals pursuing an active, adventurous lifestyle. The website is updated daily and has 93,821 unique monthly visitors! Sonoma County is #6 in the slideshow.

• Our own Sonoma County Insider, Carey Sweet, included the BBQ Spot was in a round-up of surprisingly elegant BBQ restaurants on 7x7.com. As you may know, 7x7 was created for young, educated and affluent consumers. 7x7 - Online targets individuals living in San Francisco and has 607,940 unique visitors per month!

• As a result of ongoing outreach, Chicago Tribune (UMV: 18,040,484) included Sonoma County in a roundup of places to practice art appreciation with kids, spotlighting the Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center. The article was written by Lynn O’Rourke Hayes, a freelancer who contributes to the Dallas Morning News, Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune, as well as other print, digital and broadcast media. She also owns andedit FamilyTravel.com and Aisle52.com. This syndicated article was then picked up by the Dallas Morning News (UMV: 5,711,522) on April 3South Florida’s Sun Sentinel (UMV: 1,693,341) on April 6, and The San Luis Obispo Tribune (UMV: 648,619) on April 6.

• Because of media outreach, Safari West was included in a slideshow “Into the Wild: 12 Safari Adventures for Families” on Red Tricycle, RedTri.com (UMV: 168,852), a popular website for parents planning activities with their children.

• A recent blog “Off the Wine Trail in Sonoma County” on MyItchyTravelFeet.com (circulation/ audience: 187,470) was written by a Sonoma County lover who uses SonomaCounty.com for research etc. Featured are "five alternatives to visiting Sonoma County without sampling a drop of the excellent wines from the region’s wineries."

• As a result of ongoing media outreach, He Said Magazine (UMV:24,363) provided dedicated coverage of Sonoma County and the upcoming Out in the Vineyard event. The article was written by Steven Lindsey, a Dallas based writer that attended the December tasting event at Hotel Zaza. He Said Magazine serves as a sassy e-zine written from a humorous gay perspective, with Dallas, New York, Los Angeles and national editions.

• Due to media outreach, we received this great coverage in the Daily Republic (circ. 17,710). It is a piece describing the many great attributes of our Sonoma County.
• As of result of hosting Christine Sarkis on the September group press trip Smarter Travel (UMV: 618,540) published a dedicated piece on Sonoma County Grape Camp. This has a slideshow of photos with text. The Huffington Post (UMV: 47,669,118) ran syndicated coverage on this piece. And the article was syndicated to World News (UMV: 2,212,227)! Grape Camp was also mentioned in a round-up on Smarter Travel (UMV: 618,540) as an example of an experiential vacation.
• As a result of Laurie Werner visiting Sonoma County, Forbes (UMV: 25,954,764) provided dedicated coverage on Sonoma County and the Farmhouse Inn. Sonoma County Tourism provided Laurie with information on new restaurants on the area and assisted with securing dinner at Valette.
• Sonoma County Insider, Carey Sweet, included Raymond’s Bakery, Muir’s Tea Room, Bumblebee Farms Bakery and Café, and Wild Flour Bread in her round-up of “5 Hot Bakeries in Wine Country” on 7x7.com (UMV: 607,940).
• Sonoma County Tourism attended the Trade and Media Mission this February in Australia and New Zealand. Because of this, Sonoma County was included in a round-up of destinations to visit in 2015 in the Daily Telegraph (circ. 273,241).
• In honor of National Women’s History Month, Hayley Hamilton Cogill includes Kathleen Inman in “What To Drink Now: Wine from Women” on Side Dish, the daily Dallas Dining News and Reviews blog on dmagazine.com (UMV: 283,395). Hayley might have attended our media event last year in Dallas.

• Due to media outreach the article “Top wineries of Napa Valley and Sonoma” was published on FoxNews.com (UMV: 42,078,203).

• Our Sonoma County Insider, Carey Sweet published the new SF Nightlife Guide on 7x7.com (UMV: 607,940). This is a round-up of where to party in Wine Country. "The sidewalks don't actually roll up in Wine Country after sundown. Here's where to live it up.” 

• As a result of SCT being the sponsor of the upcoming 2015 Meeting Professionals International World Education Congress (MPI WEC) in August, Sonoma County received coverage on MeetingsCanada.com (UMV: 8,790) in an article about the upcoming conference in San Francisco.

• Due to working with Christine Delsol, Sonoma County was recently featured in the March issue of Alaska Airlines Magazine (monthly circulation 80,000) in the California Travel Planner section! Here is a link to the virtual guide. The Wine Country section starts on page 90.

• Because of continued love from Sunset Magazine (monthly circulation 1,264,308), the Bodega Country Store, Casino Bar & Grill, and Gualala Point regional Park are featured in the article “Road Trips for Food Lovers” in the March issue.

• Buena Vista recently had an open house for the media for their new Historical Wine Tool Museum Tour, which opens April 1st. "Boisset has converted the large space into a museum of historic wine tools dating back to the 18th century. These antique plow blades, bill hooks, secateurs (one-handed pruning clippers), wine pullers, pomace cutters, and harvest basket are all essential tools for growing and harvesting grapes, and many of these tools were once actually used.” Check out this fascinating piece of history, article on Berkeleyside.com (UMV: 150,621).
• We supported Jaslin Yu during her visits and writes regularly about Sonoma County! Most recently, she showcases the girl and the fig in an article in the Sing Tao Daily (circ. 10,000). She also includes everything in the Chinese version of Facebook: www.weibo.com/jaslinyu.
• Because of media outreach, 7x7.com (UMV: 607,940) included two Sonoma County bakeries in “The Bay Area’s 7 Best Pies Ranked. Just in time for pi day.
• Departures (UMV:161,234) included The Farmhouse Inn in a round-up of “Hotel Cooking Classes for Every Interest”. The article was written by Krista Simmons, a Los Angeles based freelancer and is a fantastic little mention about the fantastic ’nose to tail’ way of using the whole animal when cooking.

• We are thrilled to share more results of Sonoma County fan, Randi Yagi who we hosted last December. The article "Best Romantic Springtime Destinations In The US" was published today in 24 CBS Local regions across the country. Below is the link for the national travel story on Chicago.cbslocal.com (UMV: 510,881) featuring Sonoma County, DeLorimer Winery, ZaZu Kitchen, St. Francis Winery and Farmhouse Inn.

 • Elena Barassi, a journalist that we assisted last October, published a wonderful article in today’s edition of “Il Giornale” (print and digital). Half of the article is dedicated to Sonoma County. Il Giornale is one of the top 5 national daily newspaper with a circulation of 220,000 printed copies, readership of 1,000,000, AVE per page USD 25,000. Digital edition: 350,000 contacts per day.
• We assisted journalists for a FAM trip in early February and the result was a multi-page spread in the March 2015 issue of Laguna Beach Magazine (quarterly circ. 20,000 and media value of $38,250). Katherine included Sonoma as the perfect getaway for girlfriends, and highlighted lots of Sonoma destinations and businesses.
• DrinkMeMag.com (circ. 10,000) spotlights the generosity of some great Sonoma County wineries in an article called “5 Most Delicious Complimentary Wine Tastings in Sonoma”.
• Due to hosting Randi Yagi of CBS SanFrancisco (UMV: 582,963) last December, the recent articles were published:
Francis Ford Coppola Winery & St. Francis Wineries were included in “Best Bars For March Madness In San Francisco
Taquerias El Farolito in Rohnert Park was spotlighted in "The Best Burritos Outside of San Francisco's Mission District"
• As a result of media outreach, Bloomberg Businessweek (UMV:7,786,647) included River’s End Restaurant & Inn in a round-up of “The Prettiest Places Off the Grid”, written by Maridel Reyes, who attended Grape Camp 2014. In addition to the hotel, we also provided her with information on nearby ‘can’t miss spots’ including the Fort Ross Vineyard Tasting Room and the Armstrong Redwoods State Park.
•We worked directly with Lyn Mettler on the inclusion of Sonoma County and River’s End Restaurant & Inn in the article “Ditch the devices and unplug at these 9 Hotels and Resorts” on Fox News (UMV: 42,078,203).
• Megan Singleton's latest piece is "San Francisco: Top five sips, cooks and walks” in the New Zealand Herald (circ. 470,000). Megan also previously published two wonderful blogs about Sonoma County this past December and was also our guest speaker at SCT’s media workshop “How to work with Media”.
• Carey Sweet, our Sonoma County Insider, published a round-up “5 New Wine Country Tasting Room Experiences” on 7x7.com (UMV: 607,940). "Running the gamut from brand-spanking-new to freshly remodeled, these five Wine Country tasting rooms are well worth a trip and a toast.” 
• Because of our promo for Sneakaway with Travelzoo, Vintners Inn was mentioned in the following video on Today.com (UVM: 10,475,124)! Jaime Freedman, Senior Editor at Travelzoo, joins TODAY to talk about some of the best deals on hotels that can help melt away those winter blues.
• We are thrilled to share that we assisted Bill Fink from Yahoo! Travel for the fabulous article “Getting the Most Out of a Wine-Soaked Weekend in Sonoma”. As we all know "Sonoma County is more than a match for its better-known neighbor as a spot for a weekend wine getaway.” Yahoo! Travel boasts a comprehensive travel guide and offers complete destination information to help consumers through every step of the travel planning cycle. 
• One result of Sonoma County Tourism and Sonoma County Vintners attending the Sonoma in the City event in Chicago is the great article Bill St. John wrote for the Chicago Tribune (circ. 439,731) about the diversity of the Sonoma Coast AVA “With ‘Sonoma Coast’ on label, hard to tell what’s inside”.
• We are happy that due to pitching, TravMedia.com included our Google glass video in the Brand USA Daily Newsletter on ITB, world's largest travel show. The TravMedia news service covers national and international news from travel companies and organizations. The video is currently featured in the Newsroom section of TravMedia.com.
• Because of talking to Richard Barnes, Editor for ITB news, we are excited to have one full page in the Special feature of Brand USA Group Travel in today's ITB travel trade magazine.
• As a result of hosting Sandra Ramani in January, Organic Spa Magazine (UMV: 75,817; Circ: 125,000) included the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn in a round-up of  “Hot Springs Around the Globe” in the print and online edition of the March-April issue. The Fairmont is also included in the Top 10 Green Spa Awards feature.
• Due to hosting the group of Brazilian journalists last November, there were various stories published in print, online, and on TV:
  • VIAJE MAIS MAGAZINE - Travel magazine, 45,000 units monthly. Editor: Karen Abre
  • GLOBO NEWSPAPER - National newspaper based in Rio, 290,000 units daily. Executive Editor: Paulo Motta. Press: cover + 10 page article and two one-page stories
  • TAM NAS NUVENS MAGAZINE - In-flight magazine of Brazilian TAM Airlines, 150,000 units monthly. Editor: Natália Zonta and photographer Fernanda Frazão. Press: cover + editorial + 12 page article
  • UOL NEWS PORTAL - Leading news portal in Brazil, with more than 34.3 million unique visitors, and more than 4.9 billion page views per month. Freelancer: Roberta Malta 
  • EATIN’OUT MAGAZINE - Luxury gourmet magazine, published quarterly with 12.000 units. Editor: Pedro Mello e Souza.
  • YOU MUST GO! BLOG and ESTUDIO I AT GLOBONEWS TV CHANNEL. You Must Go! is a blog focused on luxury destinations with special attention to hotels, restaurants, spas, shopping and lifestyle. Estudio I is one of the most important talk shows in Brazilian television with lifestyle and culture themes and a series of columnist for a variety of subjects. Editor: Renata Araújo

• Because of media outreach, Kiera Kenney wrote a fantastic piece titled "The 11 Best Picks of Sonoma County Restaurant Week” on 7x7 - Online (UMV: 607,940). Organized by neighborhood, she hi lights her favorite participating restaurants that will offer two-course prix fixe lunches for $10-20 per person and/or three-course prix fixe dinners for $19-39! 7x7 included this piece in their Top 7 Stories of the week!

• Kristine Hansen from Yahoo! Travel (UMV: 261,962) is a regular visitor who loves Sonoma County. She wrote a great article "Forget Summer: This Is Why You Should Visit WIne Country in Winter" and mention the upcoming Barrel Tasting event.
• Sonoma County is mentioned in an article "Unexpected destinations for family vacations" that we pitched about family friendly travel on Tripology.com, a division of USA TODAY Travel, which is an interactive travel referral service focused on connecting travelers with qualified and customer-rated travel specialists.
• Visit California’s Industry website featured a blog titled "The Perfect Coastal Getaway in Sonoma County”. This is the state marketing organization, so the audience is their international offices, media worldwide and California Travel partners. The article is a great round-up of spots along our Sonoma coast.
• We recently hosted Mai Pham and she made quite a few videos on Tastemade.com, who hand-picks videographers or Tastemakers from all over the world which share their videos on YouTube and the Tastemade App. Each day this crowdsourced studio of hundreds of tastemakers creates new content for an audience of over 20 million people food and travel enthusiasts. Tastemade’s 400-plus channels now boasts 22 million unique viewers a month on YouTube and 15 million or so subscribers! She visited Paul HobbsAventineTaylor Maid FarmsDiavola, and St. Francis Winery.
• Because of information provided to Ian White of San Francisco Magazine (circ. 104,292) for an article "The Best Places to Camp in Wine Country”. Featured are many of our great campgrounds and their surrounding wineries.
• As a result of assisting Marcelina Morfin, she included the town of Sonoma in “The Ten Most Beautiful Towns in California” on TheCultureTrip.com (UMV: over 700,000). In addition, Visit California posted the story on their Facebook page.
• Congratulations to our Sonoma County Parks Partners for the opening of the North Sonoma Mountain Regional Park and Open Space Preserve. Check out this great article on Chron.com (UMV: over 7,000,000) “Bay Area’s Newest Park offers high view in Wine Country”.
• North Bay Business Journal (circ. 7,200) published an article about the new director Carolyn Stark who is to lead the Sonoma County Vintners.
• Because of media outreach, San Francisco Travel (circ. 150,000, UMV: 4.6 million) showcased Rams Gate Winery in their article What's New in San Francisco | February/March 2015.
• The San Jose Mercury News - Online (UMV: 2,363,579) published an awesome article "Sebastopol's Barlow: Five ways to eat, drink, play".
• Korbel and Francis Ford Coppola were highlighted in the following article "Wining and Dining in Sonoma” in RV Life Magazine (circ. 55,000, UMV: 32,336).
• Sonoma County Insider, Carey Sweet, wrote a great story on the "5 New Tasting Rooms to Explore in Wine Country” on 7x7 - Online (UMV: 607,940). 
• Glam.com (UMV: 3,833,673) featured an article and slideshow "7 Date Night Dining Ideas With a Wine Country Twist”. The article mentions what a few of our local chefs would call their perfect Valentines Day.
• Due to the assistance of journalist Alison Bing, the Lonely Planet blog (UMV: 7,740,056) has a great new article "San Francisco in winter: six reasons to ditch the cold for some California sun”. Lots of great things to do in San Francisco are mentioned, along with a link to there Sonoma County section of their website.
• Sonoma County Insider, Carey Sweet has a fantastic piece "New Eats, New Sips” in the January 2015 edition of Napa Sonoma Magazine (Circulation/Audience:30,000). Some more great places to check out if you haven’t already: Hanson Spirits (opening distillery this spring), The MacPhail Tasting Lounge at the Barlow, Oso in Sonoma, Hamel Family Wines in Sonoma, and The Adobe in Sonoma pouring Three Sticks Wines.
•  "Founder of Out In The Vineyard shares his love of his heart-warmingly beautiful hometown” in the article "Gay Travel: Sonoma Like a Local” on Gayapolis.com (UMV: 17,806).
• Sonoma County Insider Carey Sweet’s rounds up 5 Beautiful Wine Country Hikes, including Taylor Mountain Regional Park, Jack London State Historic Park, and Sonoma Mountain Regional Park, for 7x7.com (UMV: 45,139; page views per month: 499,209).
• Outreach to Alysia Gray Painter resulted in coverage on NBCBayArea.com/blogs for the Wine Road’s upcoming Barrel Tasting weekends in March.
• As result of ongoing media outreach, Ian White included Roche Winery & Vineyards and a link to California Wine Institute’s compiled list of a round-up about The Best Ways to Sip and Cycle Through Wine Country for San Francisco Magazine (circ. 104,292).
• As a result of Randy Yagi’s visit in December, he included St. Francis Winery in his latest feature on CBS San Francisco (UMV: 582,963) of “5 Of The Most ‘Egg-straordinary’ Dishes Made With Eggs.”
• As a result of hosting Jens Christensen, he published a fabulous write-up of Sonoma County, including the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa, the Sonoma Golf Club, The Links at Bodega Harbour. The article has a reach of 61,000 and a straight media value of USD 4,100.
• As a result of hosting Natalie Compagno at Sonoma Wine Country Weekend, she included Willow Stream Spa at The Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn in her round-up for Luxe Lavs: Valentine’s Day Spa Treatments Around the World on Peter Greenberg (UMV: 107,982).
• Sonoma County Insider Carey Sweet’s rounds up new Wine Country eateries for 7x7.com (UMV: 45,139; page views per month: 499,209), including Bistro 100, Ramen Gaijin, 3 Alarm Grill, and Wild Flowers Saloon.

Wine Country’s 25 best Valentines specials, which ran in San Francisco Magazine, featured many Sonoma County businesses, including J Vineyards, Sonoma Valley Bike Tours, Paradise Ridge Winery, D’Argenzio Winery, Flamingo Resort and Spa, Hotel La Rose, and Hyatt Vineyard Creek.

• As result Randi Yagi’s visit in December, he included The Barlow in his latest feature on CBS San Francisco (UMV: 582,963), Best romantic getaways on a budget near the Bay Area. Yagi mentioned: “Because I'm limited to only four or five sentences for each suggested destination, I tried to put in as much info as I could.”

• Sonoma County Insider Carey Sweet’s suggests on 7x7.com (UMV: 45,139; page views per month: 499,209) are the Top 10 Wine Country Spas.

 Spirit Works Distillery was included in the article of Gin Makes a Major Comeback on 7x7.com as well as in the 7x7's February 2015 issue (circ magazine: 38,800).

• A feature in USA Today (UMV: 18,487,953) focused on “Sample artisan cheese at the source in Sonoma County.” The article was written by Katie Kelly Bell and mentions the Sonoma Cheese Trail in addition to Achadinha Cheese Company, Marin French Cheese, Joe Matos Chees Factory, Petaluma Creamery and Spring Hill Jersey Cheese, Redwood Hill Farm, and Ramini Mozzaerlla.

• Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve was featured in The Bay Area’s Best Redwood Hikes, as compiled by 7X7 magazine. This is the result of an ongoing relationship with editors and writers at the publication.

• As a result of Barbara Barton Sloane’s visit last summer, she wrote about her experience in the following blogs and outlets, highlighting the following locations:

Glen Ellen, Benziger Winery, The Fig Café in Uncharted101. This is an online travel resource that offers the essential knowledge for the places you’ve always wanted to see.

An article also appeared in Examiner.com (UMV: 6,221,560). It ran in the Yonker’s Tribune (UVM: 55,000, page views: 125,000); and in FamTripper.com.

• As a result of hosting Christine Sarkis for Grape Camp 2014, Smarter Travel (UMV:3,114,014) spotlighted the JCB Lounge at DeLoach Vineyards.

• Sarah Medina wrote the feature, “Farmhouse Inn: A Winter Staycation in Post-Harvest Wine Country,” on 7x7.com (UVM: 45,139; page views per month: 499,209). This article was also published in 7x7's February 2015 issue (Circ: magazine: 38,800). She also mentions Pliny the younger release (Feb. 6) from the Russian River Brewing Company.

• As a result of media outreach, eGlobal Travel Media, based in Australia (Circ: 55,000) featured the launch of Sonoma Sneakaway and Sonoma County Restaurant Week. EGlobal Travel Media is a free news service, used mostly by trade for daily tourism news with nearly 56,000 online subscribers.

• An ongoing relationship with Jennifer Boden, KRON 4 Online, resulted in a mention on that site about the SRJC Wine Classic Event.

• As a result of hosting Natalie Compagno at Sonoma Wine Country Weekend, Huffington Post (UMV: 49,445,590) included the festival in a round-up of top festivals around the world. The article recommends the top festival each month.

• As a result of Marina Chetner’s visit, she included Sonoma County in her “California Wine Regions: 10 Secrets” for Qantas Travel Insider.” Qantas.com (UMV: 150,000) is Qantas Airways' online portal, attracting an average of 10 million visits each month.

• As part of media outreach, Gabe Sasso’s coverage of MacPhail wines and the tasting room at The Barlow on TheDailyMeal.com (Page views: 3,041,772, UMV: 1,012,539).

• Read Lauren Sloss’ suggestions for “Beer Road Trip to the Russian River Valley” on 7x7.com (Circ. magazine: 38,800, UVM: 45,139; page views per month: 499,209).

• As a result of hosting Natalie Compagno during SWCW, she included Sonoma County in her food travel reading list for the month of August on her blog Salt & Wind (UMV:1,000). She mentions Paradise Ridge Winery, Rodney Strong Vineyards (and notes their sustainable practices), and Gloria Ferrer.

• See Suzy Strutner’s “11 Reasons Sonoma Is The California Gem You Need To Visit” on Huffington Post (UMV: 40,903,800). 

• Check out the staff writer at USA TODAY Nancy Trejos' coverage on twitter (7,494 followers plus USA Today twitter) from her visit this past weekend.

• As result of Kristine Hansen’s frequent visits to Sonoma County, she included Healdsburg in a round-up for CNN.com (UMV: 22,144,107) of ‘6 of America's most romantic small towns. Her articles have appeared in GourmetWine Enthusiast, in-flight magazines and many more. 

• Outreach to Alysia Gray Painter featured “Resolutions Made Easy: Free Sonoma Vineyard Walks” in the Worth the trip blog for NBC Bay Area (UMV: 173,600).

• As result of ongoing media outreach and visits Patty Burness wrote “Beautiful Bodega Bay, Part 1” for Examiner.com (UMV: 6,221,560). 

• As a result of hosting Jerry last April, Out Magazine (Circ: 203,039) features Slowing down in Sonoma in the article “Guerneville is a foodie mecca in the making — perfect for relaxing amid ancient redwoods”.

• Sonoma County is featured on CBS San Francisco (UMV: 582,963): Best Bed and Breakfasts in the Bay Area because of our great relationship with Randi Yagi. Four out of Five B&Bs included were from Sonoma County!

• Jane's feature in the regional paper in the UK, Beaconsfield Advertiser (circ. 30,565) talks about the beautiful Sonoma County coast. Jane is part luxury travel agent and part writer. 

• Ian White included a few events in a round-up about celebrating New Years Eve in Sonoma Wine Country in San Francisco Magazine (circ. 104,292).

• As result of our relationship with Randi Yagi, he included two Sonoma County events in his latest story on CBS San Francisco (UMV: 582,963): 5 Reasons to Visit the North Bay in 2015.  

• Bodega Bay Lodge, The Links at Bodega Harbour, and the town of Bodega including the Bodega Country Store are featured in ACES Golf Magazine (circ. 30,000).

• As a result of hosting the Japanese media company Kodansha in October the first article in magazine VOCE will be published on 23rd January. The magazine has a reach of 70,000 and a straight media value of USD $15,000 per page; total $900,000.

• As result of hosting Vivian Bibliowicz visit this summer, a story about Ana Keller is published in the December issue of Lideres Mexicanos Magazine (UMV:270,000), distributed in Mexico covering personalities that have achieved great things in the world of business, music, politics, sports, art, architecture, medicine and every other field.

• The article Tips on staying at wineries was published on Yahoo! Travel as a result of Lena Katz’ visit this fall (UMV: 5,898,994; Page Views Per Month: 21,697,267)

• As a result of hosting Emma Krasov, she’s posted on her personal blog, Arts and Entertain Me (UMV: 10,000), featuring the Barlow and Sonoma County events.

• Kevin Nelson wrote “Where to go and what to do in Santa Rosa” for Examiner.com (UMV: 6,221,560) as result of ongoing media outreach.

• Megan, an award- winning travel writer and editor, featured Sonoma County in her 2nd blog  - 5 things to eat in Sonoma (County)

• As result of freelance journalist Andrew Collins’ recent visit in November, he updated his existing articles on Sonoma at my GayTravel.About.com, and created a "Sonoma Gay-Friendly Lodging" guide for the About.com site (UMV: 68,860,923,  Page Views Per Month: 331,929,710).

• Elizabeth Inglese at Vogue (circ.: 1,222,373) included the new Spa at The Farmhouse Inn in their round-up of “6 Winter Beauty Escapes to Sweep You Off Your Feet”.

• Sonoma County is featured in the December issue of Sky Magazine (Circ: 601,383) a beautiful five-page feature on the destination (see page 76–82). The article is written by Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl who visited this summer. A sampling of mentioned partners include Jordan Winery, The Shed, Cowgirl Creamery, Flying Goat, Costeaux, Downtown Bakery, Bear Republic, among others.

• As a result of hosting last year, Jim Byers wrote about Sonoma County in the Toronto Star (UMV:7,724,801). In the article he mentions Charles Schulz Museum, Matanzas Creek Winery, Kunde Winery and the town of Sonoma.

The site also included the “Let it Sonoma” package at Farmhouse Inn as part of its weekly deals round-up.

• New Zealand travel writer Megan Singleton wrote “Five things you didn’t know about Sonoma,” among other blogs. She is also on Newstalk ZB Sunday mornings, a nationwide radio show, and posted interviews from her trip. Besides her research visit, Megan was the guest speaker at SCT’s media workshop “How to work with Media.”

Meetings Focus (UVM: 5,719, page views per month: 11,711) spreads the word about Sonoma County to meeting planners:

• As result of our media outreach to Ian White, San Francisco Magazine (circulation: 81,406) included expert advice in “Wine: Perfect Wine Pairings for any Thanksgiving Menu.”

• The Let it Sonoma Package is featured on the Deal page of the Toronto Star Online (UVM: 478,622, page views per month: 2,163,796) as a result of media outreach.

• Duane Pemberton wrote an article on Communities Digital News (UMV: 1.2 million). Hosting him in July 2014 resulted in the article “Sonoma: The ultimate wine and food getaway.” He said, “If you’re seeking an ultimate wine and food adventure inside the United States, you’d be hard pressed to find a more rewarding area than Sonoma. It’s a cornucopia of goodness that will reward the thirsty and hungry traveler with a feast for the senses.”

• As a result of hosting freelance journalist Jessica Colley, Fodor’s (UMV: 2,671,550) featured a dedicated slideshow on “Where to Eat and Drink in Sonoma County Now.”

• Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn received very nice coverage in the UK market Incentive Travel magazine for the Become a Sommelier for the day in Sonoma mention.

Travel + Leisure (UMV: 12,539,915) included both Sonoma and Healdsburg in a round-up of “America’s Best Towns for the Holidays.” Both were included for consideration based on the results from the T+L America’s Favorite Places survey: Healdsburg, No. 17, and Sonoma, No. 24.

• As a result of hosting Alexis Korman during Grape Camp 2014, Wine Enthusiast (UMV: 102,830) included camp in a round-up of “2015 Travel Trends.” More specifically, the article cites “Agricultural Adventures” as a trend and lists Sonoma County Grape Camp as an example. A photo from Grape Camp was also used at the start of the slideshow.

• As a result of media outreach Kevin Nelson included Sonoma County holiday events in his round-up on Examiner.com (UMV: 6,221,560).

• Journalists visited Sonoma County via an AeroMexico press trip, garnering a mention in Vidal Turismo, a travel agent and tour operator trade publication that goes out to 7,000 travel professionals in Mexico.

• SCT’s Beth Snow was featured in an article in the San Francisco Chronicle (Circ: 212,000; UMV: 3,135,092). “Good reasons to visit funky, free-spirited Guerneville” was the result of journalist Jeanne Cooper reaching out to SCT for information. The article was also found on SFGate.com.

• As a result of press release, La Jolla Mom (UMV: 5,000) included a destination feature on Sonoma County for families. The article was written by freelance writer Katie Dillon, who met with SCT’s Birgitt Vaughan at a media luncheon in San Diego.

Sherman’s Travel (UMV: 551,318) included the Treehouse at Beautiful Places in a round-up of “5 Splurge-y Treehouse Hotels for a Once-in-a-Lifetime Trip.” The article was written by Alex Schechter.

• Safari West recently received awesome coverage on the on the Katie Couric Show. The segment appears at 4:45-5:06.

• As a result of a press release, SheKnows.com (UMV: 1,755,616) included Sonoma County in a round-up of “Dog-Friendly Vacation Spots”. The article, written by Kim Grundy, mentions Mutt Lynch Winery and Kunde Family Estate Winery.

• As a result of media outreach, Boston.com (UMV: 2,953,949) spotlighted Sonoma Wine Country Weekend. The article was written by Paul Kandarian, who attended SWCW in 2012.

• As a result of a press release, Flattlands Blog (UMV: 1,000) provided coverage of the 2014 Sonoma Wine Country Weekend.

Coverage of Sonoma Wine Country Weekend, as a result of a press release, appeared on Kevin’s Travel Journal (UMV: 1,000).

• As a result of a deskside meeting with Andrea Guthmann in November, Make it Better (UMV: 231,460) included Sonoma County in a round-up of gourmet getaways for foodies. Mentioned within the feature are Sonoma County Restaurant Week, Savor Healdsburg Food Tours, and Relish Culinary Adventures in Healdsburg.

• Stacie Tamaki, The Flirty Guide, joined other Bay Area writers for the Sonoma Scramble, a media familiarization tour of the destination. As a result, she has featured Sonoma County several times on her blog. Her latest is on the Petaluma Seed Bank.

• As the result of hosting journalist Martha Ross to experience Sonoma County, a story about Jack London State Park and Transcendence Theatre’s Broadway Under the Stars series was featured in the Contra Costa Times (Circ.: 174,045, UMV: 207,270).

• As  a result of a press release, Joonbug (UMV: 140,012) included coverage of Sonoma Wine Country Weekend on its “First Course” blog. Editors from the site attended the Sonoma in the City event in New York City at City Winery.

• Happy to report that NBC Bay Area (UMV: 173,600) featured Sonoma Wine Country Weekend in its “Worth the Trip” column, as a result of working directly with journalist Alysia Painter. The channel is the NBC affiliate based out of San Jose. SCT’s national PR  directly with on the inclusion. The link is attached and the clip is below – congrats!

805 Living’s (Circ.: 30,820) Weekend Travel edition introduced Sonoma Sneakaway, SCT’s soft-season promotion, to travelers in western Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara counties. The brief can be found on page 32.

• Local writer Matt Villano wrote an article, “Experiencing eco-oriented adventures in Napa and Sonoma counties,” for Viewfinder, the travel blog for Expedia.com (UMV: 13,426,173).

• In an Italian travel trade publication, Travel Quotidiano, SCT’s Birgitt Vaughan explained the Western Wine Trail, which connects San Francisco to Portland, as well as the Wine, Waves & Whales, which links activities in Sonoma County, Santa Cruz, and Santa Barbara.

• People in San Francisco learned from this piece in 7x7 (Circ.: 51,075; UMV: 45,139) that Les Claypool, lead vocalist and bassist for the band Primus, has a winery in Sonoma County. Six other “off the beaten path” wineries in Sonoma County were featured.

• Sonoma Insider Carey Sweet talked about the best barbecue in Wine Country in this 7x7 Online (UMV: 45,139) article.

• As a result of SCT’s quarterly “What’s New” press release, Meetings Focus (Circ.: 35,140 UMV: 5,719) featured hotel updates for Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn, Doubletree by Hilton Sonoma Wine Country, and Flamingo Conference Resort & Spa.

• The California Wine Institute and SCT worked together to secure a piece on winery picnics for USA Today’s online travel blog (UMV: 97,881), 10Best.com.

• SCT’s Ken Fischang was quoted in the article, “Sonoma County attracting tourists looking for sustainability,” which appeared in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat (Circ.: 50,352 UMV: 210,794) newspaper and online. SCT also provided tourism information for the story.

• The ArtsBeat blog (UMV: 204,921) for the New York Times featured Sonoma State University’s Green Music Center and its 2014-15 season in this article.

Peter Greenberg.com (UMV: 18,536) featured Auberge on the Vineyard and Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn, among others, in “Luxe Lavs: Savor Spring in California Wine Country.”

• Visiting journalists in their own towns pays off. In Los Angeles, SCT met Natalie Compagno of MyLALifestyle.com (UMV: 22,513) The result was this piece, “June in Sonoma: Festivals, Food, Fun.” It features the Alaska Airlines flight from Los Angeles directly into Sonoma County.

• As a result of a visit to Sonoma County with her family, Kristi Marcelle wrote an article about traveling through Wine Country with kids for FoxNews.com (UMV: 17,573,178).

• As a result of ongoing communications, The Luxury Spot Blog (UMV: 68,881) included Sonoma County’s B.R. Cohn’s 2011 Sonoma Valley Cabernet in a round-up of “Things To Help You Survive The Last Days of Passover.”

• In a USA Today (UMV: 15,328,997) article, Sharon McDonnell included Kunde and Mutt Lynch as part of a roundup of dog friendly wineries.

• SCT worked with Visit California and Canon to bring 15 top bloggers from Korea to experience Sonoma County. As a result, bloggers posted individual blogs about Safari West, Charles M. Schulz Museum, J Vineyards & Winery, Hilton Sonoma Wine Country Hotel, and a mix of Healdsburg restaurants — Barndiva, Zin Restaurant, Mateo’s, Cafe Lucia, and Taverna Sophia. The blogs can also be found at blog.visitcalifornia.co.kr.

• As a result of a press trip to Sonoma County, Fodor's Travel (UMV: 516,714) featured the “Wine Lover's Guide to Sonoma's Dry Creek Valley,” by Kristine Hansen.

Shape magazine’s (Circ.: 1,582,687) April 2014 issue features a mention of the Sonoma International Film Festival in a round-up of events nationwide, “Star-Studded Screenings.”

• As a result of hosting Christine Perez during the 2013 Sonoma Wine Country Weekend, D Magazine (UMV: 52,607) provided detailed coverage of Sonoma Wine Country. A version of this article also appeared in the January/February issue of D CEO (Circ: 15,000).

• Rachel Ward from Where Magazine (Circ.: 75,000) in San Francisco shares her “Escape to Sonoma” article not only with the Bay Area, but with potential travelers from Charleston.

• Patricia Kutza experienced the Russian River by staying in a Russian River Getaways vacation home for an article that appeared on Examiner.com (UMV: 11,425,254)

• As a result of hosting Chris Kompanek during the 2013 Sonoma Wine Country Weekend, The Huffington Post(UMV: 40,903,800) provided coverage of his experiences in the destination.

• A pre-event write up about the eighth annual California Artisan Cheese Festival was featured in Conde Nast Traveler (UMV: 271,686).

• As the result of ongoing networking, Patty Burness’ article about Sebastopol appeared in San Francisco’s Marina Times (Circ.: 20,000) and Examiner.com.

• The world is finding out how pet friendly Sonoma County is through positive travel stories. Recently, Sharon McDonnell featured Kunde Family Estate and Mutt Lynch Winery in her USA Today round-up of five North American wineries to bring your dog.

• As result of providing information for “outrageous concierge requests,” Charu Suri included Kenwood Inn & Spa’s chief concierge Eric Edenfield request in the story for CNN.com. Read about the Mariachi-band wedding proposal on the Golden Gate Bridgehere.

• As result of hosting Meaghan Agnew at Sonoma County’s 2013 Grape Camp, DailyCandy (UMV: 2,469,948) provided coverage of the three-day experience in a detailed 10-page slideshow.

• As result of hosting Paul Rubio, he included The Barlow in his California story for Weddings Illustrated Spring/Summer 2014 (Florida’s premier wedding magazine, published twice a year). See p. 55.

• We are pleased to share that Eater (UMV: 376,482) provided coverage of the Taste of Sonoma event in a round-up of upcoming San Diego happenings. Journalist Candice Woo attended the event.

• As result of media outreach, San Diego Magazine included our combined promotion with the Sonoma Count Vintners and Winegrowers on their calendar: Taste of Sonoma: On tour.

• We are happy to share 7x7.com featured Flipside Steakhouse and Sports Bar in their Wine Country Eats: A Crop-Up Hot Spot and Meaty Sports Watching.

• We are happy to see Wine Country Chocolates isincluded in “Follow the San Francisco trail of topnotch chocolatiers in the Bay area” on USA Today.

• SCT's Susan Montes was featured in the February 2014 issue of Long Island Bride & Groom Magazine (Circ: 35,000) as a result of our media outreach. Journalist Sandra Mardenfeld was seeking wedding experts to provide feedback for her article on wedding planning and we knew Susan would be a great fit, thus we assisted with the interview. (Note, article can be found on page 106).

• As a result of hosting Kat Tancock for Sonoma County Grape Camp, The Globe and Mail (Circ: 313,331; UMV: 1,535,157) provided coverage of her time in the destination. The article cites many of the activities that were a part of the itinerary. The feature ran online and in print on January 11.

• We are happy to share as a result of media outreach, Paul Kandarian included the Valentine’s Day package in a round-up of holiday deals for Boston.com (UMV: 2,953,949).

Luxury Travel Magazine (UMV: 15,828) also included the Sonoma Coast Villa & Spa’s Valentine’s Day package in a round-up of holiday deals.

• As a result of media outreach, Peter Greenberg (UMV: 107,982) included the Sonoma Coast Villa & Spa’s Valentine’s Day package in a round-up of holiday deals.

Conde Nast Traveler (UMV:69,208) included Russian River Valley as part of its “Where to Go in 2014” round-up. The piece on Russian River Valley was written by Senior Editor John Newton.  John cites The Barlow and the Farmhouse Inn as great reasons to go.

Wine Enthusiast magazine (UMV: 177,927) asked their editors for their favorite spots to sip and sup while on the West Coast. Sonoma County’s Partake by K-J was included in the round-up, here.

• Kelley Ferro’s “Sample Sonoma Wine Tours” video appeared on USA Today Travel (UMV: 21,911,400).

• As a result of SCT hosting Kristi Marcelle, CBS Los Angeles included Full House Farm in “Holiday Getaway on a Budget: 5 Hotels Under $150.”

The New York Times (UMV: 15,535,617) provided coverage of the eighth annual Sonoma Valley Gingerbread Contest in the outlet’s In Transit Blog.

Oakland Magazine's Martha Ross discovered The New Wine Highway — Sonoma County's Highway 116. No doubt, she's in love with western Sonoma County.

• Siobhan Higgins visited Sonoma County for Wine Country Weekend and LAX Magazine (UMV: 80,000) featured a beautiful five-page spread on the weekend’s highlights. The feature includes some great photos and cites a few of the activities that were a part of the itinerary.

• Elizabeth Downer, from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Total readership print + online: 1,568,805), published her holiday gift guide, which focused on wine boot camps with special emphasis on Sonoma County Grape Camp.

• Sonoma County received coverage in a roundup of the Latest From San Francisco for Foodies and Wine Lovers in Luxury Travel Advisor (circulation: 13,000).

• The Vacation Gals recently came to Sonoma County. Blogs included: Holiday Events, Girlfriends Getaway, Things to Do, and Boutique Wineries.

• Graeme Green visited in September and wrote “California: a tale of two valleys.” Destinations of the World (circulation: 22,000) is a luxury publication distributed in more than 100 business/first class airport lounges and luxury outlets.

The New York Times featured an article highlighting new restaurants in Petaluma. The article also ran in print in the Sunday edition.

CNN.com (UMV: 22,144,107) included Sonoma County in a round-up of Thanksgiving Day destinations.

Coastal Living (Circ: 671,510) featured Bodega Bay in a beautiful two-page spread. The article is included in the “Dream Town” section of the December/January 2014 issue of the publication.

American Way (Circulation: 306,483; UMV: 145,518) included the Sonoma Marin Cheese Trail in the November issue of the publication. The article, written by Jill Robinson, includes some beautiful images and highlights a few of the creameries found on the trail.

• Nevada’s Mesquite Citizen Journal is talking about “California-Trendy.” New tourist areas in Sonoma County now include Petaluma’s Spirit Works Distillery open for tastings and guided tours. Prohibition Spirits and Hello Cello will follow suite early in 2014.

For journalists: You will find resources and assistance for your stories about Sonoma County here: Sonoma County's Media Room.