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Ethnobotany Festival and Symposium

Saturday, September 24, 2016 -
8:00am to 10:00pm
$10- $45
Occidental Center For The Arts
3850 Doris Murphy Court (Graton Rd & Bohemian Hwy)
Occidental, California 95465
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Ethnobotany shows us how plants and mushrooms are used by various cultures around the world. At this festival and symposium, you can follow the thread of plant-people back through the ways of all our ancestors. Learn about how the Native Californians who've lived on the North Coast for thousands of years tended the land and its species. See what contemporary people make from native plants. Learn about this region's botanical history over the past 200 years. Take a local plant walk with an herbalist. Listen to a storyteller share plant myths. Appreciate the beauty and utility of things handcrafted from plants today: Dyes from flowers, salve from herbs, distilling essential oils, the art of aromatics. Make something yourself, learn something new, and have fun learning! Hands-on activities for children will be provided throughout the day at this family friendly event!