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Korean Voices in Fiber: Translating Tradition into Contemporary Art

Friday, October 6, 2017 - 05:00pm - 07:00pm
Gualala Arts
46501 Old State Hwy
Gualala, California 95445
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Contact: Paula Power
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Gualala Arts Center presents a new art exhibit that highlights the ancient heritage of fiber art in Korea as well as its vibrant modern transformation of both traditional and unexpected techniques and materials. This show is an opportunity to be introduced to a particular aspect of Korean artwork as part of our worldwide culture of textile arts. Each contemporary piece will be accompanied by an image of the traditional item that inspired the work, along with an explanation in English and Korean.


There are 25 artists represented. Many are award winners whose works have been exhibited inter-nationally. Some are also respected designers and professors. Sonoma-based artist Mirka Knaster brings this exhibit to Gualala Arts Center to introduce interesting and beautiful aspects of Korean culture and art to an American audience after she experienced them first-hand in Korea.


If you love art, in general, and textiles and handmade paper, in particular, you will enjoy learning about an Asian culture that stretches back thousands of years and exploring traditional and contemporary fiber art from Korea.


During the reception on Friday, October 6, Bay Area Korean textile artist and instructor, Youngmin Lee, will give a demonstration of bojagi to help generate understanding of how certain items have been made since ancient times.


Exhibit on display through Nov. 18.