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"Marine Transformations" featuring Brandy Gale and DeborahThrelkel

Saturday, October 7, 2017 - 05:00pm - October 7, 2017
Dophin Gallery
39225 Highway 1
Gualala, California 95445
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Contact: Paula Power
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Gualala Arts Center presents a new exhibit for October in the Dolphin Gallery. The exhibit runs Oct. 7 through Nov. 11. "Marine Transformations" features the works of Brandy Gale and Deborah Threlkel.


Brandy Gale is a plein-air artist and photographer whose subject matter focuses on intertidal subjects around the Pacific Rim, she feels at home on the Mendonoma coast. Gale describes herself as a “color fanatic,” a natural extension of her full-spectrum synaesthesia, a crossed-senses experience where sunsets may smell like vanilla, colors have sounds or the letter “A” is always yellow. She expresses these personal synesthetic experiences through her paintings and will often carry a large number of paint tubes and handmade brushes so her palette and brushstrokes capture what she senses.


Deborah Threlkel, known as “The Abalone Queen,” is this month’s three-dimensional artist. Threlkel actually works with a much wider variety of materials than just abalone to create her original pieces, all of which share one common trait — they are produced from materials she finds. An inveterate collector, Threlkel is constantly discovering materials on her hikes and explorations. Her conceptualization with these treasures is what distinguishes her from other artists.