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What Truly Matters Spa Meditation Retreat

Wednesday, October 19, 2016 - 09:00am
Osmosis Day Spa Spa Sanctuary
209 Bohemian Hwy.
Freestone, California 95472
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Step out of your daily life into a guided exploration of the difference between success and fulfillment. It can be enlightening to understand that success often comes at a price that many people are no longer willing to pay, especially the sacrifices are things that truly matter: relationships with family, friends, ourselves, and with Spirit. Using the Circle of Life, you will discover: what choices and behaviors are having a draining or negative impact on your emotional, physical and spiritual health; what actions and attitudes will support you in attaining your health and life goals; 1-2 Inspired Action Steps to anchor the day’s breakthroughs. In addition, your will receive: personalized channeled guidance, a heart-centered grounding and centering meditation, an energetic clearing and alignment, a 75-minute Massage or Facial, an organic box lunch. Space is limited, reserve early at osmosis.com. All-inclusive: morning session, organic lunch and spa treatment: $199. Karen Halseth and Aimée Lyndon-Adams have both walked this path. Both have extensive backgrounds in corporate management and now work with successful professionals who want to balance their material success with emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Karen and Aimée are now teachers, authors, spiritual energy healers and channeled readers. www.whattrulymatters.com