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Via Giusti Wines

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Via Giusti Wines
Via Giusti Wines
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In 2009 Kurt Giusti felt a call to honor and preserve the Giusti Family’s 150-year Sonoma County farming tradition and continue the family legacy, which has transcended into Via Giusti Wines. Winemaking was a part of the family heritage, but only for personal use, but now the family is sharing their road with everyone. Farming was inherent in Kurt’s blood since birth. As a child, growing up, Kurt would help and work in the family orchard, and at their apple juice plant, Giusti Apple in Sebastopol. Knowing that the ranch was a priority, he has always been a part of the family business, but has since gone onto juggling other ventures and careers in the process; including residential design and planning, real estate and cutting hair. To this day, Kurt splits his time between the family ranch, running the winery and managing overall ranch operations during the week; and weekends in San Francisco where he has worked as a hairstylist for the last seven years. Kurt takes pride in the fact that he is continuing the family tradition in Sonoma County agriculture, and is also growing the family brand by expanding into the wine industry beyond farming, a tradition and business he hopes to one day pass onto his son. “We take pride in our heritage and the efforts we put into each part of the ranch operations. I know that the attention to each detail makes all the difference in the quality of everything we do, especially the wines!” Salute!”
AVAs Where Wines Are From:
Russian River Valley
Prominent Wines Produced:
Pinot Noir
Tasting Room Info:
By Appointment Only
Days / Hours Tasting Room is Open: Reservations for Tasting Appointment call: 707-696-8933
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