The School House in Bodega - Birds - Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock's Birds Still Flutter Around Bodega

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Say Bodega, and many people think of Alfred Hitchcock's famous horror movie, 'The Birds.' The thriller was filmed in 1963 at The Schoolhouse on Bodega Lane, with the soaring white wood building playing a prominent role in the action.

While the sudden and unexplained violent bird attacks depicted on screen don't actually occur in this bucolic town, the former fishing village truly is a center for bird migration. Birdwatching is popular amid the squawking and chattering of bird season, and many visitors stop at the tall white building on a gently sloping hill just off Bodega Highway to set the mood.

Built in 1873, the house was originally the Potter Schoolhouse, then a local community center, an inn, a restaurant, and a guesthouse. It's now a private residence (17110 Bodega Lane, Bodega), with patient owners who hope that not too many people peer in their windows. Hitchcock saved the property, in reality, since the redwood building had been abandoned the year before he decided to film.

To maintain 'The Birds' theme, after gazing at the schoolhouse, continue seven miles to the coast to the town of Bodega Bay. There, you can dine at the Bay View Restaurant at the Inn at the Tides (800 Coast Highway 1, Bodega Bay, 707-875-2751), where the specialty of the house is Filet Mignon Hitchcock, a big, juicy steak stuffed with Dungeness crab, finished with demi-glace and béarnaise sauce, and served with garlic-mashed potatoes.

Bird appe-tweet.

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