The patio at the girl & the fig is ready for guests in the summer sun in Sonoma County
the girl & the fig

Frequently Asked Questions about Restaurants in Sonoma County

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1. What are the best foods and restaurants in Sonoma County?

A list of the best restaurants in Sonoma County varies depending on whether you're looking for fine dining, farm-to-table simplicity, fresh-from-the-boat seafood, down-home comfort food, tantalizing ethnic cuisines, vegetarian or vegan delights, pub fare, small plates, or pizza. You can get all this and more in Sonoma County, where great food is considered a necessity - so picking the best will be up to you.

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Then use our Sonoma County Restaurants directory and search by type of cuisine, location, price range, or other amenities.

A sauce is poured into a beautful plate of food at SingleThread Farm Restaurant & Inn in Sonoma County
SingleThread Farm Restaurant & Inn, Healdsburg

2. Where to eat in Sonoma County?

Deciding where to eat in Sonoma County is a great problem to have, because there are so many wonderful choices.

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And if you have more time to devote to your food quest, consider Sonoma Wine Country for Food Lovers 2-Day Itinerary or Sonoma Culinary Trail 3-Day Itinerary.

Pizza dough is ready to be baked in the wood burning oven at Diavola in Sonoma County
Diavola Pizzeria & Salumeria, Geyserville

3. What are good bargain restaurants in Sonoma County?

To find good bargain restaurants in Sonoma County, just ask a local - in a region where farm-to-table is a way of life, most neighborhood eateries offer great farm-fresh eats.

To get an overview of the options countywide, go to our Sonoma County Restaurants directory, click on Price Range and select the range that fits your budget; you can also filter the listings by city, region, and type of cuisine.

A water tower sits next to the only vegetarian drive thru in the US, Amy's Drive Thru in Sonoma County
Amy's Drive Thru, Rohnert Park

4. Which are the top 10 restaurants in Sonoma County?

Naming the top 10 restaurants in Sonoma County is difficult, because there are so many contenders, and it depends on what you're looking for. To find the restaurants that recently won awards or were rated by Michelin, Zagat, and others, read Best Restaurants in Sonoma County.

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In bountiful Sonoma County, there are always many great dining choices.

A bowl of colorful, Mediterranean-inspired cuisine from Stockhome Restaurant Petaluma in Sonoma County
Stockhome Restaurant, Petaluma

5. Which restaurants serve authentic Sonoma Wine Country food?

Many Sonoma County restaurants specialize in authentic Sonoma Wine Country food - which means they focus on locally-grown fresh produce, sustainably raised meats, and artisan food products, in healthy, innovative, and tasty combinations.

And to find these restaurants, read 7 Restaurants with Authentic Wine Country Cuisine, then go to our Sonoma County Restaurants directory and under Cuisine click on Wine Country.

A plate of crudites and dips are adorned with edible flowers at the Farmhouse Inn in Sonoma County
Farmhouse Inn, Forestville

6. Where do the locals eat in Sonoma County?

Where the locals eat in Sonoma County depends in part on where you are in the county, and what type of food you're talking about.

On the coast, locals rave about the crab sandwiches and clam chowder at Spud Point Crab Company.  In the big city of Santa Rosa, Betty's Fish & Chips is a longtime favorite. Local fans drive out of their way to pick up baked delights at Wild Flour Bread in tiny Freestone and Raymond's Bakery in equally tiny Cazadero.

And just about every community has its own popular local burger joint and favorite local diner. Food trucks are also a common choice for fast delicious food, as are the food vendors at the weekly farmers markets.

Shrimp and grits are served in a cast iron skillet at Tips Roadside in Sonoma County
Tips Roadside, Kenwood

For more details about locals' favorite places, read our Sonoma Insider Getaway Itinerary.

Written by Sonoma Insider Patricia Lynn Henley.