Frequently Asked Questions About Wineries in Sonoma County

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Frequently Asked Questions About Wineries in Sonoma County

1. Which wineries have lunch, picnics, and wine by the glass?

To find wineries that serve lunch, picnics, or wine by the glass in Sonoma County, read Top Wineries with Wine and Food Pairings, 11 Sonoma Wineries with Picnics, and 10 Sonoma Wineries to Enjoy Wine by the Glass. For even more ideas, check our listings of all Sonoma County Wineries

2. Where are the wineries with the most beautiful vineyards and views?

Glimpse wineries with beautiful vineyards and views by watching our video on Wineries with Beautiful Views, and for even more ideas, read 10 Sonoma Wineries with Gorgeous Gardens. Of course, all of Sonoma County's more than 425 wineries offer unique views and experiences.

3. Which wineries should I visit in 1 day?

Choosing wineries to visit in one day depends on whether you like white or red, or still or sparkling, and where you are in Sonoma County. As a starting point, read Top Wineries for First-Time Visitors. Or, check our listings of Sonoma County Wineries, click on Varietals, and search for your favorites.

4. Which wineries offer free wine tasting?

A number Sonoma County wineries offer free wine tasting: we list them in our article on Free Wine Tasting In Sonoma County. However, the list is subject to change, so always double check with each winery.

Members of Sonoma County Vintners' Visa Signature program also offer free tastings to Visa Signature card members. Learn more about the Sonoma Vintners' Visa Signature program.

5. Which wineries should I visit around Healdsburg?

To choose which wineries to visit around Healdsburg, start with a walking tour of its charming downtown area, where it's possible to spend several days sipping many of Sonoma County's best brands without once needing to hop in a car. For details, read Tasting Rooms for One-Stop Sipping.

Of course, there are even more options in and around Healdsburg, which sits at the juncture of three prime winegrowing regions (the Russian River Valley, Dry Creek Valley, and Alexander Valley). Check our listings of all Healdsburg wineries.

6. Which are the best wineries to visit around the town of Sonoma?

Listing the best wineries to visit around the town of Sonoma can take awhile, because the town sits in the heart of the lush and fertile Sonoma Valley, which includes 14,000 acres of vineyards and more than 50 wineries and tasting rooms. To focus your efforts, read Wine Tasting Itinerary: Sonoma Valley and Beyond, and then check our listings of Sonoma Valley Wineries.

7. How can I book a wine tour?

There are so many options; start by reading our Guide to Food and Wine Tours to get an overview of the possibilities, and choose the guided tour company that most interests you.

Or to find out what the wineries offer directly, check our directory of Sonoma County Wineries, click on Tours & Tastings, and select for the type of tour you prefer, from vineyard hikes to wine & food tastings, and more.

8. How can I see the Sonoma wineries on a map?

You can search for wineries by city or region on our interactive Sonoma County & Sonoma Wineries Map.

Or, if you prefer a paper map, order a copy of the Sonoma Wine Country Wine and Visitors Map.

Written by Sonoma Insider Patricia Lynn Henley.