Geyserville Wine Tasting


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Geyserville Wine Tasting

To drive or walk all the way through the quaint Wine Country town of Geyserville would take two minutes (or 20). Yet where world-class grapes grow, terrific tasting rooms thrive, and this north County burg brims with boutique destinations. There are several in downtown, and several along the countryside roads, so a visitor could easily spend an entire day here.

One of the newest in the area is Mercury Geyserville, which makes it clear that this isn't your grandfather's wine tasting experience anymore. Millennials, up to boomers and beyond, if you've got style, you want to be here.

Bare concrete floors rise up to floor-to-ceiling cubbyholes of wine bottles and jars of jam and pickled vegetables. The music groves from a pair of turntables, spinning vinyl records like the Best of Queen (Freddie Mercury, get it?).

There are Mercury dimes piled in a jar and Mercury the comic-book hero illustrated on T-shirts, to celebrate Mercury the planet blazing on a Pinot Noir label in tribute of Mercury the winged messenger, or the mercury mines that attracted get-rich-seekers to Alexander Valley in the quicksilver boom of the 19th century.

Fitting the small town vibe, production is as low as 50 cases, and one of the signatures is a red table wine in a 500-ml jug, sealed with a laboratory bottle cap and packed in a handmade 12-bottle wooden crate.

There are few places in Wine Country where you can enjoy such distinctive varietals as these, including Sauvignon Musqué, Noble Rot Late Harvest Pinot Blanc, and complex red blends like The Rocket.

Stars in the sky, stars in the glass – it's a great taste of Geyserville.

Mercury Geyserville, 21025 Geyserville Ave., Geyserville, 707-857-9870,