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Media Requests

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We have an extensive library of media assets such as photos, videos and b-roll you may request.

Photo/Video Request

We have an extensive library of photos you may request. You can sign up for our photo library online or we can email a small number of photos to you. If you would like B-roll footage of Sonoma County, please indicate whether you would like it in Beta SP or a DVD format.

Sonoma County Tourism Bureau images and B-roll can be used for:

• Illustrations for travel articles about Sonoma County in newspapers, magazines, Web sites or travel guidebooks.
• Illustrations in publications promoting attendance at a meeting or convention taking place in Sonoma County.
• Video footage promoting overnight and day visits to Sonoma County.
• Brochures published by tour operators and travel agents selling travel to Sonoma County.

SCTB images and B-Roll CANNOT be used for:

• Any paid advertising by anyone other than the Sonoma County Tourism Bureau.
• Production of items for retail sale such as coffee mugs, t-shirts, calendars, posters, mousepads, DVDs, etc.
• Promotion of business investments, real estate or relocation services, educational institutions, etc.
• Illustrations in textbooks or “coffee table” books.

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Need help with planning your press visit to Sonoma County? Please fill out the media assistance form.

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