Three Team Building Activities in Sonoma County

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Three Team Building Activities in Sonoma County

Who says team building needs to feel like work? Through a sense of adventure whether in a wine blending experience, culinary class, or a Serengeti Trek, these programs and more will inspire teamwork, improve communications, and create a fun environment to foster long lasting rewards for your company in Sonoma County. Below are just a few options for your next meeting. For these ideas and more, please go to and contact our sales office at [email protected] for more information.

Be The Count Wine Blending Experience at Buena Vista Winery

Who would like to be The Count or Countess? You will be at the Buena Vista Winemaker for a Day: 'Be the Count' experience. In this 90-minute, once in a century session we will guide you through the art of blending as Count Agoston Haraszthy would have over 100 years ago. Enter our beautiful blending cave to create a personalized bottle of red wine that the count could have only dreamed to blend. You will play with Zinfandel, Merlot and our mixed reds. Find the perfect palate then bottle, cork, foil and label your bottle. You will design your own label and leave with a newly branded wine tailored to your masterful palate. The best part is you can order as many cases as you desire - See more at:

Serengeti Treks at Safari West

Participants can go wild with the Safari West Serengeti Trek, a 90-minute trek led by experienced guides that brings guests face to face with giraffes, rhinos, monkeys and more. After experiencing the safari by transport vehicle, guests walk through the sanctuary's bird aviary in route to see more four-legged friends. Group Trek Tours are held for gatherings of a minimum of 20 to a maximum of 60 people. For more information: go to or call 707-566-3613.

Culinary Adventures at Ramekins Culinary School, Events + Inn

A hands-on private cooking class is our signature event. Guests divide into teams, cook and prepare a 4-course meal alongside experienced chef-instructors, and then enjoy the fruits of their labor in a delicious sit-down meal. You can turn it into a competition with who turns out the best dish! For more information go to:

Interested in planning a meeting or retreat in Sonoma County? We're here for you! The Sonoma County Tourism sales staff is ready to help you with any questions about planning your meeting to California's Sonoma Wine Country: Contact us.

Bonus activity: 

Mystery Missions by The Sonomist

Mystery Missions are interactive, clue-based scavenger hunts that deliver players to unique, unseen and undiscovered treasures in Healdsburg or the Sonoma Plaza. Teams of up to four players each can compete to see who can complete the most riddles, with the most right answers, in the shortest amount of time. Described as, 'an escape room, but outside,' Mystery Missions are custom-created by a local mastermind, and each solution is designed to delight and amuse. Plus, you'll have the added amazement of watching your coworkers and employees show off their clue-solving skills, teamwork and cleverness! To book your Mystery Mission contact The Sonomist directly at [email protected] or visit for more information.

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