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Free Marketing Opportunities

Howdy, Partners.

This is the page to find out about free and paid marketing opportunities from Sonoma County Tourism.

Services from SCT are free and available to tourism-related businesses in Sonoma County. We need your help to tell the rest of the world about your business. The more we know about you, the better we’re able to promote you through our sales and marketing channels. Free marketing opportunities include getting leads from the sales team, hosting journalists to experience your business, posting your events to our online calendar of events, submitting offers, and updating your web listing on www.SonomaCounty.com.

What We Do: At Sonoma County Tourism, we market and sell Sonoma County. Our objective of bringing more overnight visitors to Sonoma County depends on our hospitality partners — you.

Click here for Co-op Advertising/Marketing Opportunities, such as advertising in the Official Visitor Guide and Map, or current co-op opportunities, that give partners a chance to partner with Sonoma County Tourism to extend their own marketing budgets. Opportunities include co-op advertising, attending trade shows, and helping SCT sponsor events.

How we take your message to potential travelers:

  • Leisure Traveler: The marketing and public relations team connects with potential travelers through advertising, public relations, and marketing programs that include a robust social media presence.
  • Meetings: With offices in Sonoma County, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Texas, our sales team focuses on bringing groups nationwide to Sonoma County in the slower season and mid-week.
  • Tour and Travel: The sales team interacts with tour operators worldwide to encourage them to bring their customers to Sonoma County.


Submit special offers for off-season campaigns:

Sonoma County Tourism offers free programs for businesses to promote themselves. These programs are supported with paid advertising, social media outreach and public relations efforts, making sure that hundreds of thousands of potential travelers get our message. These specials do not have to be discounted, but can be value-added offers or a package promotion.

Sneakaway Campaign 2018

SCT is promoting Sonoma County travel to West Coast markets during the shoulder season. Make sure to offer travelers a reason to visit your business. The Fall Harvest campaign will run through December and is supported by online advertising.  There is no cost to participate. All offers that are submitted throughout the duration of the campaign, January through May 2018, will be included. (You will be able to block out holiday dates).

How to submit your deal:

If you do not have access to the Extranet, or do not have your password, please email Beth Snow at [email protected]

To see the current listing of specials, go to www.sonomacounty.com/deals

Contact the Sales Team

Contact the sales team at [email protected] in order to learn more about our complimentary lead service. Inform the sales team who will be your “lead catcher,” the person in your business who will respond to business leads we send out. The sales team also offers opportunities for partners to participate in trade shows. Most of these opportunities aren’t free, but offered at a reduced rate for partners. Contact the sales team for more information.


Media, advertising, and public relations opportunities available:

Get your business and your unique Sonoma County story in front of the hundreds of journalists a year. The public relations and marketing team interacts with local, regional, national, and international media by pitching story ideas, fact-checking articles, sending press releases, and hosting visits to Sonoma County.

Get noticed like these businesses. See examples of great media coverage here.

Journalist Handbook

You can attract travel journalists to your business by offering free wine tastings, meals, accommodations, and tickets to attractions. SCT's newest program, the Sonoma County Journalist Handbook, will be available only to qualified journalists who are screened by Sonoma County Tourism.  As with all SCT’s programs, your participation is free of charge.

This is your chance to showcase your business to an even larger number of journalists. Journalists who receive the handbook will contact you directly to redeem the offers. An offer can be a free wine tasting and tour, a 60 percent-off media rate for lodging, a free meal, or even 60 percent off a spa treatment. The choice of what to offer is yours.  This is your chance to show journalists the best of what you offer.

Offers are submitted through the Partner Extranet. 

For more information on how to submit to the Journalist Handbook, read here.

Send us your press releases

Make sure we’re on your press release distribution list. The more we know about you and your business, the better we can help promote you. Contact the team at [email protected] for more information about opportunities.

Finally, if you aren't submitting to our calendar of events or "What's New" press release then you are missing out on thousands of travel media. Put that on your to-do list.


Participate in complimentary programs:

Guest speakers discuss the latest information in the tourism industry

  • Partner Information Program

It's like speed dating, but with the entire Sonoma County Tourism team. You get five minutes to tell us about you, we get five minutes to ask questions. Only 6 businesses participate in the hour-long meetings that help us learn about you and helps you learn about us. PIPs happen monthly. To sign up send an email to Kristin Treiber, [email protected], or leave a message at 707-522-5813.

PIP Meeting Schedule for 2018

(All meetings run from 9AM – 10:30 AM)

February 8th

March 30th

May 3rd

June 14th

August 30th

October 18th

December 6th

Informal meetings where we can get to know more about each other

  • Newsletters

Read and respond to opportunities listed in the Tourism Update, Visitors Chronicle, and Publicity Alert


The Sonoma County Brandmark:


The "Sonoma County" brandmark was created as part of a branding campaign from the trio of Sonoma County Tourism, Vintners, and Winegrowers to increase recognition of Sonoma County as a place with premium visitor experiences, world-class wines, and abundant agriculture.

Tourism-, winemaking-, and agriculture-related businesses are encouraged to adopt the brandmark and use it within the licensing guidelines to promote the genuine, authentic, and independent nature of Sonoma County's brand. 

Your company or organization can join other Sonoma County businesses using the brandmark to promote their ties to the Sonoma County brand, including: Santa Rosa Convention and Visitors Bureau, Fairfield Inn and Suites Sebastopol, Sonoma Canopy Tours, Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary, Sonoma County Regional Parks, TWG BBQ Sauce, Costeaux Bakery and Woody's Wine Tours

Some other examples of the brandmark include "Visit Us in Sonoma County," "Brewed in Sonoma County," "Made in Sonoma County" and "Grown in Sonoma County." Got another idea? Please let us know - we are always up for new ideas.

To apply to use the brandmark, and for more information about the process, please contact Kristin Treiber [email protected] marketing operations manager, a 707-522-5813.

Please don't take these brandmarks - these are samples only. We will send you the real ones once you fill out the short application and you get approved. 


County of Sonoma and the Advertising Award Program:

Sonoma County Tourism Bureau is a private, non-profit organization that is separate from the County of Sonoma. The County of Sonoma is a government organization, and like all California Counties, is a unit of state government.

The "Advertising Program" of the County of Sonoma provides a venue for private, non-profit organizations to apply for funds for specified uses.

The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors established the Advertising Program in 1986 using Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) funds. 

Funds from TOT are made available for the promotional activities of private nonprofit organizations in Sonoma County whose purposes are to provide cultural, historical preservation, and other activities which enhance tourism and industry, and/or local community events which encourage a sense of community. Funds are also available for local Chambers of Commerce and Visitor Centers as well as various community impacts resulting from tourism.

In addition, the Advertising Program also provides funds for county department activities including, but not limited to, education and promotion of Sonoma County and recreational opportunities provided to both citizens of and visitors to Sonoma County.

This program is NOT part of Sonoma County Tourism Bureau, a private, non-governmental organization.

For more information on the County of Sonoma's Advertising Award program, include application guidelines and deadlines, please visit the Sonoma County Advertising Award Program on the County of Sonoma website.


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