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Let’s Get Married – Romantic Proposal in Wine Country

Bodega Bay - Sonoma Coast

So there’s been a lot of buzz lately about planning same-sex nuptials in Sonoma County, but there has been scarcely little talk about the build-up to the big day and that is really an untenable state of affairs.

Let’s not forget that it’s all well and good to fixate on the wedding of your dreams, but, if you actually plan to walk down the aisle with someone you love, a great many elements need to seamlessly coalesce long before that glorious day arrives — not least among which is a successful proposal.

Sonoma County is not only one of the most stunning and sought after wedding destinations in the country, it is also a destination filled with more romantic locales ripe for a proposal of love (or the build-up thereto) than almost anywhere else in the country.

If you’ve got your sights set on love and a hankering to propose to that special someone in a setting worthy of a Nancy Meyers rom com, then look no further than Sonoma.

Here are just a few choice options for making a memorable Wine Country proposal:

A Hot Air Balloon Ride

Imagine floating above picturesque vineyards, farms and the awe-inspiring natural scenery of Sonoma County in a hot-air balloon when you spring the big question on your unsuspecting partner. Is there a setting better suited to a picture-perfect engagement memory? I can almost see the tears and hear the word “yes” already.

Bodega Bay

Bodega Bay is one of Sonoma’s most spectacular jewels and it’s famous for delivering pretty magical sunsets with shocking regularity. Book in at Timber Cove Inn, take a walk at sunset and let the romantic mood set the tone for a proposal that will be all the water-cooler rage for eons to come.

Sugarloaf Ridge State Park

Why not let Mother Nature be your co-pilot at Sugarloaf Ridge State Park where waterfalls, oak woodland and clear views of the Sierra Nevada and the Golden Gate Bridge provide a dreamy natural backdrop for your proposal? As an added bonus, squeals of unanticipated joy and screams of happiness can be discreetly contained to you and your significant other if you pick the perfect location at Sugarloaf Ridge. In this setting the great outdoors can envelop you in a cloak of blissful privacy, so that you can celebrate your engagement far away from prying eyes. Hike up the mountain single and come down engaged … sounds like a pretty good afternoon excursion, no?

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