Ferns stand in the foreground underneath the canopy of towering ancient redwoods at Armstrong State Natural Reserve
Walk amongst giants at Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve

See California Redwoods in Sonoma County

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The serene, majestic beauty of western Sonoma County's redwood trees recall the primeval redwood forest that covered much of this Northern California area before logging operations began during the 19th century. California coastal redwoods count among the largest and oldest trees in the world.

Coast redwoods, or Sequoia sempervirens, are the tallest living things in the world, with some extending beyond 370 feet. The trees also rank among the oldest things on the planet. They're capable of surviving for 2,000 years or longer, although the average life span is roughly 500-700 years.

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Today, the sight of the towering giants entices travelers to get out of the car and experience them up close by walking, zipping, cycling, or horseback riding through them:

Walk Under Redwoods

The serene, majestic beauty of Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve offers a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. With 805 acres, Armstrong has trails throughout the reserve offering varying terrains from flat mulch-lined pathways to steep uphill inclines.

A couple walks along a fallen tree at Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve, Guerneville
Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve, Guerneville

The Discovery Trail offers a wheelchair accessible pathway, interpretive panels in Braille, and tree hugging platforms. Visitors are also able to drive through parts of the park, for a small fee. Once there, get ready to be amazed.

Zip Through the Redwoods

Discover the world-famous California coastal redwoods in a way you never imagined. Zip through the tops of the trees at a cool 25 miles an hour at Sonoma Canopy Tours.

A woman rappels down to the forest floor at Sonoma Canopy Tours, Occidental
Sonoma Canopy Tours, Occidental

'Zippers' glide through the trees, tackling seven lines, with the longest at 800 feet. A spiral staircase built around one of the trees leads to a 175-foot-long sky bridge, which sways and undulates over the fern-lined ravine below.

A second sky bridge and another zip line leads to the final platform and the 80-foot rappel back to Earth.

Pedal Past Redwoods 

Rent a bike from Getaway Adventures to explore western Sonoma County. This cycling center offers changing rooms and showers for a quick refresh between your ride and going out to a great Wine Country dinner.

From dense redwoods to the Pacific Ocean cycling in Sonoma County delights the senses
From dense redwoods to the Pacific Ocean cycling in Sonoma County delights the senses

Find heart-pumping action by riding a bicycle down a steeply graded road on a route that's been called 'intense' by local bike enthusiasts. The challenging King Ridge route begins in Monte Rio and is featured in pro cyclist Levi Leipheimer's Gran Fondo.

For a tamer ride, try the Bohemian Highway, one of the most scenic drives to be found anywhere in California. This 10-mile roadway winds through towering redwoods, gorgeous pastures, rocky ravines, and three charming townships, each with its own unique vibe: Freestone, Occidental, and Monte Rio. See organic farms and wineries, specialty nurseries, and innovative shops and restaurants along the way.

Sleeping Under Redwoods

Ah, to be tucked up for the night under the redwoods, or at least see them from the window of a cozy inn. Fern Grove Cottages nestles among the towering trees.

Cottages surrounded by redwoods can be found at Fern Grove Cottages, Guerneville
Fern Grove Cottages, Guerneville

Many of the cottages have fireplaces for those cozy, stay-indoors evenings. Being located near the Russian River makes this a perfect launching point for hiking through the trees or kayaking and canoeing down the river. Shops and restaurants are a short stroll away.

The Highland Dell Lodge, built in 1906, helped cement Monte Rio's reputation as a 'Vacation Wonderland.' The stunning view of the Russian River and the redwoods, the charm of the historic building, and modern amenities make this a perfect place to unwind and just relax. 

Tasting Under Redwoods

The reason to visit Sonoma Wine Country is, in a word, wine. Enjoy a bit of the bubbly at Korbel Champagne Cellars.

The highlight of any trip to Korbel is an extended tour through the historic champagne cellars and the history museum, ending with a tasting of its finest wines.

Roses bloom in the garden at Korbel Champagne Cellars, Guerneville
Korbel Champagne Cellars, Guerneville

You can also explore the Korbel Rose Garden, which features more than 250 varieties of antique roses, as well as about 1,000 other types of flowers. After, visit the Korbel Delicatessen & Market. Snack on cheese and fruit or have lunch – and a glass of wine – on the deck among the redwoods.

When the noise and stress of everyday life get overwhelming, it's time to embrace nature and rejuvenate among these gentle giants. Visit Sonoma County and hug a redwood tree today.

Three kids pose in front of a redwood tree with their hands outstretched at Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve, Guerneville
Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve, Guerneville

Read our Guide to the Russian River Resort Area for more info.

View a map showing all of California's coastal redwood state parks. To learn about Public Education Programs, visit Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods.