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Stay on a Sonoma County Farm

Go back to the roots on a farm stay at Full House Farm in Sonoma County.

Full House Farm in the Sonoma County community of Sebastopolin striking distance of Russian River winerieshas long been known for its farm stays.

Just about everybody enjoys a farm stay, from urban sophisticates who revel in the farm-to-table food, to couples who want a quiet but interesting stay in the country.

But, let’s face it, nobody could love a farm stay more than a kid. They encounter many new sights, experience much that they’ve probably never done, and there is plenty to learn. And whether it’s looking or doing or learning, it’s all tremendous fun.

“We designed this place for people to visit,” said owner Christine Cole. “We live here too, and we live off the garden and the animal products we raise. But we planned it specifically to invite people to share the farm experience with us.”

Full House Farm has two stand-alone vacation rentals, a small studio cottage and a three-bedroom/two-bath house. Both have sunset views as well as their own private landscapes, hot tubs, and kitchens.

You’ll probably want to use those kitchens. Stays include all delicious makings for breakfast: freshly-laid organic eggs, locally-baked bread, butter, jam, coffee and tea. You’ll also have access to the two organic vegetable gardens to harvest whatever is in seasonwhich includes, depending on the time of year, stone fruit, lettuce, onions, zucchini, cucumbers, string beans, and small yellow tomatoes.

With private trails running through the farm’s 23 acres of mostly wild forests and meadows, there is plenty of native wildlife to see here. You might sight deer, fox, raccoon, or even bobcats. If you’re a birder, plan to keep busy checking off your species list (common sightings include red-tail hawks and turkey vultures, but you may well spot something new).

And, of course, there are lots of farm animals, including sheep, goats, rabbits, horses, and chickens.

“We teach kids how to milk our goats,” said Cole. “Every single time a kid sits down to try, it’s the most wonderful thing to see. They get this huge smilethey just can’t believe they got milk out of a goat. Actually, adults have the same reaction.”

On weekends from May through November (and at other times of the year if weather permits), Full House Farm offers a 90-minute to two-hour “immersion” farm tour – it’s free to overnight guests; for others the cost is $20 for adults and $10 for children under 12.

On the tour you’ll learn about micro-farming, sustainable living, and organic foods. You’ll also meet the animals, learn to milk the goat, collect eggs, be photographed atop the tractor, and get to taste farm-made products.

“It’s hands on,” Cole said. “We taught a couple of kids how to harvest onion seeds. It’s pretty simple; you just shake them from the flower into an envelope. But it was very interesting for the kids. They see and touch the seeds, and now they know how onions are made.”

Full House Farm also offers an unusual life-education program called “Harmony with Horses,” and other workshops with horses.
Full House Farm 1000 Sexton Road, Sebastopol, 707-829-1561.

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