Enjoy some Sonoma County gems all to yourself when you visit on a midweek adventure.

5 Reasons to Visit Sonoma County Midweek


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Sonoma County makes for the ideal trip any day, but coming during the week makes for an adventure all its own. Some of the best times to experience Sonoma County's most iconic wild spaces, local food and wine, and cultural activities is Monday through Friday.

Here are 5 reasons to plan your visit in between weekends:


1. Have the beach all to yourself

Have you ever envisioned being the first to mark that pristine sand with your footprints? You can be when you make the beach your midweek adventure! Head to any of Sonoma Coast State Park's 17 miles of beaches (or stop along Sonoma County's 55 miles of coastline in general) and enjoy the untamed sublimity of Mother Nature.

2. Be first in the tasting room

With one-on-one attention from the estate sommelier, ask as many questions as you want when you come on a weekday. Because Sonoma County is home to a great number of small family wineries, there's a chance that you may even be able to meet the winemaker or owners on a slower weekday.

3. Enjoy the redwoods 

Go forest bathing and rejuvenate by enjoying one of Sonoma County's 60+ state and regional parks and forests practically to yourself. Go horseback riding in Jack London State Historic Park, hiking at Sugarloaf Ridge State Park, or picnicking inside a ring of redwoods at Grove of the Old Trees and enjoy a break from the buzz of daily life.

4. Reserve tables easily

Well-known restaurants and local hole-in-the-wall eateries alike can be pretty popular on weekends for good reasonwhich is why coming during the week can be such fun. Snag a table at such farm-to-fork staples as Farmhouse Inn with ease and enjoy Sonoma County's bounty all week long.

5. Find special offers on cool activities

From bicycling tours to free museum days to trail rides by horse and everything in between, there are all sorts of promotions running throughout the week to make Monday through Friday just a little bit more exciting. You can find such special offers on our deals page.

Pro Tip: Hotels, inns, B&Bs, and other lodging often offer lower rates on weekdays as well. Discover your ideal Wine Country lodging here.

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