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5 Things to Pick Up at the Santa Rosa Farmers Market

Cirque du Ferments at the Santa Rosa Farmer's Market

Offering the freshest local ingredients you can find in Sonoma County, the Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmers Market is a cook’s paradise. If you’re staying in a vacation home or hotel room with kitchenette and love starting your morning with a homemade organic breakfast, this is the place for you.

Located on the grounds of the Luther Burbank Center of the Arts in Santa Rosa, the market is filled with rows of local produce, handmade products, and delicious baked goods. As a California Certified Farmers Market, all the fresh fruits, nuts, veggies, eggs, honey, and plants are guaranteed to be grown and harvested in California, almost exclusively from Sonoma County. This market runs year-round, 8:30 a.m.-1 p.m., two days a week (Wednesday and Saturday).

Here are a few of my favorite Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmers Market finds:


Pasta from Beet Generation Farm

Their handmade, vegetable-packed pasta noodles illustrate beet Generation Farm’s motto “Eat Color.” In addition to maintaining a sustainable organic farm in Sebastopol, they make delicious vegetable-packed pasta. Each batch is handmade with various vegetables, based on what is available. The result is beautifully colored and very tasty pasta noodles that reflect the growing season. Buy a bag of roasted tomato and garlic pasta at the Santa Rosa Farmers Market, add heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil, and a drizzle of olive oil for a fabulous nutritious dinner.


Sea Salt Sourdough Loaf from Raymond’s Bakery

Stopping by Raymond’s Bakery is a must! Located in Cazadero in the coastal hills about the Russian River, Raymond’s Bakery uses local and organic grains and flours in all their breads. You will smell the mouthwatering pizza bread as you walk up and will be persuaded to buy a loaf or two in no time. My absolute favorite is the sea salt sourdough loaf; it is moist, flavorful, and the perfect addition to dinner. Insider Tip: This loaf is very popular! Try to get there before 10 a.m. to ensure you’ll snag some baked goods before they sell out for the day.


Wildflower Honey from Hector’s Honey Farm

Hector’s Honey farm is a third generation farm that practices sustainable farming and has a great appreciation for Sonoma County agriculture. Their honey is 100 percent raw, local, and unprocessed, and their bees are never given fake nectar. I remember begging my mom to let me buy all of their delicious flavored honey sticks as a child. I highly recommend checking out this booth, as Hector’s Honey Farm has won Best of Show at the Sonoma County Harvest Fair for over 11 consecutive years.


Jun from Cirque du Ferments

Cirque du Ferments is my favorite vendor to pick up my artisan dose of probiotic-enriched food. They sell delicious fermented veggies depending on available seasonal produce from their local Santa Rosa farm. Along with kimchi and sauerkraut, Cirque du Ferments also makes amazing jun, a refreshing fermented beverage made with green tea and honey. The company strives to have a zero carbon footprint by not harming the environment with their products. Don’t forget to ask for samples, too.


Oil from Eyrie Olive Oil

There is nothing quite like dipping a baguette into handmade local olive oil. Eyrie Olive Oil grows their Tuscan olive trees in an orchard overlooking the hills of Sonoma County. Their oil is rich, silky, and fantastic. It has even won them gold and silver medals at California State competitions.


Although I highly recommend trying these five products from the Santa Rosa Farmers Market, there are many more amazing and local ingredients waiting for you on your next trip to Sonoma County.  I hope I have inspired you to check it out!

You can find more information about Sonoma County’s farmers markets here. While you’re in Santa Rosa, be sure to enjoy one of the local restaurants nearby that use farm-fresh ingredients from the farmers market

Written by Sonoma Insider Julia Millan.

Details: Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmers Market, 50 Mark West Springs Road, Santa Rosa, 707-522-8629, open 8:30 a.m.-1 p.m., Wednesday and Sunday.

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