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Add Some Global Flavor to Your Wardrobe at Tamarind

Tamarind at the Barlow in Sebastopol.

A lot of people expect Tamarind, a contemporary women’s clothing store in Sebastopol, to be a restaurant, said owner Andrea Kenner.

That’s not surprising, given Tamarind’s location in Sebastopol’s new Barlow District: surrounded by farm-to-table restaurants, micro-brew houses, and craft coffee bars, a store named after a popular flavor in world cuisine is bound to become associated with food.

But that’s OK, according to Kenner: Like the store’s name, the clothing inside Tamarind is meant to evoke a sense of world flavor and global influence. 

Kenner, who has a background in fashion design and product development, is focused on showcasing unexpected, easy, and high-quality garments with her first retail endeavor.

“I’ve sourced brands that I really believe in, lines that inspire me, lines that have a story behind them,” she said.

That can mean anything from textiles hand-woven by a women’s cooperative in Africa, to sustainable domestic lines made with bamboo and natural dyes, to independent labels specializing in “almost wearable art.”

Still, Kenner said, the majority of what she carries is “wardrobe essentials — stuff you can wear every day, that you can dress up or dress down.”

Like the clothing it sells, Tamarind’s interior has been artfully designed and put together with love: Friends and family helped Kenner with everything from the hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind sales counter to the artwork hanging from the wall. It all keeps this globally inspired store grounded in undeniably local territory. Though the clothing doesn’t hurt, either.

“It’s all very Sonoma County,” Kenner said. “We don’t necessarily like to dress up, but we always like to look good.”  

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