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Albert Paley: Thresholds, A Sculptural Experience In Sonoma

Albert Paley: Thresholds, presented by the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art and the City of Sonoma, combines a museum exhibit with large outdoor sculptures scattered in and around historic downtown Sonoma.

Paley, a New York-based artist, is internationally acclaimed for his large-scale metal artworks. Initially trained as a jeweler and goldsmith, Paley pushes the boundaries of metal work through forging and blacksmithing, demonstrating a sound knowledge of materials science and engineering. However, amazingly, his current large-scale work still reflects the refined elements and methods of goldsmithing.

The artist draws inspiration from ancient mythology, as well as contemporary art, architecture, and nature. Within each of his works, three foundational elements stay true — the natural environment, the built environment, and the human presence.

 “In creating a work of art, besides my personal experience, my concern is how it emotionally and intellectually engages the viewer,” Paley says in his artist’s statement. “Through the creative process I have developed a personal visual vocabulary fundamentally based in symbolism and metaphor, which is implicit in my work."

Thematically, Paley’s work explores transformation through passages and metamorphosis. According to Linda Cano, who curated the exhibit, “The sense of transition and paradox is fundamental to the works in Albert Paley: Thresholds, where something is changed or reconsidered at the intersection of time and space.”

The exhibition at the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art features large sculptures and maquettes, as well as drawings that show the breadth of Paley’s process. You can see in his drawings how he takes an idea from paper to three-dimensional form. In particular there are a number of superb drawings and sculptures that he completed at Steneby, the School of Craft and Design in Sweden, which exemplify his mastery of drawing, as well as metal forging.

In addition to the museum show, several large-scale Paley sculptures are displayed around the City of Sonoma, including the Sonoma Plaza, Depot Park, the Sonoma Community Center, and next to the museum.

SVMA offers docent-led Public Art Walking Tours of both the public art installation and museum exhibit on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, at 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Tours meet at the Museum, a half block from the Plaza. Both indoor and outdoor exhibitions are on view now and through Oct. 1, 2017.

Sonoma Valley Museum of Art
551 Broadway, Sonoma

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