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How Rad! Are You the Next Sonomad?

Be the next Sonomad and win a trip to Sonoma Wine Country.

Win a Three-Day Adventure Across Sonoma and Star in our Ad Campaign

Do you speak SONOMA? If you do, you know that a Sonomad is someone who embraces the wanderlust and wonder of Sonoma County.

You also know that a real Sonomad would never use the antique word “rad.” But it rhymes, so work with us.

We’re looking for the next face of Sonoma County to appear in our award-winning “Do you speak SONOMA?” marketing campaign and it just might be you.

If you win our nifty contest, you’ll experience the best of Sonoma County over a three-day tour in late September 2013, featuring a photo and video shoot starring YOU. That’s includes wine-tasting, adventures among the ancient redwoods, walks in vineyards and amazing wine country dinners. 

If you’re authentic (of course you are) and genuine (natch), you’ll share your adventures in style, from the stunning beaches of the Sonoma Coast to the towering redwoods along the Russian River to the vineyards and farmlands that have made California cuisine famous, all to be documented and included in our new ad campaign.

Auditioning is easy. Just make a short video — 30 seconds or less, or take a photo, then give us some bright, erudite ideas on what Sonoma County means to you. Check out the details here, and make sure to send us your witty resume by Aug. 31 at 4:59:59 p.m. Sonoma County (Pacific) time.

You might be the next Sonomad! How fab!

Upload your video/photo and why you should be the next Sonomad at www.sonomacounty.com/sonomads.

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