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Asian Inspiration at East Wind Bakery

Dragon Cupcakes at East Wind Bakery in Santa Rosa

Well known for its excellent California cuisine, Sonoma County is also a treasure trove for ethnic specialties, offering exotic menu items like kimchee-stuffed croissants, Asian milk bread, and Thai lemon chicken soup.

All these delicacies and more await at Santa Rosa's East Wind Bakery on Sebastopol Road east of Wright Road. Through breakfast and lunch, get specialties like milk bread, a super soft, fluffy, and moist delight, offered plain ($5.50) or in flavors such as Earl Grey, wheat, or eggnog ($6.50).

The bread feels a bit like dessert, and it can be, slathered with Nutella and marshmallow fluff ($4.25), or banana, fluff, and kaya, a coconut jam popular in Singapore ($4.25). But it also makes an intriguing base for sandwiches stuffed with barbecue pork, spicy Korean beef, lemon shrimp, or Sriracha honey shiitake mushroom ($7.50).

For an extra taste treat, order a breakfast sandwich stuffed with egg, Chinese sausage, and kimchee ($4.85), or the bomb – that same sandwich fried Monte Cristo style ($6.50).

If you like croissants, meanwhile, this is your heaven, with a rainbow array starting at $2.20. Plain and chocolate are joined by marvels such as barbecue pork kimchee, pork belly, bacon cheddar jalapeño, bacon chocolate, Spam wasabi, and mushroom gouda.

On the sweet bakery side, East Wind tempts with po ta (Portuguese style custard tarts, $2), and bao ($1.90), which are steamed buns tucked with goodies like curry beef, taro, purple yam, or Bow Wow (hot dog).

For a lighter meal, try a noodle salad tossed with lemon shrimp or fried tofu ($8.80), or the unique phónion, a mix of Vietnamese phó and French onion soups ($4.99 cup/$6.39 bowl).

And be sure to try the beverages — you’ve never had anything this interesting before. Sea Foam is made with Retrograde coffee from Santa Rosa, mixed with spices like cardamom or Asian spices, and capped with sweet salty whipped cream.

Here’s some fun, too — stop in on Sunday afternoons for community Mah Jong games.

Details: East Wind Bakery, 3851 Sebastopol Road, Santa Rosa, 707-709-6098

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