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Big Gay Events: The Gayest Weekends of the Year

Sonoma's reputation as one of the leading destinations among LGBT travelers has been well-earned over the years thanks, in no small part, to an established year-round calendar of events that regularly bring all the boys and girls back to town on an annual basis.

Here's a rundown of the biggest of them all:

Mid-May | Russian River Women's Women's Weekend: The ladies descend on the Russian River for a weekend filled with dancing, pool parties and so much more. And, after more than three decades, the party continues to rage on.

Mid-June | Gay Wine Weekend: Enjoy three full days of LGBT events in Northern California's magnificent Sonoma Valley — home to some of the world's most prestigious wines and wineries. Celebrate with a Twilight T Dance, world-class wine and culinary delights, music and dancing in a private estate vineyard, VIP receptions, wine tasting excursions, champagne brunch and wine auction in one of the most famous luxury wine destinations in the world.

Early to Mid-June| Sonoma County Gay Pride Festival: An abundant line-up of  entertainment and family-oriented games and activities define the Sonoma County Gay Pride Festival. Expect regular sections like Lilith’s Lounge, the Radical Faerie Freedom Village, and the Pride in Wine Country Terrace, and even the occasional Bear Pavilion. Of course, there's also a traditional Pride parade complete with a march.

Early August| Lazy Bear Weekend: Around the first week of August every year, things get pretty hairy in the town of Guerneville as the more than a decade-and-a-half-old Lazy Bear Weekend takes over the town for a six furry days filled with grizzly entertainment ranging from clothing optional poolside parties, mini-golf tournaments and ice cream socials to late-nite “underbear” parties, dance events, poker tournaments, and bonfires … just to name a few of the activities on the jam-packed annual schedule.

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