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Celebrating Sonoma’s Marine Protected Areas

If you love the Sonoma Coast — of course you do, everyone does — you’ll want to check out three beautifully filmed, short, informative videos produced by the Sonoma Marine Protective Area Collaborative.  

Exploring the Tide Pools of the Sonoma Coast

Running just over four minutes, this enticing video offers amazing up-close views of the very cool animals that live in our coastal tidal pools — including something I’ve never seen before: a starfish with what looked a dozen or more legs. It’s fun to watch school-age kids in the video climbing all over the rocks to peer into crevices and pools, obviously fascinated by starfish, anemones, mussels, and other critters.

Fishing in Marine Protected Areas Off the Sonoma Coast

A four-minute look at the importance of Sonoma County’s Marine Protected Areas  (MPAs) in helping to keep regional commercial fishing viable (along with recreational fishing and the other ways in which most of us enjoy the coast). Bodega Bay commercial fisherman Dick Ogg and others provide real-world insights into the challenges that face the fishing community.

Sonoma Marine Protected Area Collaborative PSA

At a mere one minute long, this short-and-sweet video offers sensational scenery, along with a succinct but spot-on explanation about the Collaborative’s purpose: “Our Ocean. Our Future.”

In case you’re wondering, a Marine Protected Area was defined in 2000 by U. S. Presidential Executive Order 13158 as “an area of the marine environment that has been reserved by federal, state, territorial, tribal, or local laws or regulations to provide lasting protection for part or all of the natural and cultural resources therein.”

California’s MPA Collaborative Network consists of collaborative organizations that cover the state’s coastal communities. At this writing, there are fourteen state Collaboratives. Among them is the Sonoma County MPA Collaborative, which is co-chaired by Suzanne Olyarnik of Bodega Marine Reserve and Michele Luna of Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods.

To learn more, check out the videos and visit www.mpacollaborative.org.

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