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Celebrating Tibetan Art and Culture in 24k Gold

Tibetan Master Tashi from Tibetan Gallery & Studio in Sebastopol.

Tibetan Master Tashi from Tibetan Gallery & Studio in Sebastopol.

Tibetan Gallery & Studio in Sebastopol.

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Experience the values and uniqueness of another culture through the language of art in 24k Gold at the Tibetan Gallery and Studio in Sebastopol.

Stepping into the gallery, you are immediately captivated by the spectacular presence of the thanbhochi —a large traditional Buddhist scroll painting, also called a thangka, that occupies one entire wall about two stories high.

About the Painting

The painting has been a work in progress by artist Tashi Dhargyal since the gallery first opened in 2013. Tashi is a Tibetan thangka master who was the artist-in-residence at the Ganden Monastery in Dharamsala, India.

Visitors to the Sebastopol gallery can view Tashi working on the painting using traditional materials, tools, and methods, including hand-ground mineral pigments. After years of continuous work on the painting one of the most fascinating stages of the thanbhochi has now begun — the application of 24k gold to details of the imagery.

Tashi uses hand-made brushes from Japan to apply the gold to the exquisitely complex designs. The process of applying gold to a thangka is rarely seen, making this a unique opportunity. Once completed, the thanbhochi will be donated to a monastery in Tibet.

Watch a brief video of the thanbhochi painting process, Two Story Thangka: 19 Months in 2.5 Minutes, or on Facebook, Thangka and 24K Gold: The art of application.

Tashi has recently released a new book, Coloring For Meditation With Tibetan Buddhist Art. Published by Wisdom Publications and distributed by Simon & Schuster, the book is 104 pages and features 50 illustrations, as well as short descriptions of each image.

Details:Tibetan Gallery & Studio, 6770 McKinley St. #130, Sebastopol, in the Barlow. The gallery is open Saturdays and Sundays, 12 to 5 p.m. Admission is free. For more information call 707-509-3777. 

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