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Christmas with Johnny Mathis: Live at Weill Hall

A Johnny Mathis Christmas promises to bring good tidings to the Weill Hall, Green Music Center at Sonoma State University, on Friday, Dec. 19 as the legendary songman performs a line-up of the beloved holiday classics that have become his staple since he first recorded them back in 1958 as a tribute of sorts to his beloved parents.

Johnny Mathis is one of the great crooners of all time. He outsold Elvis in the early 1960 s, has sold nearly as many albums as Sinatra over the course of his half-century long career, had a greatest hits album that topped the charts for an astonishing 490 weeks (a feat virtually impossible to achieve today), and been praised by none other than Barbra Streisand as the singer after whose style she modeled her own.

He was even among the first stars to come out when, in an interview back in 1982, he famously said "homosexuality is a way of life I've grown accustomed to" despite being a notoriously private person.

Fittingly, Mathis, now 80 and still in fine form, continues to tour extensively and this year he’ll be back in Sonoma County to spread his own unique brand of holiday cheer.

"The original Christmas recordings I made were done especially for my mom and my dad who made Christmas special for my six brothers and sisters and I. We weren't poor but we just didn't have any money. That was something so special to us and I always wanted to make an album of Christmas music," the singer said in a recent interview with the NWI Times. "And, of course, I've had a great deal of success with my Christmas music."

Of course.  After more than five decades of popularity, Merry Christmas by Johnny Mathis still remains the standard by which many a holiday album is judged and with good reason. 

To check out the legend in person at Weill Hall, click here.

Get in the spirit of the season with one of Mathis’ most memorable holiday tracks on youtube.

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