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Conversations in Sculptures: New Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition at Paradise Ridge Winery

Crackle, by Linda Fleming at Paradise Ridge Winery (cropped)

In Sonoma County, as well as in life in general, successful collaborations involve good conversations. Setting the high-mark for effective partnerships, the Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation and Paradise Ridge Winery have come together again to present a fabulous outdoor sculpture exhibition that combines outstanding art in a stunningly beautiful and natural setting.

Thoughtfully placed in gentle meadows, hidden woodlands, and folding hills, the large-scale sculptures commune with nature, each other, and wandering visitors. Titled Conversations in Sculpture, the exhibition features 11 talented artists who explore the theme of conversations; defined as an exchange of ideas. These points of view, both literal and symbolic, encourage the viewer to participate and to respond.

Conversations in Sculptures was inspired when I attended an exhibition in San Francisco last summer,” explained Debra Lehane, curator of the exhibition. “What I observed as I walked around three large sculptures in an installation was a visual conversation between the pieces. What I learned was that the artist had a concern about an environmental issue. What I did next was turn to my companions and started a conversation. My hope is that many conversations will be shared as people view the works in Conversations in Sculpture.”

Conversations in Sculpture continues a powerful partnership that began in 2012 between two families, the Voigts and the Bycks, who own Paradise Ridge Winery.

"Our family is proud to partner with The Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation as we have done throughout the past few years,” said Walter Byck, Paradise Ridge founder. “They are widely recognized for supporting world-renowned sculptors and being the greatest contributor of public art in Northern California. The artists, art, energy, and vibrancy they bring to Paradise Ridge adds to our mission of serving community with inspiring art.”

The exhibition opens with a reception on June 20, 2015, from 1 to 4 p.m., and will remain on view through April 2016. The participating artists are Terry Berlier, Welat Najeeb (see picture above "Boxes of Discovery"), Dee Briggs, Joey Enos, Linda Fleming, Jin Lee, JP Long, Nathan Lynch, Mark Malmberg, Gregory Pagel, and Sabine Reckewell.

Conversations in Sculpture is free and open to the public seven days a week at Paradise Ridge Winery, 4545 Thomas Lake Harris Drive, in Santa Rosa. For more details visit www.celebratesculpture.com.

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