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Family Camping in Sonoma County Regional Parks

Family picnic on a riverside campground.

Camping in Sonoma County is not just budget-friendly and fun, it’s also a great way to hang out with the people you love.

My family went camping for a few weeks every summer when I was a kid, and I’ve treasured those memories all my life. So do my siblings. Many is the time we’ve recalled picking blueberries on a hillside in Maine, the day two of us lost the canoe’s oars and were stuck in the middle of a small lake until a passing putt-putt towed us back to shore, or the time my dad—now 90—speared a trout in the shallows of a stream with a tent stake.

Camping offers so much: it’s inexpensive, it teaches you to move free and easy in the outdoors, gives you skills that tend to come in handy throughout life, and gifts you with confidence in your abilities. The plainest food tastes fabulous when cooked over a campfire, or even a portable camping stove. You’ll never feel as clean as you do when emerging, shivering in the crisp morning air, from a camp shower.

For families the benefits are myriad. Days spent hiking, swimming, paddling, and adventuring not only provide memories—they also bring you closer. Marching off to a ranger talk over an evening campfire becomes a thrilling experience that you’ll discuss all next day. We are not quite or usual selves when camping—for one thing, everyone from the youngest child to the greatest elder is more relaxed—and for some reason that makes it easier for everyone to laugh, listen, and enjoy.

Finally there is this simple fact: campgrounds tend to be located at extremely beautiful and activity-laden locations. And while you’re sleeping in that tent or RV, those beautiful spots are your home.

Here’s a rundown on campgrounds managed by Sonoma County Parks—a starting point to let you create your own camping memories:

  • Spring Lake Regional Park: North of Sonoma Valley and located in but on the bucolic outskirts of Santa Rosa, Spring Lake’s individual campsites are available from May 1-September 30 (the rest of the year it’s only open on weekends and holidays). A group campground is available, by reservation only, throughout the year. Download a map of Spring Lake Regional Park.


Additional Information

  • Most campsites offer a fire ring and picnic table, with showers, flush toilets, and potable water are nearby. You can see a chart of individual park amenities here.
  • All campgrounds have a certain number of sites with disabled access.
  • Depending on campsite type and season, rates range from $20 to $32 per night.
  • Find more information about Sonoma County Regional Park


Find info about all campgrounds in Sonoma County.

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