Shaved ice cream and refreshing fruit drinks are popular items at the new Flavor Fiesta in Windsor.

Flavor Fiesta is a Dessert and Drinks Party in Windsor

Carey Sweet

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With shaved ice cream, donuts, fruit fritters, raspados (shaved ice), ice creams, mangonada (fruit drinks), and more, there's something for every sweet tooth at the new Flavor Fiesta in Windsor.

For all the marvelous Mexican food to be had in Sonoma County, we don't often think of Mexican desserts. Deep fried ice cream or churros, and that's generally it. But Flavor Fiesta is changing that.

Flavor Fiesta, Windsor, Sonoma County, California

Some of the treats are a bit unexpected, like the mangonada with lots of fresh mango on top of a mango smoothie/granita. It's topped with lime and chile and packs some sizzle and spice, and it's one of my new favorite bites. Some of the recipes are unusual, too, such as the shaved ice cream, which is flaky soft, not as sweet as regular ice cream, and can be topped with goodies like boba pearls and pirouette wafers.

Flavor Fiesta, Windsor, Sonoma County, California

Yet worry not, the friendly staff offers complimentary samples, so you can explore as much as you like. You may find your delight is lemon cookie ice cream, or perhaps it's strawberry milk with tapioca, or honeydew boba tea, or a banana protein smoothie. Fruit cocktails are delicious treats, too, with or without syrup, and be sure to try a Bionico, which is a fruit salad drenched with crema and topped off with granola, shredded coconut, raisins and honey. We can customize everything to our liking; no raisins for me, please.

For something lighter, aqua fresca are refreshing, stocked with fresh fruit, or you can sip a chilled fresh fruit juice. Hot and cold coffees are other popular drinks, including frappes. Essentially, if it fits in a cup, you can have it.

Flavor Fiesta, Windsor, Sonoma County, California

Here's a secret, too – the cooks will make Tostilocos (Tostito chips topped in all kinds of craziness like candies and salsa), esquites (Mexican street corn served in cups and smothered in things like mayo, cheese, and chile powder), and Tostiesquites (combo of Tostilocos and esquites). These are cult snacks, and I'm guessing, after trying to work through a bag of chips and candy, an acquired taste.

Even the space feels festive. Painted in lime green, watermelon pink, and lemon yellow with mango orange furniture and draping, the space includes comfy couches for lounging. Olé!

Details: Flavor Fiesta, 8499 Old Redwood Highway, Suite 108, Windsor, 707-517-0096.