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Get to Know This Famous Tea Shop in Duncans Mills

Trombly’s Tea & Table in Duncans Mills happens to be a favorite Sonoma County stop along scenic Hwy 116 from the Guerneville / Russian River Valley area to the Sonoma Coast (or vice versa).

A sensual blend of tea, for example … one with so many rich and complex layers of aroma that you might consider using it as a potpourri. Or gift ideas that you not only covet for yourself, but which could also instantly up your credentials as a gift-giving visionary.

This is where Mr. Trombly steps in. Yes, there is a Mr. Trombly. He’s one of two owners of the tea and table shops that sit side by side in the tiny pastoral town of Duncan Mills. Brian Trombly’s mom was British, thus the Tea Shop. His father, French, inspired Brian to create a Table Shop. They are a perfect complement to each other.

The Tea Shop features two entire walls of tea jars — more than 200 of them — and almost all of them contain private blends of green, black, oolong, white, herbal, or rooibos teas. If you like tea, plan to spend a little time there, smelling the samples and reading all the fabulous natural flavor combinations available. In fact, they will also create a custom blend just for you.

Note to self: What a unique and highly personal gift idea for a special tea drinker: Give them their own custom-made tea blend!

Of course there is always a pot of tea brewing to sample if you need some ideas. You’ll even find handmade soaps, made by one of the town residents who crafts them in the back of her shop, many of them infused with Mr. Trombly’s teas.

Then take a short stroll to the shop next door — the one with the blue bicycle parked out front, loaded down with overflowing masses of flowers. That would be Mr. Trombly’s Table shop.

In addition to dinnerware, linens and table accessories that create a feast for the eyes, you’ll find another wall of gourmet cuisine choices awaiting you. This time it’s over 180 custom spice, seasoning and rub blends. Most are created with locally grown sources and most are organic.

Or try the delicately flavored artisan olive oils from Best Dog Ranch, located in the town of Cazadero, just next door to Duncans Mills. The olives are grown, pressed and filtered by a husband-and-wife team — and if you have any questions just look for the gardener tending the brilliant cottage gardens around the shops. She’s the wife of that team.

If you’re looking to take home an authentic taste of the artistry and culinary talent of this little slice of heaven we call Sonoma’s “West County,” you could do no better than to start here.

And, while you’re at it, have lunch at Cape Fear cafe. They’re famous for their fresh California cuisine, enlivened with a bit of a Southern flair. Or poke around the antique shops and eclectic general store.

Oh, and before you leave, stock up on a bag of buttery and crisp pastries for later snacking, from the Gold Coast Bakery across the street. The list can go on and on …

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