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Holiday Gifts for the Wine Enthusiast

Champagne and Sparkling Wine Saber from Sigh in Sonoma, California

The holidays are not only a great time to enjoy Sonoma County wine, but to also give other wine enthusiasts a holiday gift that they’ll love. Whether it’s a gift that makes them laugh or a gift that they could use for years to come, wine accessories can be an easy and affordable holiday gift. Here are a few ideas to make your wine-drinking friends and family happy this month: 

Wine Decor from Atrellis Flowers & Gift Shop

Atrellis Flowers & Gift Shop on the Windsor Town Green is a perfect stop for beautiful and classy home decor featuring your favorite: wine. Everyone enjoys a funny sign or slogan on a desk, wall or countertop to give them or their guests a little laugh. But I'm warning you, you can spend hours in here! And not to mention, pick up some beautiful flowers at the same time.


A Sparking Wine & Champagne Saber from SIGH

Sonoma County’s only bubble bar Sigh is well-known for teaching guests it’s favorite party trick: sabering a champagne bottle. But what you might not have known is that they also sell the sabers right in their tasting bar in the Vine Alley of downtown Sonoma! Get your girlfriends together and learn how to saber with the owner Jayme, and then take home a saber for your next party.

Saber Saturday #sighsonoma #champs #champagne #champagnebar #farmerfizz #michelforget

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A Wine Aerator/Preserver from Williams-Sonoma

A wine aerator or preserver is a great idea for a gift that can be used for years to come. It can make that great bottle useful for a few extra weeks, or savor the tanons of your favorite bottle through aerating. And what a better place to get a gift for a wine lover than at Williams-Sonoma, the appliance and home decor master in Sonoma County?

Yep, those are from Eye of the Day. So sorry Pottery Barn. @williams-sonoma

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Wine Furniture from Sonoma Barrel 

Although this gift might be on the more expensive side, Sonoma Barrel Designs in Santa Rosa have some unbelievable woodwork with you guessed it: wine barrels. Their work is truly unbelievable, and it ads just the perfect touch of Wine Country to your home!


Wine Luggage from Wine Check

After you visit some of your new favorite wineries during your trip to Sonoma, you're going to want to bring home some goodies for others (or for yourself!) Did you know that wine flies free from the Sonoma County STS Airport? All you need to do is get your own wine luggage from Wine Check to transport and you can fly a whole case home! It's that easy. Driving? Check out these other tips on shipping and transporting wine home.


Local Sonoma County Cheese

Cheese might be one of the most common things to pair with wine, but pairing Wine Country cheese with Wine Country wine will make your glass taste immaculate! Not to mention, our local cheeses are delicious. Because there are so many to choose from, we recommend you take the Cheese Trail Map to get started.


Last But Not Least...

WINE! Did you know that we have OVER 400 WINERIES IN SONOMA COUNTY?!


Looking for more unique holiday gift ideas or things to do in Sonoma County during the Holidays?

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