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Journey to the River's End Restaurant & Inn

River's End in Jenner

When was the last time that you felt you were in the right place… at exactly the right time? River’s End Restaurant and Inn offers you that opportunity, nightly, on the stunning Sonoma County coast.

Begin with a restaurant reservation for a romantic meal while watching a spectacular sunset over the ocean from your table. You’ll find the menu and wine list to be eclectic and global in inspiration, with fresh and locally sourced ingredients.

Then make sure you’ve booked your stay in one of the inn’s charming, lodge-style cabins. You’ll find them hidden in plain sight, under towering Monterey Pines, perched on a cliff that overlooks the estuary of the Russian River, and beyond that, the ocean.

The River’s End Restaurant and Inn was built in 1927, to offer hearty food and rustic accommodations for fishermen, lumberjacks, and those who simply wanted to escape to the unique beauty of the Northern California coastline. Those cabins have since been upgraded to suit modern sensibilities, but have retained the charming knotty pine walls, individual private balconies and expansive views to the ocean.

Give yourself time to do some beachcombing and ocean gazing before you leave in the morning. I walked along their private beach, as well as a public beach (just a five minute stroll down the road), to see egrets and stilts hunting for their breakfast; cormorants setting up their crowded, noisy communal roosts on sea stacks and coastal rocks; one singularly impressive raptor swooping over the waves; and a raucous herd of harbor seals who seemed more intent on playing than eating.

I understand that during the migration periods of spring, you can enjoy whale watching from your balcony as well. One suggestion: bring binoculars. And maybe a good field guide. The variety and beauty of coastal wildlife viewing can be pretty amazing.

The cabins themselves are perfectly designed for unplugging from the modern world, literally. When you stay at River’s End you are out of reach of text, twitter, phone, and email interruptions. There is no wide screen TV overwhelming the friendly and intimate bar in the restaurant. No fax, no copy machine, no data ports, no newspapers.

What you will probably find: a spectacular, starlit sky over the ocean at night, misty beach walks in the morning, and, in most cabins, a cozy gas stove to curl up by while you sip your first cup of tea or coffee.

It’s the perfect place to rekindle a relationship with someone you love, and to renew your joy in the simple pleasures of witnessing the workings of nature.

In short: bring someone you love to this rustic and charming oasis at the edge of the world, for an oceanside gourmet dinner and an intimate morning of quiet beach combing.

While you're on the coast, don't miss the sunset views from Jenner by the Sea or the seals mingling along the ocean

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