Kamura Sushi Serves Ramen in Santa Rosa

Carey Sweet

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Sonoma Wine Country folks can never seem to get enough ramen, and why not – the slurpy stuff is so delicious, packed with slippery noodles and local meats, veggies, egg and whatever else the chef decides to indulge us with. At the new Kamura Sushi in Santa Rosa, chef-owner Andy You makes a tonkatsu ramen, the black garlic-infused pork broth stocked with chasu, soft-boiled egg, menma fermented bamboo shoot, kikurage wood ear mushroom, corn, green scallions, and tempura nori.

interior of Kamura Sushi restaurant in Sonoma County

And here’s something I’ve never seen before: you can request your noodles be made from kale, instead of traditional wheat. Whatever noodle you choose, your ramen will go well with the Ramune sold here, a Japanese brand of fruity carbonated soft drinks.

The small eatery at Sebastopol Road and Fresno Avenue used to be Yireh Sushi, and chef You still offers plenty of fresh fish such as nigiri, sashimi, chirashi, and classic rolls like the Cherry Blossom of salmon and avocado wrapped with tuna.

Specialty rolls are creative with combos such as a Stony Point of tempura shrimp and crab topped with ebi, mango, avocado, lime juice, tomato, cilantro and unagi sauce, or the S Cube of panko-fried California roll topped with escolar, hamachi, spicy tuna, kaiware sprouts and tobiko.

tonkatsu ramen at Kamura Sushi in Santa Rosa

Also worth noting are the very good udon dishes, with fish cake and mushrooms; veggies; or fish cake and mushrooms with veggie and shrimp tempura on the side. Vegetarians aren’t overlooked, either – there are many options, including avocado-mango sushi, tofu skin sushi, seasonal veggie nigiri, and crispy fried veggie-potato croquettes.

Chef You stretches into other areas, as well, offering Korean fare such as bulgogi, or soy-garlic barbecue ribs. In a nice touch, the casual spot offers Japanese beer, sake and local wine, too.

The decor is as colorful as its menu, too, sporting bright red walls hung with black and white landscape photos, hanging paper lanterns, and dark wood tables. Do keep in mind, there is no sushi bar, just a sushi work station and cold case. But no worries – the place is cozy enough that even table diners feel up-close with the chef.

Details: 3800 Sebastopol Road, Santa Rosa, 707-526-2652, Facebook.com/KamuraSushi