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Limited Edition: Healdsburg's One-of-a-Kind Designer Fashions

Designer Diana Sanabria 

At the intersection of art and fashion you’ll find designers whose craftsmanship and creative vision are so rich, innovative and sophisticated that you could be excused for calling their work “wearable art”. Healdsburg’s town square is home to some museum quality examples – including cool and classic looks to those with more eclectic, global vibes. Best of all, you could find yourself actually talking to the designer, gathering the background information on each garment - from the sources of materials to the sewing techniques and the inspiration behind the piece. This is definitely an “anti-department store” experience.


Yasuko Bloom

Right on the square is a store called, appropriately, Yasuko. Inside you’ll find a Japanese-inspired collection that covers everything from couture level evening wear to those pieces that you’ll reach on a daily basis. At one end are elegant designs using authentic, vintage silks from handprinted and/or hand-painted kimonos, or the fabulously embroidered obi sashes. At the other end, the Aizome/Sashiko pieces employ the deep blues that can only be produced by using authentic indigo dyes, paired with the striking style of hand stitching (sashiko) used to create durable work clothing in traditional Japanese culture. And in-between, you can choose from a stunning collection of simple and chic options for work and casual entertaining.


Diana Sanabria

Hailing from one of South America’s design capitals – Bogota, Colombia – Diana is now a world traveler who sources her materials, manufacturing techniques and design inspiration from emerging designers around the globe. You might find a beautifully finished coat crafted of the pure cashmere of Mongolian goats, which was spun and finished in England and then designed and manufactured in Italy. Another design, with a distinctly contemporary aesthetic, combines virgin wool and cotton with handwoven fabrics crafted by indigenous peoples in Colombia. If you have any questions, just ask the designer Diana or her partner, Steve Laska. Their combined knowledge and advice is good for an engaging 1/2 hour lesson in fibers, fashion and cultures.


Adelle Stoll

Adelle created her company, The Silo, as a response to the need for more small production, American-made accessories. What is not evident in her superbly sophisticated bags and jewelry is that she is largely self taught, working first in leather, then in felt, from her workshop at home. Each handbag is crafted of a single piece, folded origami-style into a practical and handsome accessory. Durability and timeless design factored into the name “Forever Bags” given to this collection. Her jewelry is handcrafted of lightweight and perfectly packable leather that can be slipped into a suitcase only to emerge time and time again as a central and stunning accessory. The colors are luscious – and perfectly spotlight the quality of materials and craftsmanship. Watch her space this summer when she will be coming out with her new line of handcrafted shoes in the same magnificent colors and uber-soft leathers. She shows her work at the European clothing store, OSKA, which is also right on the square.


And as you stroll the square, take time to stop into some of the other unique, designer shops found along the way: Clutch, Susan Graf LTD and Danielle Nicole Boutique.

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