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Meet Sonoma County Artist Carla Sarvis

"Summer Pool" by artist Carla Sarvis

Sparkles of colorful light dance about Carla Sarvis’s sunny western Sonoma County studio.

As a glass artist, Carla magically transforms color and light through her kiln-formed vessels and free-standing panels of art glass. All of her pieces are hand cut and many have over 100 cuts of glass.

Carla's glass artwork reflects her personal aesthetics of saturated colors combined with in-laid mosaic imagery. She creates bold abstract designs that highlight a particular color field, and are jewel-like and striking in composition.

Growing up in the Italian North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco, Carla was immersed in folk and classical music, as well as modern dance. These early childhood experiences, along with many travels to Mediterranean countries, influenced her sense of color and composition. A long career in theater arts also contributed to her desire to tell or interpret a story through visual forms.

For Carla, being in her studio, surrounded by her work, and the work process in itself is a motivating experience. "My inspiration” she said, “comes from a love of tiles, color, form and movement. Working with glass is a quiet time for me — a time of contemplation, thoughtful intent, and thinking through ideas."

Carla moved from her native San Francisco to Forestville with her husband and son in 2005. After settling into Sonoma County, she soon discovered a vibrant and strong art community that supports collaboration with other artists. Here she found numerous artist groups and organizations that provide various opportunities for artists including the popular open studio events such as Art at the Source, and Sonoma County Art Trails.

Carla’s work continues to reflect her experiences. After recently returning from a trip to Sicily and southern Italy Carla recalled, “I was influenced by the incredible marbling that I saw in so many buildings and works of art. Much of the landscape was old, dry and earthy. Urban environments presented peeling paint and hidden frescoes. These memories formed a new color palate for me and a desire to work from those images.”

Carla Sarvis is a featured artist at the Graton Gallery, through June 28. In October 2015, she will be participating in Sonoma County Art Trails Open Studios. Her work is represented by The Highlight Gallery in Mendocino, as well as Graton Gallery in Graton. Upcoming events are listed on her website www.carlasarvisglass.com.

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