Meet a Sonoma County Artist: Laura Postell

“Bathtub,” by Laura Postell - Sonoma County Artist.

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Meet a Sonoma County Artist: Laura Postell

Laura Postell draws, scribbles, and writes all over her artwork. She uses stream-of-consciousness phrasing, what she terms a 'visceral use of language,' to find new ways of exploring domestic subjects.

In her artist statement, Postell explains, 'A tube of lipstick simultaneously asserts itself as a talisman, target, icon, and weapon. A jug of laundry detergent, a can of beer, [or] a broom are rebranded with potent messages.'

In other words, suddenly the most basic stuff of the home becomes unusual and worth looking at again.

We recently asked Postell some questions about her art.

1. What do you do? Describe your art.

I do mixed-media work — acrylic, ink, oil pastel, and collage — with domestic imagery (e.g. hand-mixer, laundry detergent) and text.

2. Where can we see your art?

At my website,

3. What inspires you?

I'm inspired by how things are seen and, in particular, how I infuse things in my surroundings with emotions, thoughts, concepts. 

4. How does being in Sonoma County affect your art?

I enjoy the art from recycled materials — Patrick Amiot and Brigitte Laurent, Renga Arts — and feel encouraged to express humor in my work. I also have felt an isolation living in Sonoma County for the past few years that lends itself to a deeper contemplative nature in my work.

5. What else should we know about you? Your art?

I grew up in Jackson, Miss., and earned my bachelor of fine arts degree from Cleveland Institute of Art. I also received a master's in psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies. 

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