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Meet a Sonoma County Artist: Seymour Bergman

Seymour Bergman

The relaxed setting of Sonoma County, its vistas and vibe, can have an interesting impact on those who have relocated here. We put our "Five Questions" to Seymour Bergman, who lives in Healdsburg. Get a take on this artist and then see how Sonoma County finds its way into his work.

1. What do you do? Describe your art.

I try to represent an emotional reality via painting, drawing, and printmaking. My art is derived from my history and immersion in the physical and spiritual world, my family, and society.

2. Where can we see your art?

My art can be seen at the Hammerfriar Gallery in Healdsburg.

3. What inspires you?

Sonoma County, my hikes on the "Ridge" in Healdsburg, human reality, and the pleasure of creating my representation of reality.

4. How does being in Sonoma County affect your art?

As a New York City transplant to Sonoma County, I am completely inspired by the landscape and ambience of our county.

5. What else should we know about you? Your art?

I like my work to be meaningful and beautiful, expressing my relationship to our world in protest as well as pleasure.

A specific aesthetic rule or philosophy is only helpful and usable if it would aid my ability to express thoughts and feelings. However, I feel free to utilize all of art history when it furthers the beauty and meaning of my work.

Our art history offers an extremely diverse world of image treatments and philosophical rationales for these image treatments. I would like to add to the stock of available visual reality. I find that whether I work abstractly or with more realistic images I am most comfortable working in a surrealist inspired approach.  

Seymour Bergman
Hammerfriar - Seymour Bergman

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