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Meeting Trends with a Sonoma County Twist

With the new year behind us and meeting trends forecasted, we can ask ourselves, how does this all relate to meetings in Sonoma County? Meetings attendees are “more travel savvy” and their time is valuable. Many activities that were once unique, now seem common. How can our meetings department help your organization plan an “off the charts” meetings experience? DMC’s are no longer “brokers” of group experiences, we are fully engaged in making your visit a memorable one.

With the growing influence of Millennials in our workforce, we will continue to see a “raising of the bar” when planning an event. Meetings are no longer your typical “9 to 5 in a meeting room lecture”.  To draw attendance, planners will need to make meetings as engaging, unique and interactive as possible.  With this in mind, our Meeting Sales Department is on a constant search for new experiences for your attendees.  

Can we help change your learning environment and find a meeting location that promotes creativity?  Collectively, our team has visited hundreds of unique locations throughout the county that are in historic homes, wineries, restaurants, parks and barns, you name it! Can we host your board meeting at an original Spanish adobe home, or in a winery with views that are like no other? We can also assist with new teambuilding activities or education from our experts, help arrange a historical tour on Sonoma’s Plaza or a formula car racing experience at Sonoma’s Raceway.

We realize each meeting is unique and we are here to make yours the best, so be sure to ask your CVB rep. They may have a fresh idea that will make your meeting the best! 

Please feel free to contact your representative at Sonoma County Tourism with any questions you may have with regards to our new meeting venues and experiences.  


Our Sonoma County Tourism Team brings a wealth of local knowledge and extensive professional experience. We are here to help!

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