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New Barrel To Bottle Tasting Uncovers Some La Follette Wines Secrets

Have you ever wondered how a wine evolves from simple juice in a barrel or tank, to an award-winning finished bottle?

With the new La Follette “Barrel To Bottle” tasting experience being offered at the Sebastopol winery’s tasting room, winemaker Greg La Follette himself shares his secrets, guiding guests through in-depth barrel tastings of his highly acclaimed single-vineyard Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs.

Along the way, the vivacious and loquacious wine master explains the lively journey from barrel aging wine to the finished blend. It’s science, art, and the blessing of Mother Nature through top quality grapes.

The adventure begins at the La Follette barrel aging cellar, where La Follette draws tasting samples of three different Chardonnays and three different Pinot Noirs directly from the barrel. As guests sip, he details what makes each wine so interesting, describing the differences in vineyard sites, grape clones, and even barrel types and coopers.

It’s a rich education. While steeped in the traditions of Burgundy, La Follette’s winemaking pushes the edges of convention. He uses unique vine thinning techniques in the vineyard and wild yeasts in the cellar, punching the wine down by hand. Stainless steel dairy vats are used to craft the Pinot Noirs.

Next, guests join him at the La Follette tasting room at The Barlow in Sebastopol for a tasting of finished wines.

It’s a unique opportunity to explore firsthand how unfinished wines blossom through careful nurturing, as explained directly by the artist tending the grapes.

Details: La Follette Barrel to Bottle Tour costs $55 per person and is available by appointment. Contact Lisa Gower at 707-827-4933. La Follette Wines at The Barlow, 180 Morris St., Sebastopol, lafollettewines.com

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