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Nichibei Potters Studio Celebrates Green Art October 8-9 & 15-16, 2016

Nichibei Green Pottery

Among Sonoma County’s wide array of art and artists, few creators are as specialized as Nichibei Potters Studio in "green" art. Although pottery is a popular art niche, Nichibei is unique in that fact that they blend the elegant tradition of Japanese folk art with a distinctly contemporary flair.

In what’s truly a unique touch, all the pieces, from jars to teacups to animal sculptures, are finished in the bold, beautiful color green. The dramatic palette unifies all the work, in varying shades and kissed with browns, golds and teal blue.

At the “All Pots Art Green” open house that’s part of Art Trails in October, green might seem like a broad statement. After all, Sonoma County recently opened the doors for cultivating an entirely different kind of green "pot" (the medicinal kind). But no, this is about tradition, in the Asian love of the soothing yet dynamic color.

Green is the color of fertility and growth in traditional Japanese culture. It represents youth and vitality, and the energy of growth. As the vibrant color found abundantly in nature, the Japanese word for green, midori, is also the word for lush green vegetation. What better reference to the flourishing Sonoma landscape?

So gather at the Nichibei Potters’ Sebastopol studio this October, for a lively discussion with the artists, and demonstration of their craft. Then browse the newly fired kiln load of pots, all of which, or course, are green, to find that special something to vitalize your home.

Note: Art Trails runs October 8- 9, and October 15-16, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. Nichibei is participating in the event along with dozens of other private studios and galleries across Sonoma County, all hosting open houses and artist meet-and-greets.

Learn more about the Art Trails taking place through Sonoma County in October. 

Details: Nichibei Potters, 1991 Burnside Road, Sebastopol

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