Pho Ha Vienamese Restaurant in Sonoma

Carey Sweet

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Pho Ha has opened in Sonoma, bringing delectable Vietnamese cuisine to the area where we haven’t previously been able to dig into steaming hot bowls of pho, barbecue meat vermicelli and grilled prawn rice plates. For a long time, the closest Vietnamese spots have been in Petaluma.

egg rolls at Pho Ha in Sonoma County

But thanks to the Thuc family, we can now savor specialties like a house special combo of pho dac biet stocked with eye round steak, well done brisket, fat brisket, steak, tendon, tripe and meatballs. Or any of 18 beef-based pho bowls, actually, plus three chicken pho soups and one vegetarian pho chay with mixed vegetables and tofu.

You can also slurp six rice or egg noodle seafood soups, such as the savory hot and sour broth bobbing with salmon, pineapple, tomato, celery, bean sprouts, lime leaves, lemongrass and tamarind paste.

The family, consisting of a father and three sons, took over the former Shanghai restaurant in the shopping center across from Safeway at Fifth Street West near West Napa Street, keeping the interior of black and white with bright red accents, and a large fish tank.

Pho at Pho Ha in Sonoma in Sonoma County

Then, they set to work crafting the lengthy menu, which cover the classics of rice paper wrapped shrimp spring rolls dunked in peanut sauce, sweet-sour chile chicken wings, prawn papaya salad, mild yellow yam curry, and vermicelli bowls mounded with grilled prawns, pork, eggroll, shredded lettuce, bean sprouts, cucumber and crushed peanuts in a drizzle of sweet-sour-spicy nuoc mam fish sauce.

On the newer side, standouts feature nine vegetarian appetizers and entrees – the mixed veggies and tofu over crispy noodles is particularly popular. And in a family-friendly touch, the kids’ menu wows with 14 choices of all-Vietnamese favorites, priced from $7.25 to $7.95 including a drink.

Adults, meanwhile, can sip French tea drip espresso with condensed milk, Asian beers, sake, California wines, or bubble tea smoothies in choices from mango and coconut to avocado, jackfruit, banana, red bean or lychee with mocha.

Details: 565 5th Street West, Sonoma, 707-938-7659,