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Relaxation at The Gaige House

The Gaige House, a Four Sisters Inn in Glen Ellen

While the homemade cookies are mentioned most often in Gaige House’s numerous five star reviews, my favorite feature, without a doubt, was the enormous granite bathtub in our Zen Suite. Like a magnet, I was drawn towards it from the moment we entered the door and immediately began planning how soon after dinner I could enjoy a luxurious bubble bath.

Little did I know at the time that there were many more pleasant surprises awaiting me at Gaige House + Ryokan, including the best massage I’ve had at a resort spa in many years.

Directed to their rooftop “spa loft,” an oasis at the top of this historic mansion inn, I met my practitioner for my scheduled 50 minute Swedish massage. With hands that spoke of many years of experience, my therapist soothed me into a deeply relaxing state and left my muscles smiling with pleasure.

After, I drifted down the stairs, helped myself to a homemade cookie as I passed through the lobby, and returned to the Zen Suite feeling very much more zen than before.

Though it was hard to leave the luxurious and spacious suite, it was soon time for dinner at the nearby Fig Café. This local favorite never disappoints and we enjoyed a delicious dinner that included a free wine tasting from a local winery and then travelled the short distance back to the inn.

I walked a little more quickly than I might have otherwise, motivated by the thought of the great granite bath awaiting me. But along the way, my progress was slowed a bit as I spotted the amazing metal sculptures that adorned one of the houses near the Fig Cafe and managed to pause just long enough to admire the work of local artist, Bryan Tedrick.

Back at the bath, I mean suite…. I filled the amazing tub. Given the humungous size, this took awhile, so I gazed out the window at the soothing glass atrium, watching rain fall on the Asian-inspired statues as water filled the tub.

Needless to say, by this time, I was more than a little relaxed, with the Gaige House experience successfully working its mojo on me.  As I finally sank into that deep warm stone tub with my last glass of champagne, I experienced a moment of spa bliss that I will remember for a long time. The bath hour stretched on until it was finally time to drag my water logged body to bed.

After a night on a comfortable king mattress, the Gaige House’s famous “bountiful breakfast buffet” awaited. With anticipation we entered the tastefully designed dining room and found a place to sit near the fire.

Very quickly we were enjoying a truly bountiful breakfast that included a mushroom frittata plus banana pancakes with warm maple walnut sauce. In true buffet style, there were many other delicious options available including fresh baked goods, house made granola, fruit, sliced ham and more.

Gaige House + Ryoko 13540 Arnold Drive, Glen Ellen, 707-935-0237

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