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Ride in a Horse-Drawn Carriage on Your Wedding Day

What’s more nostalgic, and romantic, than a horse-drawn carriage, for example, at a Sonoma County wedding? The bride can arrive in the gracious carriage, the married couple can depart in it, and the entire party can enjoy petting the horses’ velvety noses and posing for pictures with the noble steeds. And here in Sonoma County, the land of tilling the soil for grape and produce harvests, big, beautiful draft horses seem especially fitting.

For Santa Rosa-based Stone Horse, the salute to the region’s agricultural heritage only begins with weddings. The rhythmical clip-clop of horse steps and the smooth ride of the carriage speak of elegance and royalty, but also workhorses who helped carve the land into such a rich farming area.

Owners Stuart Schroeder and Denise Cadman both love horses and nature, having logged with horses in private woodlots in north coastal California, and planting their own small farm with horses Ike and Sparky.

Schroeder enjoys restoring antique horse-drawn farm equipment, while Cadman has worked as a natural resource specialist for the City of Santa Rosa. The two grow a variety of vegetables to sell at the Sebastopol Farmers Market, and also plan hard red wheat for pizza dough, cookies, muffins, and piecrust. The workhorses provide fertilizer and help to produce their own food.

The organic pleasure translates perfectly to a wedding, particularly when held at one of Sonoma County’s romantic barn venues, like Kenwood Farm or Willow Farm in Penngrove.

The matched, dapple grey horses can pull a sox seat Vis-à-vis with a white exterior, dark-red interior and fold-down top; a two-seat surrey in burgundy with a fold-down top; or a rustic, eight-seat wagonette in dark green and black.

Depending on where the wedding is held, the bride and groom can be picked up and delivered to their accommodations. Or, the entire party may want to hop in the wagonette, for a tour of the surrounding small town they’re in, Geyserville, for example.

A party staying at and/or hosting the ceremony at the Geyserville Inn can enjoy a ride up and down the tiny burg, as it stretches just a few blocks long. Imagine wine tasting in style, stopping at the main street tasting rooms like Mercury, Locals, and Ramazzotti.

All that’s asked it that the horses please don’t eat the rose gardens.

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