Sonoma County and Super Bowl 50 — a perfect pairing for entertainment

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Sonoma County and Super Bowl 50 — a perfect pairing for entertainment

What do a romantic evening by the fire, a boisterous barbecue with friends, and Super Bowl 50 have in common?

Sonoma County wines, of course.

Sonoma County has been named the official wine sponsor of the host committee for Super Bowl 50, which will be played in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2016. (Fingers crossed for that pie-in-the-sky all-Bay Area matchup: San Francisco 49ers v. Oakland Raiders. Go, team.)

The Super Bowl 50 host committee will be pouring a variety of Sonoma County wines at all its events. Also, football fans are invited to extend their stay in the Bay Area by visiting Sonoma County.

If you think about it, the game and Sonoma County have a lot of similarities.

  • Football has goal posts.
    • Sonoma County has gold-medal wines.
  • Football has pigskins.
    • Sonoma County has gourmet bacon.
  • Football has the quarterback sneak.
  • Football has punts — kicking the ball on a 4th and long.
    • Sonoma County has punts — the indentation on the bottom of a wine bottle.
  • Football has a halftime show extravaganza.
  • Football has Joe Cool (Joe Montana).
    • Sonoma County has Joe Cool (Snoopy).
  • Football has training camp.

Wind down after the Big Game in Sonoma County by discovering more than 400 wineries or 40-plus breweries, distilleries, and cider houses. Indulge in food that's fresh from the farm or sea. Relax in high-end resorts and spas or invite the gang to stay in a vacation home.

For a little more action, hike or take a zip line tour through a redwood forest; find a cycling route best suited to you; tee up on one of dozens of verdant golf courses; or ride a horse along the coast. Throw in some kayaking, canoeing, fishing, or surfing and you have a getaway designed to keep the adrenalin pumping.

If you're staying home to watch the Big Game, make sure to stock up on Sonoma County sparkling — either wine or beer — to toast the team that wins the Vince Lombardi trophy.

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