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Sonoma County is the Ultimate All-In-One Meeting Destination

Eclectic, yet sophisticated, while easy-going and an experience all its own; Sonoma County is going to check all of your wish-list items as a meeting destination.

Most planners will hear me when I reference that impossible to please client/client-base with impeccable taste. I grew up in Sonoma County, and have planned (and attended) several meetings or events here and in a variety of U.S. locations.

I can say, “There’s no place like home.” But truly, there really is no place like Sonoma County.

Let’s focus in on a Sonoma County duo that’s bound to please your client, and guest demographic:

Kenwood Inn & Spa

We’ve all seen the rolling vineyard photos, and that up-close of our finest Pinot. You so rarely get to experience what’s tucked away in those hills. What I call, “pockets of happy.” Kenwood Inn & Spa is a pocket of happy unlike most.

  • Custom Italian finishes and lush garden setting.
  • Light, unique, and AV-equipped meetings space and breakout rooms. (Can we say fireplace?)
  • Award-winning restaurant, exclusive to Kenwood Inn guests and groups, with executive chef Steven Snook at your hands. (Menu planning really can’t get any easier.)
  • 29 quiet, comfortable, and luxurious guest rooms, plus spa, perfect for the post-meeting unwind, or for checking those emails that have been piling up all day.

Bottom line, you’re able to conduct business in an environment that will allow you to do so operationally (all of the tangible meeting needs you’ll find at any name brand hotel or conference center), mentally (quiet, and serene), and with a happy tummy in an inspiring landscape.

Room Specs:

  • Tuscany Room: 750 square feet, 40 Theater, 30 Conference, 50 Reception, 40 Banquet.
  • Centro (Outdoor) Court: 680 square feet, 100 Banquet (perfect for your breaks, lunch, and/or evening reception).

Sonoma Valley Wine Trolley

Before or after a day of productivity in what’s sure to be one of the most tranquil environments one can visit, breathe a little social engagement into your experience.

If there’s one thing I love, it’s the social environment in Sonoma County. We are social; people who visit us are social. I’ve sat down at a bar in Manhattan, ordered a drink, and walked out without saying more than five words to a bartender. I’ve never stepped foot in a winery without laughing, engaging, or being engaged in conversation with a local or fellow region enthusiast.

The Sonoma Valley Wine Trolley is an opportunity for meeting planners to engage their audience while bringing a major icon of our big city neighbor to the event: The San Francisco Cable Car

These trolleys were custom designed and modeled after those famous cable cars. Detailed every morning before taking their daily route, these impossible-to-miss trolleys are available for private charter.

A total of three trolleys with indoor/outdoor seating for 30 each is the perfect transportation to local wineries for an afternoon of wine tasting, a gourmet lunch provided by The Girl and The Fig (a local deity in many eyes,) and fresh air.

What’s more, these cable cars can be branded on the inside for an amazing sponsorship opportunity, with custom banners that line the perimeter of the ceiling. 

Group ticket purchase is also an option if your group feels it doesn’t need an entire trolley. The Sonoma Valley Wine Trolley has a full-service wine tour that runs in Sonoma, a short drive or shuttle ride down scenic Highway 12.

So the above is all well and good, but how are you going to put this into motion? What’s the most efficient way to check your wish list boxes?

Save your time, and energy, and submit one request for proposal (RFP) to Sonoma County Tourism. Trust me, no one is going to know more about this region, or how to get the most out of it, than them. What’s always worked for me, and what I suggest to you, is to submit your RFP complete with your group/vision highlights:

  • Group type
  • Demographic
  • Dates*
  • Times/Schedule*
  • Room nights*
  • Guest count*
  • Budget*
  • Ideas you’ve been bouncing around.

Submit your RFP here.

Questions? For a prompt reply, shoot a quick email or phone call to:

*Approximations are completely acceptable, and appreciated. The earlier this team can catch you in your planning stages, the more opportunity they have to suggest and refine your attendee experience.

As I tell clients, “If it’s an event, it’s an experience and an opportunity to make an impression. Make it count.

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