Spring Activities in Sonoma County

Sierra Downey

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The spring blossoms bring with them unique seasonal activities that can be found only in Sonoma County. As bright yellow mustard flowers pop up in between the grape vines and verdant fields come alive with newborn lambs and calves, make the most of the freshest season and experience how life opens up this time of year during spring in Sonoma County.

Exclusive Endeavor Vineyard Hike

 April 11, Dry Creek Vineyard

For the first time ever, Dry Creek Vineyards is opening up hiking access to its iconic Endeavour Vineyard to the public. Join Dry Creek Vineyard President Kim Stare Wallace on an exploratory and moderately strenuous hike that will weave through rows of Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Petite Sirah and Zinfandel. Along the way, stop to take in the gorgeous views, sample wines from that very vineyard, and learn firsthand what makes this land remarkable. Upon your return, enjoy a delightful wine country picnic with an unparalleled view of the vines.

Vineyard Brunch

April 26, Enriquez Wines

Want to experience a Wine Country breakfast like no other? Enriquez Wines kicks off its Vineyard Brunch series in April with a cooking demonstration, live music, and wine in the vineyard. With their partnership with Countryside Rescue this year, be prepared to snuggle with puppies.

Spring Cork Hunt

April 26th Belden Barns

Level up your Easter egg hunt this year in the heart of Wine Country. With 1,000 dyed corks hidden all over their 55-acre property, Belden Barns invites you and the family to attend their epic annual Belden Barns Cork Hunt from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Keep your eyes peeled: In addition to hiding colored corks for children, they hide a number of Golden Corks that adults can exchange for bottles of wine. Happy hunting!

Blossoms, Bees & Barnyard Babies Spring Tour

May 2 and 3, Sonoma County Farm Trails

Discover where your food, fiber, and flowers come from at more than 40 small farms and local producers during the Sonoma County Farm Trails Spring Tour. Cuddle with adorable lambs, chicks, piglets, and goats, and taste farm-fresh cheese, honey, juice, wine, cider, olive oil, and jams. Try your hand at bee keeping, spinning wool, and growing and using lavender. Bring the spring flavors back home when you shop for the tastiest ingredients at charming farm stands and support local small-scale agriculture in the process.  

Chevre Cheese Making Class

June 13, Redwood Hill Farm - Capracopia

What could possibly be better than farm-fresh chevre? Learning how to make your own! In this cheesemaking class, you’ll learn how to make the popular French-style soft goat cheese from farm owner Jennifer Bice. After going through the steps to making this cheese at home, the class ends with a tasting and a farm tour of the goat dairy, milking goats, and more. Included in the registration fee are supplies to take home to get you started making your own goat cheese.